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January17/ 2000

A bunch of stuff has been piling up lately in BobLee’s In Box.  Most of it doesn’t merit a full column, but needs to be disseminated so you can amaze your friends and enemies.  Our highly placed moles are ever alert to Wild Ass Rumors (WARs) most of which have more holes in’em than a hobo’s socks but we’ll pass’em on anyway.  Anything that has sufficient shock value to send the loonies into likkered up hysteria … We got a LuLu to report.

   We had a great time in Wilson on Monday with a roomful of Rotarians.  Some longtime BobLee Buddies were on-hand and lots of good natured grins.  A member of one of the all time finest Carolina families was on hand – The Dempseys.  Good thing I didn’t do my Legend In The Basement stuff! I’m breaking in a new bit about Todd Turner that is getting good reviews.

Carter – Finley Stadium – yes, “that stadium at the fairgrounds” (UNCers always say that with a sneer and a “what’s that smell” look) is undergoing some major upfitting.  From all I can gather, I applaud Lee Fowler, Bobby Purcell and their folks.  Rather than just add more narrow rows of cramped seating simply to increase capacity, they are putting in “luxury club level seating” and “suites”. The overall capacity will still be at the slightly below 60,000 level but the QUALITY of seating will improve.

   The WuffNation is responding with enthusiasm to purchase these new “ain’t cheap” seating options.

   I’m really big for Quality over Quantity at a certain level.  Kenan has several virtual unsolvable logistical problems. (1) the rows of seats allow no knee room even without the backs, and (2) the congested on-campus location chews up more convenient tailgating space with each passing day.  Dickie’s successor’s successor will still be confronting those Gordian Knots. 

   When this phase of the Carter-Finley upfitting is done for the 2005 season including a new press box … (adios to the DoubleWide In The Sky) … the next phase will be increased seating by closing in the North End around the old Finley Field House.  New concession stands and restrooms are coming too.  No more “DoubleWide In The Sky” and no more standing in 6” of “water” to pee … it won’t hardly seem like Carter-Finley any more.  Again … looking good Wuffs, looking good!


Swagger Stumper

Identify These Three

Thor Heyerdahl … Karch Kiraly … Tenzing Norgay


Tar Heel Rumor Mill Heating Up … From deep in the labyrinthian catacombs of The Rathskellar the “UNC Loonies Will Believe Anything” department is gearing up for a wild and wooly Autumn.  One new lallapalooza rumor is percolating right now … and, as we predicted, it’s centered around a real estate deal.  No, not Governors Club this time.  This time it’s Figure Eight Island and the purchasers are a Mr & Mrs Brown from Austin Texas.

   Yep … the Tar Heel Bark Patrol has The Reverend Mack Brown coming back but NOT as Coach.  According to this still wet rumor, Mack will replace “The Much Maligned Little Prince” as Director of Athletics.  The Anybody But Baddour crowd could have their bluff called on this one.  But think about it … Roy said “I’m staying” four years ago and he was immediately hated like a hemorrhoid UNTIL he said yes … and then RoyGasm gripped all of Tar Heelia.  Everybody hated Visor Boy until some half-wit started that rumor … now Johnny T-shirt is selling visors with a $$ on the front. Mack as AD is no more far fetched than either of those.

   Mack was AD & FB Coach at Tulane 15 years ago … so he has more OJT than Dickie did when he was hired.

   So we could have Ol’ Roy the Turncoat as BB Coach, Visor Boy as FB Coach, and “Coach February” as AD … the odds of Jesse Helms becoming UNC Chancellor are getting better and better. … Yee Ha!

   Or, of course, Sallie Brown just happened to get wind of a super investment opportunity at Figure Eight … but that’s no fun to play with.  Mack’s destiny game with Oklahoma just happens to be on October 9 … the same day as the UNC-State game … “that signpost up ahead – The Twilight Zone”

New NFL Hall Of Famers … I thought John Elway gave a great acceptance speech in Canton.  He actually sounded like a real person with real honest emotions … from a modern pro athlete … who’d a guessed it.

You Won’t Have Him To Kick Around Any More … Longtime PA Announcer at Kenan Stadium – Kearney Andrews has stepped aside.  Like so many loyal Tar Heels, Kearney Andrews loves his University and loved his opportunity to serve her.  I know it’s hard to believe but some loyal Carolina fans complained about Kearney … complaints from Carolina Fans??? … say it ain’t so, BobLee!  No word on the new sacrificial lamb at the Kenan PA mike but we hear Steve Marshall, Dave Huxtable, and Fred Quattlebaum are NOT on the short list.  I never met Kearney Andrews but I hear he is a prince of a fine fellow.  I bet he is too.

C.J. Hunter “Staining” N.C. State??? … this one is a “no win” for the Wolfpackers … as we predicted here several weeks ago.  An ESPN talking heads show was dissing the Pack for hiring a “dirty” strength coach.  Should Chuck cut him loose … should he cut himself loose … should UNC rehire him as Asst Track Coach … Should he marry Li’l Kim and move in next door to Nick & Jessica?

Pennant Race Pick-ups … Cardinals get Larry Walker for the stretch run.  There is no better “baseball town” on Earth than St Louis.  Here’s hoping LaRussa’s boys are playing in late October.  “Bird on the bat” = Best Logo In Sports!  Years ago I pretended to be Cardinal 3rd baseman, Mike Shannon, to help a buddy win a bet.  It worked, he won the bet.

Latest Internet Golden Nugget: 

… from a rather optimistic young Wolfpacker

As it stands,Amato has 4 WR’s , 2 Supposedly Great running backs, but unpredictable on the QB. If Rivers was back for another yr with all this talent that Amato has now. The Wolfpack would be the Most Dominant team in possibly college history.

I DO NOT make these up Folks … I swear!

“Dr. Beeper” was a member at Bushwood Country Club and a regular member of Judge Shmeal’s foursome.  I once knew a guy who memorized that whole script.  Did Lacy Underalls ever do another movie?  I met “Danny Noonan” last year in LA.

BobLee ALIVE next at Greensboro’s Nathaniel Green Kiwanis Club at Starmount CC … 7:30AM this Thursday.  Charlotte West Rotary the next Wednesday the 18th … then Raleigh’s Crabtree Rotary on Thursday – August 26.  Always enjoy meeting new BobLee Buddies.

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