Does TRUTH Ever Win Anymore?

January16/ 2000

“Does TRUTH Ever Win Anymore?” ….. I get this question a lot.    I usually answer “Occasionally, but not as often as it used to since the Internet arrived.”  Unless you’ve been in a Van Winklian coma this week you know the national panty as been in a MAJOR wad over my pal Rush.  I still know more about it than all you guys ….. but I’m willing to share.

Let me say again that your opinion of Rush Limbaugh …. and you DO have one, EVERYBODY has an opinion of Rush Limbaugh …. belongs to you and you are entitled to it.  I don’t need yours.  I have my own.

I meet folks every week who claim they are “Rush’s biggest fan!” and other folks less enamored with the guy.  Just spare me “….. I find him entertaining on occasion but I prefer to get my news from Reuters and a magic eight ball ….”   The next yahoo that says that one, I’m gonna hit in the face with a shovel.  Be warned

Google “Rush Rams” and there are 96,753 websites, blogs and toilet stall walls with comments.  This one and maybe four others get it right.  I don’t get my facts from cyber scum named “cobra” the chief researcher for CNN, USAToday, and ESPN among others.  If “cobra” made it up it MUST be true.  Who knew?

“Cobra” is an internet assassin that posts libelous remarks attributable to, major Conservative personalities such as Rush and Sarah Palin among others using Wikipedia sites to plant his lies.  The cyber tracks lead to the NYC law firm of Patterson Belknap Tyler & Webb.  PBTW is heavily involved with numerous far-left whacko causes and the assorted human debris that such causes attract. 

The sleaze bag shake-out of this mess is almost complete.  History will record the primary perps as David Checketts and Roger Goodell.  NOT The Justice Brothers – Al & Jesse.  Al & Jesse do what Al & Jesse always do – they are shameless race pimps who have a vice grip on the itty bitty scrotums of spineless weasels – like Roger Goodell.

#1:  Rush was not “trying to get in to the NFL”.  The NFL was inviting him in.  (Just a little irrelevant detail …. see below).  David Checketts approached Rush on a Palm Beach golf course in June and finagled a lunch meeting w/ him at his ocean-side compound.  Checketts is a pro sports owner/operator who currently runs the St Louis Blues NHL team.  He offered Rush a minority investor share in an ownership group he was assembling to buy controlling interest in the St Louis Rams.

The very first question Rush asked was “Do you understand who I am and the firestorm that erupts whenever my name is associated with anything?”  “Not a problem” Dave said “I already cleared you thoroughly with top executives in the NFL before I came to you.”  Rush believed him.  Pesky Irrelevant detail!

As a life-long NFL fan, an opportunity to be an investor in an NFL team hit him in that vulnerable spot when we turn off our DANGER WILL ROBINSON sirens.  He “trusted” David Checketts.   Thorough Due Diligence is a wonderful process – ALWAYS ALWAYS!

Does David Checketts have business ties to George “Goldfinger” Soros?  Apparently he does.  Soros is the #1 slimiest richest ruthless Liberal Socialist scumbag on the planet.  Was this all a plot to discredit Rush by the arch villain?  That’s still in question.

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did a pathetic press conference earlier this week where he basically said “Well golleee is this the same Rush Limbaugh that said that stuff about McNabb blah blah blah.  We can’t have that.  No way” Then Roger kissed Rev Al’s ass and let Jesse spit in his mouth as ESPN and USAToday and CNN photographers did backflips.

The same NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who has met Rush on numerous occasions and always gushed about what a big fan he is.  THAT Roger Goodell.  That Dave Checketts had “already cleared Rush with” …… (Pesky Irrelevant detail!)

Through his travels Rush has met over 20 NFL owners, many of whom have homes in Palm Beach where Rush lives.  Those 20+ NFL owners assured Rush he would be a welcomed addition to the league.   They “assured him” OFF-THE-RECORD of course before asking him for an autograph for their granddaughter.  (NOTE:  Pesky Irrelevant detail)

So the CONFIDENTIAL submission of the Checkett’s group’s bid went forward.  There are from 4-6 other groups submitting bids thru Goldman Sachs representing the seller.  Yes, the same Goldman Sachs run by close TeamObama buddies.  Of all the groups and all the names of all the proposed investors only ONE was leaked like bloody raw meat to a mob of slobbering zombies…… yep, El Rushbo.

