Anatomy Of A Scandal

January16/ 2000

Anatomy Of A Scandal …… I know some of you are “over-Easleyed” with this mess in Raleigh.  ENOUGH already BobLee !!!   Not so fast Buddies and Babes, there’s much to be learned by examining this petri dish of human foul-up.  It could (and does) happen everywhere.   Like those anatomical close-ups on CSI ….. BobLee goes “beyond the headlines” to show the 9mm slug piercing the aorta.  …..  Hollywood sex kitten linked to Easley.  …. John Wall to Kentucky …. And NCIS wins “BEST SEASON FINALE” award.

 The season finale for NCIS beat the stuffin’ out of the “24” finale.  Ziva being tortured on the tramp steamer near “the Horn of Africa” reminded one of Jack Bauer being kidnapped by the ChiComms.   Can Gibbs and Tony save her?  Is Ziva’s dastardly daddy behind all this?  Stay tuned …….

The only decent character on “24” these days is “Agent Pierce”.  Gotta love Aaron.


 What’s new in the past 36 hours BobLee? …… Grand jury calls for Mary’s employment records and subpoenas Jim Oblinger and “Larry The ex-Provost Guy”.  Obi and Larry take the stand Thurs AM.  This is not Kim The Stiletto stuff.  This is “the Feds” snooping for overall Easley crap.  I love it when headlines scream “The Feds ….”

Speaking of “the Feds”.  Democ Senator Kay Hagan has announced that Bush-appointed prosecutor George Holding will get to finish his investigations of both Easley and Edwards.  Kudos to Senator Hagan.

Mary has NOT responded to Obi’s requests that she resign as “Uniquely Qualified Head of Millenium Speakers Center”.  Wonder how often Mary checks her voice mail and e-mail?  She must be pre-occupied by the NBA and NHL playoffs, don’t cha reckon?

A BobLee Special Tidbit …… You will LOVE this one.  Yesterday (Tues) NBC announced it is cancelling My Name Is Earl.  One of the stars of MNIE is Kinston’s own steamy screen siren Jaime Pressley.  Jaime’s BFF is the daughter of Cam McRae.  McRae is Mr Bojangles of Eastern NC and a really really REALLY close buddy of Mike Easley ….. who, along with McQueen, provided numerous unreported plane trips for The Easleys. …. This is like six degrees of Kevin Bacon …… EVERYTHING links to Mikey & Mary these days. ….. just more proof you “get stuff from BobLeeSays” you won’t get anywhere else.

By the time you read this probably a bunch more crap will be out about all this.  I feel like a one-armed paperhanger trying to keep you’ans current.

HOLY MOLY !!! …. 10 minutes after we posted the above … Cam “Bojangles” McRae abruptly resigned from the NCDOT (appointed, of course, by Mikey). More Hellzapoppin’ … 

I just spoke w/ Kolchak.  This whole thing could go Nuclear at any time.  LIFE IS VERY GOOD!

Honestly, I was feeling guilty about terminally paranoid Wuffies feeling I’m “piling on State” about all this.  Then I remembered I wrote 24 columns about Duke Lacrosse ….. and Lord knows how much about UNC’s coziness with The Edwards … plus that recent stoopid mess with the Morehead Scholar F-bomber and the Tancredo riots.   I don’t feel guilty any more.   Wuffies can still be terminally paranoid but that’s their problem.  When really stoopid stuff happens, I’m gonna write about it.  It does seem to happen on EVERY college campus these days.  Have ya noticed that? …. Golly, wonder how come?

The Edwards and The Easleys ….. both start with “E”.  What else do they both have in common?  ….. huummm.

I read regional news from all parts of the country whether its sports rivalries or political scandals and guess what?   There ain’t a gnat eyelash worth of difference wherever you go.  There are lunatic fringe fans and slimey crooked politicians all across this fruited plain.  Unlike vinegar-based BBQ sauce, this stuff ain’t peculiar to North Carolina.

Those of you who read this website with a marginal “give a damn” about NC goings-on know that.   The ying and yang about the Internet is that one can easily peek under the hood of any section of the country with a few clicks.  “The Feds: are investigating pol shenanigans everywhere ….. both Dem and Repub.

This Easley scandal is only “political” because NC has been under one-party rule since before The Lost Colony was lost.  Easley and his Godfather “Governor For Life” Jim Hunt have so many layers of cronies and scallywags buried thru state government it would take a landfill the size of Delaware to dump’em out.  If it was decades of Repub rule, the same low-life human frailties would be manifesting itself …. maybe.

Give most folks unlimited power, surround’em with fawning sycophants, feed them a sense of entitlement …. and have a compliant media ….. and lots of smelly compost will start to fester.  For all the kudos that “Knock’em Out John” Drescher and Andy Curliss are getting right now ….. The N&O heartily endorsed Mike Easley thru seven years of his nefarious rule as MIA Governor of North Carolina.  Lets not forget that as The N&O goes for that Pulitzer that they botched big time with Duke Lacrosse.

ALSO ….. watch the role of the Internet in all this.  The Internet is “the X factor” now in any partisan scandal.  Whether it is incredibly honest and highly credible cyber heroes LIKE ME (!!!) or the bottom-feeding vermin that only spread lies and fantasy filth ….. it’s all right there on your monitor.   Pick and choose and believe whatever “facts” floats your boat.  You’re going to anyway.

If you are local NC, here’s a fun exercise ….. read the reader comments to Easley stories on and/or .  Notice how the commentors gravitate towards “lynch mob mentality”.   Your friends and neighbors ???

Our buddy Erskine is NOT faring too well in the Kangaroo Court of Internet Opinion at all.  Predictable but it still saddens me.  He deserves a better legacy for “his watch”.  Faced with the same “Hobson’s Choice” circumstances Kindly Ol’ Bill Friday woulda done what Erskine did.  Otherwise both men woulda been ousted by their BOG.  Therein lies the root problem.  So long as these oversight boards are used as political payback favors, there will be corruption afoot.  In every state, at every institution.

Somebody has to serve and somebody has to appoint the ones who do.  We are always at the mercy of the individual integrity of those involved in the process.  Everyone harrumphs and proclaims their pious purity ….. as did Al Capone, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Charlie Manson.   Term limits is about the only answer and politicians will NEVER agree to that ….. and so it goes.


Finally …. 2009 Blue Chip Prima Dona John Wall announces he is going to Kentucky.  Just a coincidence that he stopped considering NC State when Mary was asked to resign.  When asked “why Kentucky?”, Wall said the “original recipe” fried chicken and a cupfull of Ashley Judd’s bathwater.  He plans to major in “something to do with computers” (TRUE STATEMENT …. yee haa). …. UNCers, Trust Ol’ Roy.  He ain’t skeered.

To all of you worrying that I watch too much TV ….. those hotties represent only 5-6 shows, which I DVR and watch late at night when I can’t sleep.  Those shows along with The History Channel and Food Networks “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” is about all I do watch.


“Knock’em Out John” Drescher

Where does that nickname come from?

(I was soooo proud of myself when I thought it up)


    Carolina Hurricane fans are crying “conspiracy” over NHL ref protection of Sid The Kid.  Is there something about playing in the RBC and wearing red that generates this stuff ???
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