Another Coach KABOOM!

January16/ 2000

….. I held up on these for a few days hoping to accumulate a few earthshaking issues to comment on.  Then I realized this is about Sports …..  so it could be a long wait.   Another high profile coach bites the head off another live mic ….. and chick soccer goes “moisture wicking”.

Remember waaaay back last week with Ol’ Roy and his infamous oops ….. that had a residual shelf life equal to an Obama Commerce Secretary tenure.  One final word on F-Bomb Fallout …. I heard from a hard-core WuffLoon who believes Roy’s indelicate adverb far exceeds the severity of Carter-Finley’s F-Bomb Alley back during The Reign Of Chuckie.  We had an “interesting” e-exchange on the subject until Nurse Ratched gave him his meds for the night.

It’s been a while since I heard from “a Free Expression Wuff”.

Speaking of ORW …. His ill-fated trip to College Park last Sunday was a reminder that it might be premature to book those Detroit hotel rooms for early April.    All the other top teams keep stumbling too so keep the faith UNCers and simply enjoy the journey not the destination.

The rest of this column is “Bi-enjoyable”.   You can read it OR LISTEN TO IT right here.   We did the podcast first then realized it made a fun column too.

Another famous college basketball coach has a bad post-game press conference …. UConn’s Jim Calhoun didn’t drop an F-bomb but he did go a tad Postal on a questioner who was described as “a free lance journalist & political activist” ….. since all journalist today are political activists that simply means as a “free lance” journalist this yahoo doesn’t get paid. ……

Any who …. He ambushed Calhoun with a gotcha on how much he gets paid in these perilous economic times.   Calhoun responded in a belligerant tone guaranteed to make Sportscenter which it did ….. ESPN being only a few miles from where Jim was standing.  The Governor of Connecticutt says Coach Calhoun did not handle the situation well.  Jim did not respond well to the Governor’s comment either.

The issue of sports salaries in general is fraught with fish hooks and socio-cultural conundrums.  We shall explore the issue further in coming days.

Another rather infamous college coach was honored Tuesday night by his former city ….. Bob HuggyBear Huggins returned to Cincinnatti with his current team – West Virginia.  Huggy coached at the Univ of Cincinnati for many years and was well-known for recruiting street thugs who made a laughing stock of everything the NCAA is supposed to stand for.  The people of Cincinnatti apparently didn’t care.  They had a giant Welcome Home Huggy celebration ……. Huggy certainly is not the only coach who makes a mockery of the student-athlete concept ….. but he is the only one who was honored in Cincinnatti on Tuesday.

On a brighter note …… a another women’s professional soccer league, the WPS,  is forming.  They will wear new uniforms that will be made from a new moisture wicking material.  If you form a new sports league and the first paragraph about your new league contains the words “moisture wicking” you are already in trouble.  The words “clevage, thongs and Posh Spice” would sell lots more tickets.  They are excited that their games will be televised on the Fox Soccer Channel !!! ……  Fox has a Soccer Channel & the WPS will wear moisture wicking uniforms…….  See how much you learn by listening to BobLee ?

The number of Womens Soccer Leagues that have failed is now greater than the number of student-athletes that Bob Huggins has graduated

…. Til next time.


There was once an NBA franchise in Cincinnatti.
Where is that franchise today?


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