“Listen my country and you shall hear ….”

January16/ 2000

…..  You know me folks.  Forever searching for the obscure historical analogy.  Is Scott Brown the Paul Revere of The New Millenium? ….. or did the Nazi panzer divisions run out of gas just short of the fuel depot?  Choose or use either.  I feel a bit like Nick Saban never allowing himself to celebrate but rather always focusing on the next battle to be fought ….. the next battle to be won.

Yes, it is BIG.  It IS REALLY BIG.  Americans of the non-liberal persuasion, represented by those plucky Massachusettans, “took a stand” against the arrogant juggernaut determined to undo 230 years of individual liberty and freedom; determined to squash that “pursuing happiness” thingy.

– They did it on exactly the same ground where their forefathers took their fateful stand 230 years ago …… Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill.

– They did it on the shores of the same Boston Harbour where that first Tea Party was held to say no to smug tyrants.

–  Americans dared to take back the vaunted-entitled “Kennedy seat”.   In Heaven’s vast firmament a resident there since July 1969 can now smile, for in a small way – “this one was for you – Mary Jo.”

Not since Buster Douglas floored Mike Tyson has there been such a “where did THIS GUY come from?”  Now a battered and bruised GOP stops it’s retreat and regroups ….. behind a plucky gal from Wasilla and a guy in a pick-up truck from Wrentham Mass. ….. regular folks from two anonymous towns not 1% of you had ever heard of two years ago.

Where DID they come from?” …… NOT from Southside Chicago’s backrooms and damning pulpits ….. NOT from the elite drawing rooms of Manhattan’s snooty Upper East Side ….. NOT from the smug Ivy League dens of academic arrogance and faux intellectualism. ……  nay, verily:

They came from that much-maligned breeding ground for so much of the fibre that built this nation.  They came from Small Town America.  They came from Wasilla and Wrentham ….. a plucky gal and a guy in a pick-up truck.  My kinda folks.  By golly! ….. “Church steeples, volunteer fire depts and pancake suppers.”

What does the future hold?  Depending upon what media source you choose for your preferred version of “truth” ….. for they are as different as BBQ in Lexington vs BBQ in Rocky Mount ….. the options now involve complicated procedural shenanigans designed to confound and confuse ….. for such is the purpose of “government” – to confuse and confound.  Why is that?  Why, indeed.

Government is like a monkey wrench.  Used as intended it frees stubborn joints and loosens impediments to progress ….. but dropped carelessly (or purposely) into the gears it gums up the works and brings progress to a screeching halt.  The latter is way too often the case.

While “the left” has shown it wants to undo 230 years of America and reshape it into totalitarian rule by arrogant demagogues …… the “right” has repeatedly shown it is forever reluctant to stand up for the very principals that bestowed them their voice.

The leaders of “the left” claim to know better than the dumbed down not-so-great unwashed what’s good for them.  “We” know what best for “You”.

The leaders of “the right” can never quite grasp that a government “of the people”, “for the people”, and “by the people” does not require that one be viewed favorably by the nattering nabobs of Washington society.   Serving one’s constituents is not defined as “being on Sally Quinn’s guest list”.

America – “One proud nation under God” ….. or “one subserviant nation under a messianic idealogue with a teleprompter.”  On January 19, 2010 the other 49 states heard from those plucky chowdaheads “in every Middlesex village and farm”.   They are sending “Mr Brown to Washington.”

Will this “Mr Brown” (in a pick-up truck) be the first of an endless stream of “Mr Smith’s” going to Washington.   The “way” it was always intended 230 years ago.


Oh, that reference at the top to the Nazi panzer tanks running out of gas.  It was a footnote in history known as The Battle of The Bulge in 19 and 45.  Perhaps you’ve heard about it.  Likely you haven’t.

Had those Nazi panzer tanks roaring thru the Ardenne Forest of Belgium actually reached those fuel depots (they were stopped just a handful of miles short of their objective) …… we might be eating weinerschnitzel instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. …. To quote General Anthony McAuliffe when asked to surrender to what appeared to be overwhelming enemy forces – “NUTS”

Stopping a determined enemy “just short of their objective”.   I like the sound of that A LOT!

History “just happens” or so it seems.  History doesn’t just happen.  History is how we got to where we are.  History is the collective actions or inactions of mankind when viewed in retrospect.  Last night’s victory by a humble Mr. Brown from Wretham Mass is now “history”.

    “I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!    —–  Fredo Corleone

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