Tyler & Butch & A New Look!

January16/ 2000

…. Depending upon what time of day on Friday you are seeing this, this site either looks a bit different or it doesn’t.   We’ll explain.   BobLee and Gene “Darth Vader” Nichol share crabcakes at Rizzo’s place.  What the heck is going on w/ Tyler?  So, lets assume Butch stays – then what? 

Sometime Friday, this website switched over to a somewhat “new look”.  The new “platform” won’t really effect you from a getting it or reading it standpoint so don’t get all nervous.  Assuming you are seeing this after the PointShop tech-elves throw the switch, you see a different right-hand column.

 “Hey BobLee I Think ….” was, like Jim Valvano’s unitard, just not a very good idea.  So, like the unitard, it’s gone.

 BobLee’s Bookstore introduces our new book “Seersucker Suits Me” which is simply THE BEST stocking stuffer you could get for friends and family this upcoming holiday season.  Nothing political, just twenty of the best bathroom reading chapters you can imagine.  CAUTION:  More than three chapters at any one sitting and your feet fall asleep and you fall in the tub when you stand up.

Cracker Barrel tells how to sign up for the insanely popular “highly partisan rhetoric” e-newsletter.  BobLee’s quite politically INcorrect commentaries are making him as popular as a guy with a truckload of chainsaws the morning after a hurricane.

BobLeeSays will remain 93% non-partisan relative to cheapshots at Emperor Cocoa Puff.  If I DID non-stop cheapshots 24/7 at “a sitting POTUS” I would just be “like Libs the past 8 years” and I’m not wired that way.  Sign up for The Cracker Barrel if that’s your preference.

American Thinker is more “partisan rhetoric” which no one is required to open or read.  Those who can read without moving their lips will enjoy it.

Mez is, of course, THE Official Restaurant of BLSays located in RTP at Page Rd off I-40.

Dave Glenn’s ACC Sports is THE best ACC sports info on the Internet.  Sign up for the VIP service and tell DG you are a BobLee Buddy.  He’ll cut you $10 on the sign-up.

For those of you who understand RSS …. You can now get your BobLeeSays via RSS.  For those of you who have no clue what RSS is …. You don’t need to know.  Besides I can’t explain it.  All the really cool websites offer it so we have to too.

The Home page now has the last four columns rather than the past three.  The archives are a bit different with the past 100 easily scrolled thru.

Tell-A-Friend is back and working properly.  As is E-chat w/ BobLee and Opt-Out.

We might be offering some new features in the weeks to come or maybe not.  If you have any issues getting/opening the website please let us know.  We will sacrifice a tech-elf to the cyber gods and make it all better.


Wednesday night Mizzus and I were invited to a mega fru fru event at DuBose House at Paul Rizzo’s Conference Center outside Chapel Hill.  How we got the invite is currently under investigation by the senior partners of the law firm sponsoring the shindig.  Heads are likely to roll before it’s all over.

So we saunter in and the place is teeming with 200+ dark-suited lawyers and lawyerettes standing knee-deep in pretentiousness.  The cocktail chit-chat sounded like a hive of pseudo-intellectual bees all auditioning for Cocoa Puff’s Attorney General spot.  Smack dab in the middle of this legal mosh pit was none other than Mean Gene Nichol in all his self-imagined glory…. His wild-haired head swollen to twice its usual swollen size.   Apparently Gene has rewritten the Bill Of Rights and was handing out copies to one and all.  I sneaked up behind him and spit on his mini-crabcake.  I’d have been more physical but I had not brought my whompin’ shovel.

All the lawyers are giddy about Cocoa Puff making a LOT of new laws so they can make a LOT of $$$ charging the rest of us to deal with’em.

I recognized a few friends and a few old enemies and met a fine new guy.  Keeping with our tradition of not outing our friends, I can’t give out his name.  He’s a UNC Law professor and Jeopardy level authority on the Boston Red Sox.

We escaped the mess o’ lawyers for a delightful dinner at Bin 54 at Glen Lenox.  Kinda “upscale” so if you go there, leave the NASCAR ballcap in the pick-up.  It’s one of those “little pile of food in the middle of a great big plate” kinda places.   Best to go when someone else is paying, which was our situation.


So what’s this deal with Tyler and his shin?  Absolutely nothing that three months of complete rest can’t cure.  Uh oh.  Not exactly the answer you were hoping for, huh?  In simplistic layman terms it is severe shin splints.   It’s NOT a “suck-it-up and play” kinda thingy.  If Tyler aggravates it to an extreme it could become a major “aw sh*t” situation.

The quite proficient UNC medical powers that be are on top of it with the full support of one Daddy “Doc” Hansbrough of Poplar Bluff MO.   All that can be done is being done including flying in a Mayan shaman from Monchu Pechu and a VooDoo priest named Mr Bobo from Port Au Prince.

As concerned fans you have two options ….

  • Send all your Aunt Gertrude’s home remedies for shin splints % Gene Nichol @ UNC Law School.  Put lots of compu-viruses with each e-mail and send them multiple times.  Any remedies involving garlic, lyesoap, or an eye of a newt should be noted PRIORITY!
  • Pray a lot for Tyler.  Do NOT direct your prayers to Gene Nichol.  He would have no idea what to do with them.  Not a concept he “gets”.

Obviously we will keep you updated …. Or you can get your info from “less reliable sources” and get really confused.


Earlier this week The Pale Rider swore he will never ever ever even think about Tennessee or Rocky Top or checkerboard end zones or wish he had 109,000 screaming fans praising his name seven Saturdays each Fall.  I believe him.  So lets proceed with “Butch is staying …. Now what?”

I’m assuming I am talking to rational people here.  There is a contingent who come here to be spanked but they never understand what I say any way.

UNC-CH and The UNC System is undergoing a quite real and quite difficult “belt-tightening” due to global economic issues.  Throughout the campus there is agreement that salary increases and supplies and “new stuff” simply isn’t in the foreseeable future.  Lord Cocoa Puff ain’t gonna make it all better any time soon.  SURPRISE!

If Butch gets all froggy and demands another big bonus and a bunch of “fancy stuff” he’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers of folks who would otherwise fully support him.   I’m not talking the usual cadre of jock-haters haunting the Franklin Street backalleys and basement of South Building.

The Deep Pocket Dozen are tapped out these days.  They can’t hand Ol’ Butch a blank check for bling bling.  If he doesn’t realize that, there’ll be a KABOOM acoming.

As much as many of you want to BLAME DICKIE “because” …. This is much bigger than a “Dickie just do it” issue.  MUCH BIGGER.

Overly rabid fans are not as fiscally adept as they may think.   They can “run the numbers” about as well as a hippo can pole vault.  The crap you might read relative to UNC athletics revenues is pure 100% crap.  Hire a rabid board monkey as your financial advisor and tell us how he does.

Butch has proven he can turn around a FB program.  Can he prove he really is “a Tar Heel” and be a team player?  Live off his $2,000,000/year for another year.  Be a real part of Carolina and not just a hired gun who magnanimously decides he will stick around another year.

As with Tyler’s shins, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all this.


 Paul Rizzo earned his spurs with what GIANT company?


Bob Neyland was a General …. not that Butch would care since he is NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN TENNESSEE.

  Watch out for Charlie Weiss being “in trouble” if he loses two of his last three.

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