Not So Fast, My Friends!

January17/ 2000

In a setting reminiscent of Kenan Stadium in 1997 (except for the ferris wheel), the Wolfpack thought they were ready to take on an Elite team.  Playing “good” wasn’t good enough.  For all the talent Chuck harvests from South Florida …. the best of the best still goes to Coral Gables.  Larry’s leftovers are the difference between BCS and the Gator Bowl.  Are Grobe’s Deacs the best 55 minute team in America?  Stick a fork in Mr Zook … and Mack wins a gut check.



Lord only knows how the Lupine Lunatics view this Miami game.  Jim Knight was not the referee and the N&O gave the game the bombastic “second coming” promotion of a John Edwards VP nomination.  But surely that extra chromosome crowd will conjure up some imaginary malfeasance to explain their 45-31 defeat. The reality being that NC State certainly has some very talented athletes but Miami has a whole lot more.



Lee Corso picked the Wuffs yesterday while Herby went with the ‘Canes.  Wuff Loons will hate both of’em because hate is at the heart of being a Wuff Loonie.  Not the normal State fans mind you … just their Lunatic Fringe



Despite the permanent indelible stain of October 9th (hehehehe!) the Wolfpack may be the 3rd best team in the ACC this season.  How they rebound versus Clemson and GaTech will determine that … and then, of course, how they fare against the Noles in mid November.  State does not play Virginia this year thanks to “the New ACC” format so a playoff for 3rd place is impossible.



With obvious talent at “the skill positions”, Chuck needs depth on the OL and in his defensive secondary. Neither Rome nor a BCS program was built in five years. Actually it can be … but not with your chief rival only 28 miles away watching every move you make.



Would #17 have made the difference Saturday night?  Great players always make a difference so certainly Rivers would have.  TA had a great game … Manny Lawson cemented legit All American mention.  In the end, Miami’s players and coaches are as used to being in “hostile environments” as every team’s over-hyped “break-out” game as Dean’s hoopsters were in his hey day.



If the Canes hung 45 on the #1 defense in America, what will they do next Saturday night in Kenan?  Even with Jim Knight as our 12th man, it could rival last year’s Maryland bloodfeast. We’re talking GaTech vs Cumberland comparisons.  Locked in the BCS fight w/ OU, the Canes can/will show no mercy.



I nominate Mr Grobe’s Deacons as “the best 55 minute team in America”.  Once again his black and gold clad whozits bite, scratch and claw their way against a superior opponent only to lose just enough steam at the end to end up with another “moral victory”.  I stick to my incredibly astute observation that a team is only as good as its 3rd string Offensive Line.  I’m not sure the Deacs even have a 3rd string OL.  And meanwhile, the delusional wing of Tar Heelia still assumes Ws over Wake and Duke in calculating UNC chances to be “bowl eligible”.   



UNC deserves a bowl bid like the Montreal Expos deserve to be playing baseball this week.



I can see Grobe exiting on Wake this year.  How much better can he make that program?  The support isn’t there to build on and how many of these close but no cigars can he endure with the quantity of talent he can bring in to Winston?  He beats Boston College which beats Notre Dame at South Bend which beat Michigan.  But in the end he is 0-4 in the ACC.



Wasn’t Ralph Fridgen touted as an offensive genius?  YIKES!  Time to rethink those “genius” labels.  That fat man ain’t singing and the roar of the turtle is no longer heard throughout the eastern seaboard. His recent fan support has been built on very shifting sand so look for mucho defections in College Park.  Of course, they are “a basketball school” anyway.



Nationally, I expected Mack to lose in Lubbock … he won big.  The big test for Mack now is lurking in College Station.  After an opening butt whuppin’ by Utah, Coach Fran and his sidekick, a Mr. C Torbush, are undefeated.  The Aggies meet the Sooners next week and are out to revenge a “70 to not very much” debacle to OU last year.  If aTm beats OU, what does that do to Urban’s Utes’ national ranking?



Anyone want a Kyle Orten For Heisman bumper sticker really cheap?  The 2004 award will join the dozens of others in The Land of Troy with Mr Leinart’s name on it.



There are no “happy” lions in Happy Valley as JoePa holds the Nittany Nation hostage to his senility. A very very sad situation.



The odds on FOUR undefeated teams at the end of November looms likely … USC, Miami, OU, Auburn.  That will give the Internet and Talk Radio clowns plenty of gristle to chew on for sure.  I don’t like it when a team plays a big bowl game “at home” so having Miami in the FedEx Orange Bowl just isn’t right.  It’s not Miami’s fault, but it just isn’t right.



Auburn Undefeated?? … and they wanted to dump Tommy Tubberville last year.  Speaking of “dumping”.  “Mr. Zook, I’m with U-Haul. Would you like a quote of our services?”  No way Ron Zook survives now even if he somehow beats UGa.  The frat house mess plus the Starkville Horror does IT.



The hiring of Ron Zook and the hiring of John Bunting had much in common four years ago.  Both were obscure NFL assistants not really expecting “the call”.  Zook had more college experience than John but was still an unlikely alternative choice when Stoops said “No thanks, I’m happy in Norman.”






A girl was killed in the Boston riots after the Yankee win.  Hooligans looking for an excuse to be hooligans … yes, I know all the specifics about the pepper spray canister, etc.  A sports team winning a freakin’ game is no excuse for the wanton destruction of private property and risk of life and limb to bystanders.






Swagger’s Stumper



Name the four Commissioners in the history of The ACC.


Sure, you can look it up … but you only cheat yourself!






Norm Van Brocklin was “The Dutchman” … played QB for Rams and Eagles … coached Vikings and Falcons.



Big Weekend for BeanTowners … Red Sox win … Patriots set records … BC beats Notre Dame!



Do you ever watch “Extreme Engineering” on Discovery Channel.  Incredible stuff.  A bridge from Newport Beach to Maui … a tunnel from Kannapolis to Beijing … a dome over Portugal … a friend for Dickie Baddour.  REALLY FAR OUT STUFF!



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