A Refreshing Reminder!

January16/ 2000

….. I knew “they” were out there but it was very refreshing to encounter them.  I met with 20 of Charlotte’s “young guns” Friday night.  They represent a snapshot of the 40-ish next generation of business, finance, legal leadership of the Queen City.  Assuming there are more of them in the Triad and Triangle, maybe there is hope for the Tar Heel state.  …… That said, the stench of Mike Easley flatulated anew this weekend embarrassing NCSU to a degree not seen since Washburn & Shackleford. ….. and CBS’ David Feherty “Imused” himself big time.

The setting was the Blue Ridge golf/hunting resort of Primland just over the VA border.  Yours truly was invited to share his provocative wit and wisdom with twenty “Young Guns from Trade & Tryon”.   “Young” is a relative term of course.  Late 30s-early 40s is “young” to a Boomer.  With the screams of the South Dakota Jabberwock still ringing in my ears, anything short of the St Valentine Day Massacre would be a success.

These were “high achievers”.  Several well beyond wannabees with legitimate cred in wheelin’ & dealin’ in The Great State of Mecklenburg.  There were lawyers and bankers and developers and hedge funders and possibly a butcher, baker, and candlestick-maker or two.  The majority had drunk deep from The Old Water Fountain twixt Old East & Old West.  A few were grads of Steph Curry College.   Whatever academic institution was third in popularity was irrelevant.

The blue-bleeders were, of course, unapologetically partisan, but not the “get out the pepper spray” level of goggle-eyed board monkeys AT ALL.  They understand that The Pale Rider will never bother to learn what word follows “Zigga _____” or give a flip who Charles Kuralt was.  As long as Butch and his gang of mercs win a lot of games and don’t get caught breaking rules, the reality that Butch just bleeds Butch is OK.   Beating TO’B eventually would be nice however.  That is a very healthy attitude in today’s sports culture.

As for Ol’ Roy ….. every time I mentioned his name they all raised their palms skyward like pentacostals on Sunday AM.   I found a similar positive attitude towards UNC’s “popular young Chancellor” and embattled system Prez.  I, of course, made it clear that any discouraging words about UNC’s Butch & Sundance would unleash my wrath.   We really did not get into Haley & The F-bombs but I did discuss the recent “unpleasantness” with several of Uncle Mott’s boys in attendance.

What most impressed me was the overall group being firmly rooted in reality however one defines that in 2009 terms.   There were no board monkeys or 45 y/o little league right-fielders in this bunch.

There was NOT a universal political affiliation.  I knew going in that there were a handful of “them” on hand.  I did sense however that their inner capitalist natures will eventually win out and “they” will sheepishly acknowledge “we” were right about Mr Hope & Change.  It will probably be too late to save America by then, but what the heck. ……  It was a fun evening and all of you BobLee Buddies woulda fit right in with the non-stop sports trivia and general topical stew.


Just when ya thought political sewage in North Carolina could not get any more rancid, new revelations about just how rotten The Era of Easley really was were revealed this weekend.   The lurid revelations were published in the death-gurgling pages of The N&O but don’t credit that bunch with the spade work.

   Once again it was my hero Don “Kolchak” Carrington to whom all good citizens and true owe a deep debt of gratitude.   Yes, the same intrepid investigator that gave America an aerial peek at The Edwards Compound ….. and uncovered the Mary Easley Scandal on The Brickyard.  Don’s paper, The Carolina Journal, first published the ongoing Easley corruption saga.  Don then gave his verified who, what, when, where notes to the N&O.

The N&O only authorizes its own ever-dwindling pool of reporters to investigate imaginary racial scams and class envy insinuations.  Have I mentioned lately that N&O Diversity Diva Linda Williams coined that wonderful phrase “honor student and single mother of two ….”?  Just making sure you NEVER forget.  ANYTHING you read in The N&O that exposes the corrupt regime of Mike & Mary Easley actually comes from Don Carrington.  Thanks “Kolchak”! You da man.

If it had not been for Don Carrington, The N&O would still be running interference for Easley’s corruption just like they did for 7.5 years of his scandal-ridden administration.

This latest spillings from the Easley slop jar further exposes an individual we have noted here previously – McQueen “Howdy Doody” Campbell.  –  a life member of the Lucky Sperm Club ….. current Prez of the NCSU Board of Trustees ….. and Mike Easley sycophant.  In his 39 years, this “red-haired box of hammers” has accomplished zilch that was not greased by Daddy or “Uncle Mike”.  Go to newsobserver.com for the lurid details.  McQueen was the “brains” (cough!) behind the Mary Easley Mess.  It’s one thing to be corrupt but, DAMN, at least be clever about it.

EVERY academic circus has its share of hapless clowns, but to have one as Head of your Board of Trustees is an embarrassment much greater than Washburn’s 475 SAT score.  McQueen is dirtier than Dan Wells.  Hell, McQueen isn’t even “amphibious”. 

   Alas, for the many 1,000s of outstanding solid citizens in the NCSU family, I have no advice how you lance this boil of corruption within your institution.  Who do you complain to?  McQueen’s “Uncle Mike” appointed the entire BOT ….. and most if not all of UNC’s overall Board of Governors.  They are equally as bought and paid for as “Howdy Doody” is.  You expect Easley shill Hannah Gage to instigate proceedings against “Howdy”? …… hold your breath waiting for that.  And yes, Mary Easley remains “uniquely qualified” to grab her $15,000/month as NCSU’s “speaker coordinator”.

Governor Dumpling COULD do something about it ….. but she won’t.  As one of America’s leading land grant universities, NC State University deserves soooooo much better than this crap.


I know CBS golf analyst David Feherty.  I’ve done several corporate outings with the out-spoken Irishman.   David and I share a hair-trigger when it comes to “I probably shouldna hadna oughta said that”.   The difference being David is employed by the Katie Couric Network and I’m just a smart-ass with a website.

Because of his TV celebrity status, David was asked to contribute to Dallas’ D Magazine on Geo Bush’s move to Dallas.  David tried to be Dennis Miller with a snarky quip about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Dennis Miller is a contributor to FoxNews – not The Katie Couric Network.  Dumb David Dumb!   The Obamic lynch mob is demanding Feherty’s public disembowelment of course.  They will likely settle for his firing by CBS.

Yes certainly, had he made his snarky comment about Dick Cheney or Newt Gingrich he would be applauded and next week’s guest host on SNL.  Beating that dead inequity horse is a waste of energy.  In the current climate, David Feherty was three clicks beyond dumb in his remarks.   Not as dumb as McQueen Campbell …. but dumb nevertheless.



What two other outspoken “golf analysts”
made uh oh comments about
(1) LPGA breasts and (2) bikini waxing.



   For those of you in Celebrity Death Pools …… Dom Dom Daly completed the most recent one.  Thats Dom Deluise, Dom Dimaggio and Chuck Daly.
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