Profound Thoughts From Weekend One

January16/ 2000

….. I watched, you watched …. even AIG fat cats probably watched ….. the First Weekend of March Madness.  For many it was the first March Madness without Billy Packer but with a large screen “home theater”.  BobLee shares his observations …..

  • Did you know ….. of the sixteen head coaches still playing, SEVEN of’em have one or more NCAA rings …. plus John Calipari and Mark Few.  I haven’t done the math of how many Final Four appearances among those high profile / highly paid men but it’s a LOT.  I’d say “been there, done that” does indeed matter when it comes to handling the pressure and the spotlight.


  • Did you notice ….. except for a stretch on Saturday afternoon, it seems every game was in doubt with two minutes to go.  Could “those idiots on the selection committee” actually know what they are doing?


  • Even with “keep the top seeds close to home” there were lots of empty seats everywhere but Greensboro.  As I said during the FB Bowl Season ….. the impact of big screen high def TV is considerable.  After investing significant $$$ in a “Home Theater” why go thru the extra expense and hassle of “being there”?   There were so many empty seats in some arenas I thought I was watching the Women’s brackets.


  • This has NOT been Little Johnny Swofford’s best year.  He gets death threats because of his BCS chairmanship ….. his ACC FB Championship (and to some degree his ACC BB Tourney too) draws smaller crowds than a Hate AIG Rally ….. his much ballyhooed bevy of “big dancers” got eliminated quicker than Stephen Hawkings on Dancing With The Stars. …. And with his ACC member institutions facing severe financial woes, sending teams from Coral Gables to Chestnut Hill looks even sillier than it always did.


  • Speaking of “looking good” …… UNCers need to learn the name Levi Michael.  Mike Fox’s latest Moochie is a true Wunderkin.  With his high school graduation tassel still danglng from his rear view mirror, this fuzzy-cheeked youngster from North Davidson is kicking butt at second base at The New Bosh.   LEVI MICHAEL …… remember the name ….. better yet come out and see him.


  • One of UNC’s Ty’s daddies is an orthopedic surgeon.  It’s NOT Mr Lawson.  Bless your heart Mr Lawson, you meant well.  The only home remedy worse for Ty’s toe than “hot water & Epsom salts” would have involved a sledge hammer or a bowling ball.  It coulda been worse ….. he coulda brought out a bottle of leeches and bleed him.  A witch doctor or a poultice of wolf bane would have done less harm. ….. It’s all OK now but boy oh boy did that “good intention” almost pave a few streets in Tar Heel Hell.


  • If you are a Deacon loyalist ….. do you still remember how euphoric you felt after beating both UNC and Duke at LJVMC early in the year ….. or is the late season collapse all that matters?


  • The much-maligned BCS Bowl system allows 30 teams to finish their season with a W.  In March Madness just one does. ……. I haven’t forgotten the NIT but who really cares.


  • Speaking of also-rans …… how did programs like Florida, Georgetown and Kentucky get so mediocre so fast?  If I’m Billy Clyde Gillespie I hire an intern to turn my ignition key in the morning for a few months.


  • Clemson’s Oliver Pernell is petitioning the NCAA to end the BB season in January.  He starts each season like a house afire ….. then runs outta gas and calls AAA to tow him in each March.  College Park will stay Garyland for a few more years. …… Who do the Hoos go after ????


  • Speaking of coaching dilemmas, ….. no one seems to know what to do with Sidney.  He’s a heckuva nice guy and bleeds red yadda yadda, but after three years he’s a lot closer to Les Robinson than he is to either Ol’ Roy or Rosemary’s Other Baby.  And John “One & Done” Wall ain’t the answer.   Oh well …. Blame Lee Fowler and gloat about TO’B being 2-0 over Butch.


  • I’m not sure about the entire TarHeelNation but me and The Henderson Hottie think this kid Ed Davis is a humdinger.  There’s not enuff attaboys to go round among all the veteran stars on this team, but this skinny, quiet kid CAN PLAY.


  • It’s probably just me but there seemed to be fewer “kill the ref” situations this past weekend.  Of course my team is still winning.  I assume 48 bunches of pissed-off board monkeys are blaming anyone they can find for their teams being eliminated.  Not having Billy Packer around to blame makes scapegoats tuffer to pin down.


  • Sixteen coaches are campus heroes today….. BUT  One week from now, twelve of those sixteen “dogged victims of an inexorable fate” will be reduced to board monkey meat.  Tough bizness …..


  • OK …… Roy won’t meet Herb next weekend ….. BUT he still could meet “a Coach K disciple”.  If Jeff Capel beats Roy will ORW be about as popular on Franklin Street as Tim Gaithner is on Wall Street ???
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