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January15/ 2000

.. EVERY time I do a “buffet-style column” I receive scads of “I really like that format best” comments.  So I promptly go back to the long form single topic format.  NO MORE …… starting right now it will be “buffet” every time.  Short commentaries on a handful of topics.  Well, almost every time.  If there is some cataclysmic circumstance that requires its very own 800 words I will provide it.    That little blond bonbon is Michelle Beadle.  She giggles a lot.

Unlike the Obamic White House, BobLee is not afraid of opposing viewpoints.  I welcome them especially if the viewpoint comes from a source closer to the issue than I might be.  We heard from “several” members of GatorNation on our Brandon Spikes comments. …… and one of our From Day One readers “accused” me of having “Kilgoitis”.   HOLY WOODY DURHAM BATMAN !!!!


WWHG ……. Where Will Harrison Go?  By the time many of you read this, the world will know where Harrison Barnes is going to play college basketball.  I normally despise these contrived “announcement” situations.  They play to the basest level of board monkey mentality in much the same way that a Kardashian reality show does.   With this kid I make an exception.  From all I’ve read this is a solid young man in all the ways guys like me measure such.  Exactly the opposite of the John Wall fiasco.

    Oh Boy, Ol’ Roy …..
Iowa Phenom To Be a Roy Boy!

His choice delights one set of loonies and send the jilted loonies into screaming fits of outrage.  The jilted loonies will immediately declare (1) he is over-rated ….. (2) “we” really didn’t want him …… (3) “they” cheated to get him.  Yawn.

Heel Loons will now begin fretting over how Roy will distribute minutes NEXT year.  Me, I’m gonna enjoy this season and leave all those decisions to The Blue Messiah.  Got to trust Ol’ Roy.


Revisiting Brandon Spikes ……  The leveler heads of GatorNation read this column so when they defend Spikes going for the Georgia kid’s eyes I pay attention.  Apparently the kid whose eyes were gouged didn’t mind (!!!) so why should I?  Good point.   Is this incident more an example of how YouTube has changed our society?  It was the visual of Spikes going for the kid’s eyes that was so startling.  Same with the soccer thugette from New Mexico.  More people see a “hot” YouTube than will ever see “Film at 11”.

Football 2009 is a violent activity increasingly played by overtly aggressive marginal socio-paths.  The participants are bigger, stronger, faster than ever and, apparently even more sociopathic.  Georgia’s Mark Richt markets himself as a profoundly Christian man yet continues to recruit “thug-aletes” who routinely get into all the usual trouble.  Urban Meyer is considered such a quite fine fellow that The Tebows trusted him with Tim.   Lane Kiffin has his “he’s a fine fellow” advocates too as three of his “fine young men” are arrested for armed robbery.  And, of course, Bobby Bowden has played the “fine Christian gentleman” for years as his youngsters raped and pillaged their way around Tallahassee.  Joe Pa’s supposedly has a slush fund with the State College police similar to how Dean and Mack always managed their malefactors.

The “thugitization” of big time college sports is not new nor is it going away.  Fans turn a blind eye to their own school’s “thug” issues and scream bloody murder at the same issues perpetrated by their rivals.   So it has been …..  so it is ….. so it likely always will be.


Catch Colin Cowherd as a sports talker.   I find him to be provocative and compelling.  I’m not sure if he considers “details to be irrelevant” or not.   He is a syndicated ESPN Radio talker.  When he strays from the usual sports jabber he seems knowledgeable.   He also has a ESPN TV show – SportsNation – co-anchored by a delightful little gigglette named Michelle Beadle.  

This fetching little twinkie seems to know her sports and literally giggles non-stops the entire show.  That sounds silly but she makes it works.  It’s as if she realizes “I’m actually getting PAID to do this stuff!” which is an attitude more sports talkers/writers should have.

Speaking of sports twinkies ….. Erin Andrews has jumped the shark.  I’m no expert on sideline reporter hair styles but Erin has become a mess.  Yo ESPN …. Buy her a comb, or a hat or a gift certificate to Fantastic Sam’s.


When Timothy McVeigh bombed the OKC Federal Building, “the mainstream media” said he was “a typical right-wing extremist”.   When a guy killed Tiller The Baby Killer in Kansas, “the mainstream media” said the guy was “another example of right-wing talk-radio driven nuts”.  When Hasan the Islamo-terrorist killed 13 people at Fort Hood, “the mainstream media” tells us he was just a confused man who was overcome with psychological trauma over “George Bush’s War”.  

If you still have the slightest respect for “the mainstream media” you and I don’t have very much in common at all.   This has all moved well beyond silly partisan politics and is now into what makes you, me, and them “tick”.  Lou Dobbs leaving CNN is significant.


 In 1988 UNC AD Little Johnny Swofford terminated Dick Crum’s 10-year “lifetime” contract.  The total buy-out was $800,000.  Tar Heels fans feared such a humongous sum might bankrupt the university.  Crum was making $80,000/year …… just 20 years ago.

It’s 2009. The top three FB teams in America each have $4,000,000/year head coaches …… Urban, Nick and Mack.  Look for whoever wins it all in January to break the $5,000,000 mark ….. assuming Brian Kelly at Cincinnati doesn’t get there first to replace Charlie at Notre Dame.  It’s all just play money ….. who cares?


We just had a quite “intense” local school board election.  The “good guys” whupped the “screaming loonies” 4-0 to temporarily derail the total annihilation of local public education.  The shocked and awed nutjob crowd (and their ally – The N&O) has now paraded out the #1 local dysfunctional celebrity to plead their case – Clay Aiken.    YEEEEE HA!  …… actually giving Clay above-the-fold coverage to call the newly elected board members “a bunch of selfish idiots”.

Next week The N&O will give us Kim Kardashian’s views on Afghanistan …… followed by John Wall’s thoughts on the global economy …… and Haley Koch’s insights on Creationism vs Evolution. …… as we tumble merrily down the rabbit hole.


If you don’t have a Keurig coffeemaker you simply are outside the “cool people” and looking in.  Keurig “cups” are simply THE greatest creation in the coffee bizness.  I can only compare Keurig to the creation of those two-bite midget Snickers.   You can order Keurig cups in bazillions of flavors.  They have teas and hot cocoas too.  Easy folks to deal with.   Never again spill a messy coffee filter ….. WHAT a mess!  You can’t screw up making a cup of coffee with a Keurig.

The unit you will probably want is a bit pricey ($140) but oh so worth it.   The perfect mutual Christmas gift or just get one for yourself.

If our house catches on fire, I’d grab the cat, the Keurig, the 42” Sony HDTV and the picture of an infant “Kid” talking to her teddy bear.


  OH …. on the LT Yes/No question …… overwhelming NO by BLSays readers.   A similar poll among the fuzzy-cheeked, single pubic hair crowd (and 40 y/o Little League right-fielders) would poll quite differently we suspect.
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