“Just like me …. but different” – NOT!

January16/ 2000

….. For most of my life I have assumed that those among the general public who have opinions and preferences different from mine were “just like me …. but different”.   I no longer assume that.  I am not participating in The Great American Michael Jackson Tribute.  I don’t hate Sarah Palin.   I’m the “different” one.

I’ve never considered myself “radical”.  Like you, and you, and you I have always considered myself “mainstream” and, of course, possessing “common sense” because ….. well because EVERYBODY sees life that way ….. no?

I grew up in the small town South of the 50s-60s.  I knew the world pre-CRA.  All that began to change years before I was of age or influence to be anything but a spectator to it.   I’m pretty sure that population segment we called “colored people” or “Negroes” did not consider themselves “mainstream” in the 50s.  Whether they thought they possessed “common sense” I cannot speak to.  Pretty much everything in society was determined without their input.   How much input “they” have, or I have, in 2009 can be, and seemingly is, debatable.

Politically I have morphed from a youthful apolitical apathy to a current ultra right-wing fanaticism …. based on definitions I see when I sneak a peek at the mainstream media.   I prefer to define myself simply as a Christian Conservative.  I have, on occasion, been on the losing end of local, state and national elections off/on over the past 30 years.  For the most part I viewed those losses like the W-Ls for my sports teams of choice.  “Oh well, we’ll get you next time!”  Never again in my lifetime will such laissez-faire be the case.

I follow politics with less ardor than you might think.   I have a very unfavorable opinion of the occupation of “politician”.  I simply find my bunch slightly less disgusting than “the other side of the aisle”.  I lead my life by my interpretation of basic Christian principles, The Golden Rule, blah blah blah.  I don’t ask for nor accept others interpretations of those principles on my behalf.  My immediate family and my closest acquainti seem to generally agree with my interpretations.  Apparently a great many people do not.

Neither I nor anybody I consider a close acquaintance are planning to participate in The Great American Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute.  Apparently 100,000s will participate.  I DON”T GET IT!  And my “not getting it” does not matter in the least.

As noted in an earlier column, IMO Jackson was a talented singer / entertainer.  He died last week.  So did the man who invented the Magic Fingers bed vibrator.  Jackson, by all accounts, was incredibly eccentric ….. many would say “a freak”.  He was accused of being a pedophile.  His extreme eccentricity was blamed on his “lack of a real childhood”.  He had a very bizarre physical appearance for the past 12-15 years.  That anyone would bestow upon him the slightest amount of messianic savantness is incomprehensible.  I do not believe such people would storm Omaha Beach.

Why is “the global media” giving the occasion of Jackson’s death the Princess Di Overload treatment?  Why did the “global media” give the occasion of Princess Di’s death “the Princess Di Overload treatment”?

I expect a rash of “rename XYZ in memory of Michael Jackson” ….. renaming streets, bridges, and assorted venues after this guy.  Will his birth, death or simply a random date be made a national holiday?  Will school children be required to moonwalk to graduate from Middle School?  Such silly superficial  imprints into the national culture is stereotypical in such cases.  I don’t “get it”.

NOTE:  As we are force-fed the absurdness of TGAMJT, contemplate the upcoming TGA Ted Kennedy Tribute !!!!

I knew The Justice Brothers (Al & Jesse) would ride into Neverland.   Yeee Haaaa!  America has no more predictable absolute.  Their mere presence is a national punchline.

I assume TGAMJT is simply part of the ongoing national media-fed reparations to Black America.  The death of a famous black man must be over-spectaculized beyond any reasonable degree to show that “America cares” that “a famous black person died”.  Style triumphs over substance once again.

As I contemplate the 100,000s of my fellow Americans who will participate in TGAMJT later this week, I pause to wonder how very very much I do not have in common with “them”.  “They” are not “like me but different”.  BobLee and those participating in TGAMJT are not alike at all.


To a lesser degree than the participation in TGAMJT, a great many people have opinions of Sarah Palin and her surprise decision to resign as Governor of Alaska.  I was surprised and I do have an opinion on it.

I am not sure how public hatred is measured.  Does PEW or Gallup or Frank Luntz have a way to measure the abject hatred that “the American Left” and its media outlets have manifested for Sarah Palin.  I know a lot of people who don’t like Bill Clinton and, to a lesser degree, Mike Krzyzewski, but neither of them attracts the abject hatred that is directed at Sarah Palin.   I can’t explain it.  It causes me to shudder.

“The Klan” and Hitler’s and Stalin’s exterminators could not have manifested any stronger animus for an individual than we have seen directed at this woman.  I have had people I considered bright and “normal” express rage and hatred toward Sarah Palin.  I think much less of those people now.

 MY OPINION ON THIS IS …… Sarah Palin intends to leave the Republican Party.  Since she was elected Governor as a Republican, she could not ethically serve if she disavows the Party.  My question is what took her so long.  The hierarchy of the GOP should be horsewhipped for how it has treated this woman and her family.  John McCain and his inner circle deserve an even worse fate.

I am not at all surprised at how the American Left and its media have treated her.  Such a scorched earth policy has become their standard practice for anyone who opposes either Obama or “the American Left” in general. Some like Mark Sanford will make it easy for The Left to eliminate them.  But any significant voice of opposition to The Left will be “Palinized”.  Based on results so far it is a successful strategy.

Through the anonymity of the Internet overtly gross character assassinations are now incredibly convenient.  It only requires that the perp convince itself that “the end” is worth any means by which it is achieved.  The American Left and its media passed that milepost quite a few months ago.  The only question to be answered is “will opponents to the American Left adopt a similar offensive strategy or find a way to adequately defend itself from it”?  Thus far, blinking and saying “wow” has not been effective.

I do NOT believe that Sarah Palin has the personal wherewithal to be an effective national “politician”.   It has nothing to do with evaluations from the disgusting Katie Courics and Larry King ilks.  I DO believe Sarah Palin can be a very effective “spokesman” for a set of beliefs not currently espoused by either national party.  Maybe Sarah Palin will be the genus for that mythical 3rd party?

Sarah Palin can now make a great deal of $$$$ for her and her family thru speaking and writings.  She is very marketable to any one opposing the American Left.  I do not begrudge Palin in the least for what she is doing.

Those who have participated either actively or passively in the Hatification of Sarah Palin are not “just like me, but different”.   They are not “like me” at all.  It is not necessary that they be like me.   It IS necessary that I realize that they are not.


Who shot Martin Luther King?


Quinn Snyder is Coach of the Austin Toros of the NBADL.  The local media never has discussed The Gang of 88 and the pedophile.

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