Dawn Of A New Era

January16/ 2000

If we had 1,000s of cigars we would pass’em out to each of you. The ZiggaZoomba.com you rely upon to kick-start your day has a new name –


Go to the HOME PAGE & BOOKMARK IT RIGHT NOW! … Let’s talk about “the future” 


Those of you on our ZiggaBlast mailing list (now called BobLeeBuddies) should still bookmark the new URL even though you will get the new site without interruption. It may take a few days to adjust to your filters.  Notify your network administrators of this change. LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS receiving the website.

    Other than the spiffy new graphics and new name, you will notice a few other subtle changes.  Go through each of the “buttons” on the upper right corner of the Home Page and get updated on all aspect of SwaggerSays. … OK … so how come we changed stuff?

(1)     It’s BobLee’s basic nature.  He is the arch enemy of “status quo”.

(2)     The title ZiggaZoomba.com was misleading and meaningless to many of you.

(3)     Swagger has become better known than the old Zulu war chant.

(4)     This was never intended to be a partisan UNC sports site.

(5)     As this site gains national exposure it needed a more flexible “image”.

(6)     Internet technology requires state-of-the-art adaptation. 

    Our new technology partner – PointShop – is truly on “the cutting edge” of Internet technology.  They have designed and host some of the most successful sports websites on the Internet. With their All Pro Compu-guys and Swagger’s inimitable irreverence, bobleesays.com is poised to grab the attention of Google, Yahoo and the world’s search engines.  

    The really “neat” advantages of this new site lie in the nuts & bolts technology making us more search engine friendly and more e-mail filter friendly. You wonderful viewer/readers have proven that there is a market for Mr. Swagger’s provocative commentaries. 10,000s of others are about to learn that very same fact.  

    We began with UNC Tar Heel fans as our core audience from BobLee’s stint on Goheels.com.  Through our concerted effort to reach well beyond Tar Heelia we have gained numerous viewers from WuffWorld, Wake Forest, Duke as well as many other Division 1-A schools across America. The concept of slaying ALL sacred cows regardless of jersey color has been noted by many of you as a reason you visit with us.  We estimate UNC partisans as about 50% of our total audience today.  We love our Tar Heel fans … but we appreciate all who come here for a smile.

    Our “agenda” has never been hidden.  BobLee gigs hypocrites and bureaucratic flatulence wherever he encounters it.  Some of our “nicknames” (Prince Tassel Loafer, Clueless Moe, and Legend In The Basement in particular) have entered the regional vernacular; but with those nicknames have gone credit when credit was due.  Funny nicknames aside, we have applauded Dickie Baddour, for instance, more than any other independent media source on earth.

    Our primary “targets” have always been “Sports Fans” and particularly the “Lunatic Fringe” faction that festers in every school’s fan base. Those fruitcakes, lug nuts and rabid squirrels will continue to be ridiculed here on a regular basis.

    We will roam far a field from sports on occasion … maybe more so than in the past.  Silliness exists throughout our society.  “Humanity” takes itself far too seriously … we do not.


     One particular aspect of American society we will continue to treat with “kid gloves” – Politics.  BobLee is often asked to unload on partisan political groups.  We have succeeded in being a website where differing sports team allegiances can feel comfortable … but; that is impossible to do in America’s current socio-political climate. Whether one is a Heel or Wuff partisan is irrelevant to one’s core beliefs about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  

     Yes, BobLeeSwagger IS a “fire-breathing ultra right wing extremist” although he does not own a “brown shirt”, “jackboots”, or an NRA membership.  He has never “joined the Klan”, beat up a homosexual, or bombed an abortion clinic … and he certainly isn’t part of the wealthy 1%.  He doesn’t even own one measly share of Halliburton.  By standard definitions he would not qualify as a true “Eeeevil Conservative Republican”.

    BobLee’s closest pal is a yellow-dog bleeding heart Democrat. Some of this site’s staunchest regular readers consider themselves “liberals”.  We value their loyalty and their friendship. They will never be given reason to feel uncomfortable here.

    We wish it WERE POSSIBLE to treat politics with the same satirical irreverence we employ with sports … that might cut some of the tension that has created a cultural volcano in our country.  “TheGuys” in our R&D Lab are working 24/7 on a solution. If we can find a way, we will.


     bobleesays.com will continue to be BobLeeSwagger’s incredible insights on whatever tickles his fancy on any given day.  Certainly the regular Trivia Stumpers will continue.  A 2nd book is anticipated for late summer.  BobLee ALIVE, Swagger’s live performances, will be the growth side of the Swagger Empire.  Who knows what else might evolve over time.

     We love hearing from you.  This website has become a pleasant part of many lives … with each new column eagerly anticipated. You have become a part of our lives too.  

“Kumbaya Ya’ll”

     Keep introducing your “like-minded friends” to the obtuse World of BobLeeSwagger via our Tell-A-Friend feature.  As Swagger says in his live shows:

 “How many of you folks have ever met:

…a real gypsy fortune teller

a sports humorist

or a full-bloodied Commanche?

Well, you can check one of those off your list right now.”

 bobleesays.com is open and doing business … Fire – Ready – Aim!

Rochester was “Mr Benny’s” manservant and drove the Maxwell to take Mr Benny to visit his money.  Rochester was the “Benson” of the 50s-60s.

Today’s Stumper 

 The Name of Sky King’s Airplane was _____ ?

It’ll take a few days for everyone to get settled in … we realize that. Go ahead and BOOKMARK the HOME PAGE of this new site.  There will be no more articles on ZiggaZoomba. The redirection link will stay up there for several months to get stragglers over here.

LOTS of Kudos from both Wuffs and Heels on Great Arenas Wars … there will be a follow-up column on that subject.

Note our new E-address for Comments & Questions

[email protected]

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