January16/ 2000

….. Did Congressman Joe Wilson actually interrupt Obama’s speech to yell “ACC Football Sux!”?  Has a “death panel” already voted to pull the plug on Johnny Swofford’s annual “Until Basketball Starts” Fall Festival?  BobLee adds his $.02 to the regional gridiron eulogy. ….. Meet Carolina’s “Cat In The Cool Hat” ….. and the BIG NEWS = Internet Legend Scales Mount Twitter!

I figured it was serious when, after both the FSU-Miami and GaTech – Clemson “Thriller” games, the headlines read TWO MORE ACC Teams LOSE.  I thought I was watching NBC cover a George Bush press conference.  No matter what happens, make it negative.

Sure, UVa is, at best, the 4th best college team in The Old Dominion (at least until AlGroh’s leaderless Hoos plays Mary Baldwin in two weeks.) and, yes, TO’B continues to insist football season should not start until October; and Duke’s BCS appearance might have to wait another year or so. and maybe Wake Forest is just the 2nd best Baptist-affiliated college team in America.  VaTech will ONLY win 9 games again.  And Butch picked on Pat Conroy’s Boys From The Battery.  And who really cares what Maryland or BC did.

All of Little Johnny’s member institutions laced up their cleats and debuted last week.  I attended one of’em and watched parts of several others on the HDTV.  I intend to attend and watch and enjoy many others in the weeks to come.

As for all the crepe hanging “oh me, oh my” wailing from overly-caffeinated fans and pundits I remind you of January last.  As reported RIGHT HERE.  Surely you recall Ol’ Roy’s Boys tripping over the ottoman just like Rob Petrie used to do in the opening scene of Dick Van Dyke Show.  Tyler, Ty & Co, were 0-2 in the ACC and a nitwit caller to Taylor Zarzour’s Show was suggesting Ol’ Roy go in for “back surgery” immediately.  We ALL know what she meant by that.  How did that little sports drama turn out?  A “bright shining moment” Indeed.

I’m not predicting such a grandiose conclusion come December.  I am saying I really don’t care.  Of all the 120+ colleges playing Big Time College Football and Basketball, the one I sorta pledge allegiance to is annually among the very very best in one of the two activities.  It’s “good” but not “great” in the other one.  I’m quite OK with that.  About 97% of those other schools WISH they could say that.

Next week Skip’s Pirates will visit Kenan Stadium.  ESPN’s GameDay will not be there but 60,000 excited fans, including me, will be.  The results of that game will not send shivers thru the SEC or Big 12 or even “the WAC”.  The results will “matter” a LOT in G-vegas, Kinston, Goldsboro, Sanford, Burlington, Cary, Salisbury, Asheboro, Shelby and Elkin etc. I’m so “fine” with that I can’t tell you.  In November a blue team and a red team will play “at the Fairgrounds”.  The results of that one will “matter” around these parts too.  Chris, Lee & Herbie will likely pass on that one too.

I have been enjoying college football long before sports talk radio and the infernal Internet lunatic fringe.  And I shall continue to regardless of how much belly aching and cud chewing those nattering ninnies want to do.  I invite you to join me and Andy …. grab a big orange and follow the messa folks headin into that cow pasture to watch’em fight over that punkin’ ….. What It (Still Is Is Local College) Football.   I enjoy it!


Have you attended a football game in Kenan Stadium since 1972?  Did you happen to look along the home team sidelines and see a fellow wearing a cool broad brimmed hat?  That Carolina Cat In That Cool Hat has been / is Dr Tim Taft.  Dr Tim has been the UNC Tar Heels Orthopedic Surgeon during Dooley, Crum, Brown, Torbush, Bunting and, now, Butch eras.  Over 35 years and 350+ games of watching EVERY SINGLE PLAY to see if every kid in a blue helmet gets back up after going down.  If not, Dr Tim is at that young man’s side before Woody. Mick, Rick and Jody Zoitner can tell us the kid’s high school coach’s shoe size.  (And between plays …. Dr Tim and Lee Pace check out the cheerleaders like the rest of us do)

This Saturday in Stoors Connecticutt, Dr Tim Taft will NOT be on the Tar Heel sidelines for the first time since 1972.  No, No, No …. Tim is not (1) dead or (2) in the Orange County jail or (3) run off to Argentina to rendezous with a floozie.  Tim and Judy will be watching the Heels “from a B&B in the mountains”.  Over the summer Dr Tim laid out a 3-year Road To Retirement.  He has turned over the reins of the UNC Sports Medicine Dept to Dan Hooker and is breaking in a coupla new fuzzy-cheeked scope-wielding “sawbones” to care for Tar Heel athletes upon his eventual adios.

The current university-wide “austerity program” has trimmed the UNC Football traveling party to “one orthopedic surgeon” so Dr Tim has sent Mario this weekend.  Mario is a “for-real doctor” and not a Holiday Inn Express version.  He won’t have Dr Tim’s trademark “cool broad-brimmed hat” but he’ll have a ‘scope, a scalpel, and a cell phone with Dr Tim #1 in the speed dial.  The Heels should be fine.  Dr Tim, however, will likely be a nervous wreck and all Judy can handle during the televised game.  I supplied Judy with a slingshot and a tranquilizer dart just in case Tim gets too feisty.

Dr Tim Taft ….. close to 40 years (over 20,000 “knees” in surgeon years) of service to the UNC community.  And, if you haven’t figured out yet ….. a BobLee Buddy.



 I’m BobLee ….. and I now “tweet”.  Yes, tis true.  I am taking another step along the Yellow Brick Road of Uber Technological Overload.  I’m not sure where “Twittering” is along Moore’s Chasm of Technology but Kid has already done it (and Facebook) and doesn’t do either any more.  I’m just getting in as my daughter is selling her twittering and facebook gear in a yard sale.  How uncool is that? ….. GO THERE.  OR, just hit “Twitter” in the right hand corner of this page next to the RSS link.  If you aren’t “twittering” yet YOU CAN DO IT.  I got all up and running with (almost) no cussin’.  It’s FREE (otherwise Nickle Al would pass for sure.  Prince Albert still thinks cellphones and color TV are passing fads!).  Yes, I realize the demographics of this reader community ain’t exactly Twitter’s primo market but YOU CAN DO IT.

You will NOT have to tell the world every time you have a bowel movement or even what incredible revelation you had while doing so.  A lot of people do that to the everlasting frustration of a lot more people.  You won’t have to do anything but read my pithy thoughts between columns.  I’ll be out-thinking “Jack Handy” thru-out the day every day.

Just follow the simple “sign up” instructions and in the upper left hand corner of my Twitter page click on FOLLOW.  Very Important to click FOLLOW.  That’s it.  I’ll take over from there.  My “Follow Community” includes Danica Patrick, Donald Trump, Dan Jenkins, Troy Aikman, Barry Campbell, Karl Rove and, of course, Kim Kardashian.  Kim is 2,243,000 “followers” ahead of me so I need all of you to help me narrow the gap.  Trust me ….. this is gonna be sooooo cool!

I also have a Facebook page (BobLee Says) but lets get you Twittering before we try to explain Facebook.


Earlier this week “All of America” was abuzz
about a new teen tennis sensation.
It’s Friday ….. do you still remember her name?


  LaToya Jackson says “Michael looked God-like” in his coffin.  Personally I’ve always envisioned God with a nose.  Not a Karl Malden nose, more like Julius Caesar’s or maybe Al Kaline’s.

 Before this week I had never heard of Tila Tequila.  I do recall Billy Beer from the 1970s though.

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