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February02/ 2024
BL Rimshots

February 2, 2024


When Alexander The Great was faced with untying The Gordian Knot in 333 BC, he simply pulled out his sword and chopped the sumbitch in two. 

… thus making “A Gordian Knot” a mythical metaphor for a seemingly intractable problem which is solved by exercising an unexpectedly direct, novel, rule-bending, decisive, and simple approach that removes the perceived constraints.


I have used Alex’s example in selecting which of the 2500+ BobLee commentaries merit CLASSIC status … and inclusion among BobLee Classics Collection.  The first run-thru had 150+ “Classics” out of 2500+ commentaries. 

Hellfire, that is too close to handing out “participation trophies” which I can’t abide.  I mean The Muse of Smart-Aleckness has used me as a humble delivery boy for some pretty IN-freakin’-credible stuff over the past 23 years … but I had to draw the line somewhere. 

I whittled the list down to under 100 … with the option to always add future Classics yet to be written.  YES, there WILL BE FUTURE CLASSICS fer sure!

They await you on BL’s CLASSICS …. use this link or the permanent Link at the top of the right-hand column.

I know what you’ans are thinkingand the answer is NO.  This is NOT a project resulting from the scary journey I have now embarked on.  I’ve had this in mind for several years. Now just seems right to put it together.  “Just a Coincidence” as Prince Albert would say.


Of course, the First-Ballot Classics are All there…. 

The First Ballot ones are on the first 1-2 of the 9+ pages of CLASSICS.  Many of you can name’em as well as I can …

  • PDEW – “Pretty Down East Women …. OF COURSE!
  • Two Cheerleaders in a Toilet Stall
  • Pier Fishing with My Dad
  • TreeHouses and How Tall Walls
  • Yikes … I’m older than my Dad was!
  • My Eulogy at Rush’s Memorial Service
  • …And Her Name was Cotten
  • Did Carolina Marry a Stripper
  • Randy Parton’s Presser at The Umstead
  • Where Have You Gone Harper Cooper
  • Gladiatore & Spectators
  • Jim Martin Said WHAT?
  • …must be YANKEES!
  • The Just Holler Lady
  • Hold Your Fork
  • “Just” an Extraordinary Ordinary Man
  • Carolina’s Junction Boys
  • Dancing Hippos on Glenwood Avenue
  • My Hometown: From a Heaven To a Hell
  • Then God Broke The Mold
  • Hey, I know Her
  • Hoochee Coochie Show at The County Fair

There are several dozen more than I could justify First Ballot status … and they are all among the 75+ more waiting for you among BobLee’s Classics.

Any / all of these can be copied and shared with anyone you think might enjoy them.  And re-read zillions of times.

There are very few that involve “sports crap”.   As you know, I consider “sports” – college and pro – as it exists these days as one click above “kiddie porn” … with beady-eyed board monkeys as “pitiful pervs in a basement in soiled underwear”.  Soooo much other stuff in Life so much more worthy of My Time and Yours.

Likewise, only a few pieces about the Socio-political War for America.  You guys know where I stand.  Unlike “sports”,  “Saving America IS Important but not how I want to entertain you when you peruse BL’s CLASSICS.

As I was weeding out The Classics to be enshrined from the 2,500 “just really goods” over 23 years … I kept yelling out “Damn, did I write THAT one?” …. Blondie would yell back …“No, you just typed it.  A higher power was using you.”

I kept hopin’ she would reply … “Yes dear, you certainly did.  That’s why you are an INTERNET LEGEND … silly boy!”  .   Just once … but noooo! … sigh.

They are all there waiting for you to enjoy / re-enjoy at your leisure..   If I missed Your Favorite, let me know.  It’s My Website … I can add / delete anything I want at any time.


This website is NOT going to ….

…. become a Farewell Tour for Yours Truly.   A certain area BB coaching legend tried that two years ago.  How’d that turn out ??

I prefer the advice of another area BB coaching legend about NEVER GIVE UP!

Your kind comments and prayers are appreciated and “matter”.  You Matter To Me!   The 30-40 that regularly comment AND all the rest of you that simply enjoy my obtuse wit and occasional wisdom.

I began my scary journey this week with my first session with “Mr Chemo”.  Vegas has my odds at 75% which is better than the NCAA’s odds of solving the NIL / Portal Chaos in the next ten years.

It Was “a God Thing” … My Duke Oncologist has noted several times that my chances of beating this were greatly enhanced by my GP (also a Duke doctor) seeing the marble-size lump above my collarbone and immediately starting the series of tests that led to my diagnosis two weeks later.  Otherwise I’d be a “goner” for sure.  God Bless Dr Matthew Ingrassia.

If you notice a lump or a bump of any kind anywhere on your body –  DO NOT IGNORE IT!  10,000s of women are saved from breast cancer every year by self-examination and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The same goes for guys.

In a future column, I have one more bit of Great Advice about “assuming you will always have time to get all your stuff up to date” … wills, financial info, old love letters from old girlfriends and any other unmentionables deleted off of your computer’s browser history.


Check Out BL’s CLASSICS ….. They call’em CLASSICs ’cause, like Puff The Magic Dragon,  they never grow old …

Click Here For:   Best of BobLee 


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