Because it was CONFIDENTIAL even after the leaking of his name, Rush could not comment as Al, Jesse, and a flatbed truck load of two-bit sports whores from ESPN and USAToday went  balls to the wall ripping Rush six ways to Sunday.  A blow-dried slimeball named Rick “Hit & Run” Sanchez with CNN earned everlasting ignominy saying I don’t care if what I’m was reporting is true or not I hate Rush so much I’d say anything to take him out.   That quote is destined for an award from some Journalism School for sure.  Hopefully not Missouri’s.

Speaking of Missouri, in Kansas City, Justice Brother wannabee Jason “Doughnuts” Whitlock one of ESPN’s stable of “we hire lots o’ black guys, so please don’t sue us Jesse” sportsranters; also went on record saying “I don’t care if he ever actually said it or not, I’m using it because I’m a very fat black guy.  I’m untouchable.”  (those pesky details keep adding up)

And Mike Wilbon ….. another member of ESPN’s diversity stable.  Wilbon even wrote Rush when all this crap hit the fan to say he knew about the lies ….. then included them in his WasPost column.  Mike Wilbon, just another journo-slave on the Bristol Plantation..   

The gory details are emerging now.  “Truth” is busting out all over of just how low the mainstream media debased itself trying to take down Rush Limbaugh.  It did get a tad scary there for a while.  The lies, damn lies and unbelievable lies were flying like locusts thru a Kansas wheat field.  Unsourced blatant absurd lies courtesy of PBTW that the media slime fed the Rush-hating zombies.

…… 20,000,000 clear-eyed Americans did not buy it.

Roger Goodell used Rush to score suck-up race points with The Justice Brothers and the head of the NFL Players Union (“UNION” Yikes!).   Roger has given America a peek behind the curtain of the NFL’s faux integrity.  What America is seeing is dirtier than behind your refrigerator.  Did we mention the Players’ Union thug is a longtime cohort of the recent Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Is Rush OK?  Buddies and Babes I’m pleased to report that El Rushbo is doing swell.  As Public Enemy #1 and the target of a ruthless media Shock & Lie assault would level a lesser man.  There was a moment Wednesday morning he rocked back on his heels and blinked twice.  Recall the scene in The 300 when Xerxes’ archers blotted out the sun with the numbers of their arrows.  Leonides simply smiled ….. “now, we shall fight them in the shade”.

It got shady on Wednesday.  But “Leonidas” Limbaugh knew he had the Shield of Truth and the Golden Microphone.

Late Thursday, the media scumbags began retracting their numerous lies and dragging their discredited journo-whores off the battlefield.  Checketts and Goodell and The Justice Brothers and CNN and ESPN slime et al are slithering back beneath their rocks   They WILL regroup and attack again.  Cheapshots and lies are their only stock in trade.

Did Rush Limbaugh beat this coalition of liars, journo-scum, race pimps and liberal weasels?  No.  The Truth beat them.  It doesn’t all the time.  It did this time. Rush had Truth on his side.

Rush will NOT be a minor investor in the Rams.   Rush WILL continue to be The Conservative Voice of Reason from the Attila The Hun chair with that Golden Microphone. …… oh …..

“When the storm clouds gather and the lightning strikes, use the power of The Golden Microphone & That Incredible EIB Nation … 20,000,000 strong and growing.  

The salt-of-the-earth backbone of America.  Those flag-waving, Christmas celebrating, Tea Partying, Town Halling, mammas, daddies, young skulls of mush ….. and those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines …… The EIB Nation. 

For Bo Snerdly and Dawn and HR and CoCo and Shanklin and Mamoan and Scott and Johnny and the North Carolina Mistress and The Sullivan Group and everyone at The Southern Command and high atop The EIB Building ……  God Bless The DittoHeads!


“The Details are Irrelevant” …..  Guess who said those words to me this week?  David Glenn.

Yes, David Glenn of 850TheBuzz and ACCSportsJournal.   The “sports media guy” I’ve touted in this column as the best of that species in this market told me “details are irrelevant” to his participation in the Rip Rush Limbaugh Fest.

Dave knew I had details about all this mess ….. details that were “irrelevant” to him.   I would expect such from his Howard Stern wannabee Buzz buddy Adam Gold, but not from Glenn.  ….. “details are irrelevant”….. huummm ???? ..

   I don’t ask this very often but I’m asking today.  Please forward this column to pretty much everybody you know …. because EVERYBODY has an opinion about Rush Limbaugh.   Some don’t want Truth getting in the way of their Hate.  I appreciate that.   For the Rush-haters and the Dittoheads ….. send this to all of ’em ….. compliments of BobLee.
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