Dear Lee …

January17/ 2000

How you doing Pard?  I missed Leon’s Bible Class last Sunday.  We got in late from Charlottesville and that took some major recuperating.  Mizzus and Kid made it though and took some good natured flak from Leon hisownself.  I’m outnumbered about 250 to 1 in there …which is about fair I suppose. I’m not complaining.  Lee, you had a major mess at The Carter Saturday week.  I’ve been doing some thinking and I see it as a great opportunity for Wolfpack Sports … hear me out …

    Two young men died in that incident and two others lost their rights as free men.  The latter was probably inevitable but the deaths were tragic.  You and the Fairgrounds folks have reacted as any responsible agencies would.  Your new policies are drawing the usual flak and assorted comments. The nature of the comments are demographically predictable of course. In this day of rampant litigation, the University and the State had to implement strict policies even though the circumstances of this specific tragedy are clearly random.  

   I travel a great deal.  Every time I take my shoes off through airport security I wonder … suppose that “shoe bomber” had hidden his C-4 in a suppository up his butt.  Going through security would be a REAL treat.  If those two hoodlums had used a barbecued pig as a weapon it would REALLY effect tailgating, huh?  As it is, I expect everyone will adapt and the “we have rights” bloviators will subside.  That loud crowd usually has an attention span of about a week.

   The question begging some answer is why it took such a tragedy to “do something” about that festering powder keg you had brewing in those Fairground parking lots along Trinity Road.  Just ask any visiting fans who have had to travel that gauntlet of hooligans, punks and assorted human debris.  Of course, I’m not talking about the 95% good decent Wolfpack fans. The recent success and enthusiasm for Wolfpack Football had accelerated the “bad seeds” growing in that area.

   Maybe you never knew it.  Most of my Wolfpack friends did not. The vast majority of Wolfpack supporters park in the reserved C-F lots and never experienced the human garbage accumulating along Trinity Road on gameday.  

   I challenge you and Bobby Purcell … for your next ACC home game (Wake I believe) dress your families in Wake t-shirts and caps and walk thru the Fairground lots & Trinity Road “minefield”.  You, Bobby and your families will be subjected to more verbal abuse and obscenities than you can imagine.  In fact, bring “Peaches The Trustee” along with you.  Actually you could wear a “I’m Lee Fowler” t-shirt and no one would know who you were.

   The human debris that is tainting the image of the Wolfpack Nation are not “fans” … they are sorry, no-count punks using Wolfpack Football as an excuse to be jackasses.  Round’em all up and drop them in one of Wendell’s hog lagoons down in Sampson County … they will be right at home.

   Their actions are not helping Chuck Amato win games or further all the good aspects of being a Wolfpack fan.  Chuck has a great thing going with his program.  Lots of skilled athletes playing exciting football while your chief rival languishs in deep despair.  NCSU has a tremendous opportunity to gain major market share … unless your Trinity Road hooligans do you more damage than anyone in Chapel Hill can these days.

   You can put a stop to their crap easily.  A uniformed police presence, augmented by plains clothes ALE agents along the major pedestrian paths will do it … along with one other “program”.  Encourage the many many “good people” who support the Wolfpack to deter these hooligans vigilante-style.  There are plenty of decent folks in those lots that don’t want the hooligans there. Announce you will no longer tolerate it … then DON’T TOLERATE IT!

   Hearing visiting fans subjected to the level of obscene abuse that has become commonplace in that area is offensive to all good citizens.  These hooligans, in their alcohol and drug enhanced stupors don’t care who they offend. Being “offensive” is their only marketable skill.  They are not worth rehabilitating.  Flush’em Lee.

   Recently really stoopid hooligans at Maryland claimed they had a right to be obscene and profane at Basketball games.  Ms Yow thought otherwise.  I suspect you do too.  Your fans deplore the recent behavior of Maryland fans, yet Trinity Road has become every bit as bad.

   Hooligans have no rights, other than Miranda, which can be read to them on the way to Wendell’s Lagoon.  These hooligans do influence your student population.  Some “students” in arrested states of adolescence, might think throwing F-bombs and AA batteries is “cool”.  Do you Lee?  Do your daughters?  Does Bobby?  Does Charlie Cobb?  Would “Peaches” if she had a clue? Do any decent sports fans?  You CAN put a stop to it without losing one paid admission or one booster donation.  In fact “cleaning up Trinity Road” will have an immediate positive reaction from your real fan base.

   I know you folks leading NC State don’t pay too much attention to the jabbering hyenas on the Internet.  Imagine the most despicably retarded of that bunch constituting the intelligensia of the Trinity Road hooligans.  They don’t buy season tickets, they don’t join the WPC, they don’t do anything but drag down the reputation of a fine University, its fine alumni, and its proud and enthusiastic real fans. They are also among the first to scream for your head or Herb’s.  These are your Wal-Mart Wolfpackers … you don’t need’em and you don’t want’em.

   Every school has its hooligan faction.  You have a unique situation with your expansive festival parking situation.  Your “hooligans” have homesteaded their own highly visible public venue.  A “venue” you can take back from them with just a few simple steps. I know Smedes and Steve Stroud and Dr Goodnight.  That Trinity Road crowd is not what they want as the public image of NC State University.  Regrettably it is rapidly becoming just that.

   Your students are predictably howling about “their rights” yadda yadda.  20 year olds today are as arrogantly stupid as we were at that age.  Let them participate in the discussions but NOT in the decisions. This is serious … lives have been lost and your institution’s national reputation could well be the next casualty.

   The last time an AD in this area let a bunch of students make an adult’s decision for him … Dickie Baddour hired Carl Torbush as a Head Coach.  Enough said

   Powerwash the hooligan element out of Trinity Road and show Raleigh and America what Pack Pride really means. 


Swagger’s Stumper

Who were Gertrude & Heathcliff?


   Red Skelton’s “hobo”was NOT Klem Kadiddlehopper.  Klem was a village idiot.  Freddie The Freeloader was Red’s Hobo character.

   Speaking of village idiots … “Fruitcake Freddie” claimed on a UNC message board that the two shooting victims PLUS four traffic fatalities near Carter-Finley last November are the direct result of Chuck Amato & MaryAnn Fox’s determination to make NC State a national football power.  Which only proves NCSU does not have an exclusive on deluded knuckleheads.

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