Very Large Coaches & Very Cheesy Movies

January15/ 2000

….. This is turning into a VERY bad season for Very Large Football Coaches …. Notre Dame, Kansas and Maryland specifically.  Last Sunday was a rough one for coaches named Bellichek. ….. BobLee reviews THE ULTMATE Cheesy action-adventure movie. ….. A bogus Coach K’s Temper Tantrum Internet urban legend goes viral.  ….. Lots of cool bizarre stuff, in yet another BobLeeSays …..

You folks know I’m a BIG fan of action-adventure movies ….. brawls, blue-collar babes and bad boyz and in the end the good guy whips their butt and gets the babe.  Roadhouse, of course, is the Gone With The Wind of that gendre.

I recently saw the ultimate “cheesy” Roadhouse knock-off – Radical Jack.  Actually there IS a Roadhouse #2 featuring “Dalton’s little brother” bustin’ heads of Louisana bad boyz.

Radical Jack stars Billy Ray Cyrus (with the full mullet) as a “former SEAL/CIA operative” on the trail of crooked arms dealers in “a small Southern town”.  Basically EVERY plot element of Roadhouse can be found in this.   Billy Ray aka “Jack Reynolds” is undercover as (taa daa) a bartender at a raucous “roadhouse”.  The “small Southern town” is (taa daa) controlled by a quite evil ham-fisted bad guy with a jackass son that even daddy can’t stand.

I know many of you are Jack Reacher fans. (yeah you DeSilva!) from Lee Child novels.  Billy Ray has some definite “Reacher” in him as well as lots of Rambo.  DeDee Pfeiffer (Michelle’s sister) plays the pretty young blond waitress that falls for “the moody stranger with a past” after getting beat up by the jackass son.

I won’t give away any more of “the plot”(??) but Roadhouse addicts will love it.  Radical Jack – probably at your local video store.  A Definite BobLee Recommend.


Over the past few weeks, this college football season turned really really bad for Big Time coaches with Really Big waistlines.  Specifically Charlie Weis ….. Mark Mangino ….. and Ralph Friedgen.  You know that Charlie is pretty much toast thanks to Butch Davis buddy Dave Wannstadt’s Pitt team whupping Charlie.  What Stanford might do to Charlie next week could be REALLY scary.

Out in Lawrence, Mount Mangino has erupted.  Mark has lost favor among the Jayhawks on Mount Oread.  They loved him when he went 12-1 just two years ago.  Now he’s tanking and the long knives are having a big pig pickin’.  Yes, just like with Weis, the panicy AD signed Mangino to a long term contract after that 12-1 year.  And the Jayhawks are caught in the middle of a (taa daa) big facilities upgrade.  Yep, another whizbang “Suite” construction with a definite “momentum” issue.

Meanwhile in College Park, The Fridge is losing lots of games but no weight.  Ralphie was King Turtle just 3-4 years ago.  Now he’s just Turtle Soup.   Even the Redskins are better than Fridge’s team now.  John Bunting never could figure out how to beat Ralphie but pretty much everybody else does now.

It;s 2009 and the stakes are high.  The difference between “our coach is kinda large” and “our coach is a big fat loser” is about three L’s in a row.  Lots of lbs and lotsa L’s do not go well together.


 Assume you know about Newsweek trying to demean Sarah with their “politician-ette in short shorts” cover.   Newsweek’s premise is that “only ugly women have credibility” and therefore Pretty Sarah is way too hubba hubba to be taken seriously.  

I have known a few ugly women with credibility in my day; but I mostly only know pretty women now and they ALL are smothered with credibility.

Rumor that Time plans to run their cover of “Nancy Pelosi wearing a straight jacket & a smile”  are unconfirmed and hopefully “an Internet urban legend”. Brrrrr – scary!

That one burned your retinas out, didn’t it? bwahahaha.


Speaking of Internet Urban Legends ….. EVERY UNC fan in the Western Hemisphere has received “that e-mail” about Coach K’s Temper Tantrum over losing Harrison Barnes“Hey BobLee, have you seen this?”  I’ve received it 32 times …..   it has gone viral!   If you have NOT received this one at least 5 times you are not among “the cool Tar Heels”.  But ….. IT’S BOGUS buddies and babes.

There is a formula to creating one of these “urban legends” and this one follows the formula to a T …. or to a K as the case may be.  I’m sure Mike was disappointed but he did not go into a furniture bustin’ tirade.  Now feel free to forward it to all your K-hatin’ buddies anyway and , heck, feel free to say “well, that Rat probably woulda done it I betcha ….” but “the truth” is he didn’t.

There are only two places on the Internet where you can count on “the Truth”.  This is one of’em.   You get to pick the other one.  Be vewwy vewwy careful! …..


Patti The Pistol’s hubby, Holden The Chancellor, hit another homer today.  UNC’s Spring Commencement Speaker will be mega-author John Grisham.  Once again “the popular young Chancellor” shows he realizes all UNC students, staff and alums are NOT goggle-eyed Birkenstock-wearing moonbats.  It’s about time the “rest of us” get a speaker we might actually want to hear.  Good job HT!

Yes, I know Grisham IS a left-wing “Rush & Sarah-hater” but at least he is not (in)famous for that fact.


Bill Bellichek has three SB rings and the best NFL coaching record over the past decade.  So he gambles on one low % play and now he’s a bum.  Grady Little was fired as manager of the Red Sox because he left Pedro in a Playoff game one batter too long.  Ol’ Roy wore a Jayhawk sticker and was roasted by his “loyal fans”.   Tough bizness being a high profile coach – huh!


    You know I love the TV show Castle.   It’s a DVR “must”.  The 16 y/o who plays Rick’s daughter, Alexis, may be THE prettiest girl on TV …… ever.   Alexis and Rick have a great dad / daughter relationship.

Coming on strong lately is White Collar.  Slick con man joins up with FBI guy to trap con men.   FBI guy is married to Tiffani Theissen (she dropped the “Amber” a few years ago).   “Kelly Kapowski” has grown from a cheerleader into a beautiful dutiful wife.   White Collar – watch it!

Hey BobLee, do ALL the shows you watch have beautiful women in them?   If at all possible, but they are all very intelligent with oodles of credibility.


Everyone is complaining about “Where’s the trivia question?” …… OK OK OK ….. simmer down.

Sarah Palin’s alma mater
lost to which in-state rival last week?



We’re still having “Hard Bounce” issues with our ALERTS.   Tech-elves are chained to their keyboards 24/7 trying to resolve it.  NO ONE HAS BEEN ZAPPED FROM OUR LIST.

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