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January17/ 2000

The initial shock is over for most fans.  There is a report of one mortified Wolfpack couple in the Northeast Upper Deck still staring blankly at Jumbo Tron waiting for the 6 points to reappear. The cleaning crew worked around them.  Willie Scroggs said to leave’em be.  …. Post game comments in … Swagger hopes for a Cardinal/Red Sox Series.  …. Celebrities continue to die in 3s.  …. Meezy’s old Cornhuskers give up 70 to Red Raiders!!!


Major Aw Sh*T Hits Carolina Football Late Monday!  


   Sparkman, Bowman, and Thomas charged with marijuana possession.  All three suspended from team subject to full investigation.  No real details as we go to print.  I’m still not pleased with the shoplifting punter being back on the team.  John keeps saying he is only recruiting “Carolina-type kids” … YIKES!   It woulda been nice to enjoy this big win for a few more days without this crap.  Oh well, moving right along …


    I heard congrats from almost everyone of my Lupine Chums … as I expected I would.  My friends are exceptionally high quality people.  Engineers, architects, and ag guys – high quality?  Who Knew? (I did!)

   While I continue to hammer that “sports doesn’t matter” that does not reduce the temporary sting from an experience like “that game”.  If you were not in Kenan you simply can’t appreciate how that game built to such an improbable conclusion.  It would have been a fine game regardless of the opponents but the whole “rivals thingie” plus the Bunting issue and, of course, “Jim Knight’s crew” simply made it “one for the ages”. Where this ranks with Dudley Bradley’s steal has not been Officially determined.  Early votes do put it above “David Bomar’s tackle on the one in Ericsson Stadium” which was the stake thru Mike O’Cain’s coaching heart and earned Carl another year. This merely gives John a full season to twist in the wind.  Visor Boy can make his November tee times now.

   Show me a Tar Heel fan that expected UNC would win with 45 seconds left and I’ll show you someone who would lie to his mamma too.  Give me the ball on the two and a healthy TA and I’ll take those odds every time.  That officiating crew could have been Knight, Swofford, Claude Sitton, Mickey McCarthy, Larry Rose, Vitale, Todd Turner and Larry Monteith and TA still scores 97 times out of 100.

   Kudos to Coach Amato for his post game comments especially “move on” comments.  It has to be a gut wretcher.  Wuff Loonies calling for OC Mazzone’s head on a platter.  Shame on you Noah … 500 measly yards! I spoke with Lee Fowler on Sunday AM.  He was very “mature” about it all … although clearly unnerved by the whole scenario and rightly so.

   So everyone loves “night games” now, huh?  Even those of you still stuck in that single lane traffic jam on I-40.  Me, I took the old 15-501 to 70 back roads and made it from Franklin Street to Crabtree Mall in 40 minutes.  Silly rabbits, I thought everybody knew about that 20 year DOT mess thru RTP.  Ingress and egress for big games at Kenan, especially at night, will never be simple, live with it.  

   I know no Tar Heel is EVER supposed to applaud the efforts of the UNC Sports Marketing Dept but TarHeel Town has become quite popular AND the TurnItBlue campaign is definitely showing positive results.  Do ya think Ol’ Norwood and his folks might be sharper than ya thought?  Mr Swagger thinks so.


   Since I banned myself from the Wuff Loonie Farm I have not been able to confirm the annual UNC vs NCSU visiting fan family desecration.  EVERY year this fascinating apocryphal scenario occurs … it’s exactly the same each year except the victimized family’s allegiance rotates each year.  

   This year it would be a Hallmark Card Wuffie family coming over to Chapel Hill for “the big game”.   Mom and Dad usually “middle class” in their early-mid 30s with a son and daughter.  At least one of the “cute as a button” kids has an  incurable disease involving visible leg braces and chemo-induced baldness.  Sometimes the “opportunity to see a real college game” is a Make A Wish project.  The little girl is wearing a cheerleader costume that her Mom made from scratch.  Often the Dad is carrying a family Bible.  Why he takes a Bible at a football game is never explained but it’s a clever touch.

   Anyhoo … this “wonderful family” is, of course, “set upon” by hooligans from the “home team”.  Imagine the scene in the original “Death Wish” in which Mrs Kersey (Hope Lange) is kicked to death and her daughter gang raped.  Its not that bad of course, but close according to the righteously indignant teller of the tale whether that be Wuffie or Heel.

   The hooligans beset the family with all manner of verbal taunts and usually throw something on the daughter’s homemade costume and knock that Bible from the dad’s hands.  The family escapes by the skin of their teeth, not even making it inside the stadium.  They return home (a small rural community downeast usually) in a traumatized state.  The moral of this “urban rivalry legend” is, of course, that ALL of “their fans” are sorry no-good worthless human debris.  The poster of the horrid tale did not see it himself; but heard all about it “from a totally reliable source”. PUHLEEEEZE!

Jackasses are color blind … 

some wear Red and some wear Blue!

   Summation of “The Game” … Wuffs not near BCS yet … Heels not near Division 2A yet.  Wuff Loons too optimistic … Heel Loons too pessimistic.  Wuffs must regroup immediately or season could become trainwreck real quickly … very mad turtles waiting in College Park.  Heels thinking Ws over Wake and Duke are “givens” are crazy.  Deacs can beat anyone on a given Saturday … especially UNC.  Virgina vs FSU is BIG GAME.  I like Hoos in this one.  


   I want Cardinals vs Red Sox in Series.  I’m tired of Bambino Curse, etc.  I’m not a Yankee hater but Clyde King has given “rings” to every one of his grandchildren by now … enough is enough.  St Louis would do a World Series right … BEST BASEBALL TOWN on EARTH!


   Gotta think Penn State fans have to be fed up by now with JoPa’s decade long Farewell Tour … you stayed two years too long and counting Joe.  

   SEC is a meat grinder every week.  Combatants in CCG might both have 3 Ls.

   Nebraska gives up 70 in Lubbock … Jayhawks beat K-State … and, oh yeah, Mack gets Stooped again; that’s gotta hurt!


   Janet Leigh, Rodney Dangerfield, Christopher Reeves … Celebrities ALWAYS die in 3s … A Universal Truth!   


Swagger’s Stumper

Who was George “Kingfish” Stevens’ Wife?


   Ed Norton was employed by NY Public Works Dept as a Subterranean Sanitation Specialist.

   BobLee in Greensboro … Washington DC … and Charleston SC this week.  Doing a gig in DC with THE George Bush lookalike guy! 

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