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Future of ACC
November28/ 2023

BL Rimshots

November 28, 2023



OK … before we deep dive into The Future of THE ACC, a bit of rumor housekeeping …


(1) Halfway thru the first quarter of that game last Saturday night “at The Fairgrounds” … Mack2.0 did NOT summon the ghost of George Armstrong Custer who on June 25, 1876 atop a hill overlooking the Little Big Horn River reminded his 7th Cavalry … “Here they come, boys …Remember – Take no prisoners…”!  OUCH!

Rather Mack was recalling 2000 at another “Fairgrounds” in Dallas, Texas: Oklahoma – 63 / Texas – 14 … and again in 2003 at that same Fairgrounds:  Oklahoma – 65 / Texas – 13.   Mack somehow survived both of those unmitigated massacres. 

What he saw unfolding on a chilly night at “The Carter” could not possibly be any worse.   For what its worth 39-20 … was not THAT bad.

Still trying to decide Linville or Figure Eight ??, Mack delivered Version 3 of the post-game spiel he used following earlier uninspiring performances versus UVA and GaTech … “That was embarrassing.  It’s my fault and I’m gonna fix it .” ???

More on Mack2.0 and “… gonna fix it” below.


(2) It is NOT true that Mike Elko consulted Mack about how to “lie to ‘dem boys” at Duke while hopin’ a private jet to Texas.  It is simply a coincidence that he did so … using a five minute ZOOM message … a technology that was not available to Mack when he skedaddled out of Chapel Hill all those many years ago.  …. More on Duke post-Elko below.


(3) True Rumor … probably …. three families in Mecklenburg County with the surname “Tepper” have petitioned to have their names changed to “anything but Tepper”.   The obscene phone calls and bags of excrement on their front lawns have escalated to intolerable.  George Shinn officially demoted to #2 Most Hated pro sports owner in Charlotte history.



Today, we are crystal ball gazing into The Future of The ACC.

NOTE:  (1)  I do NOT possess any “insider information”; nor (2) I have NOT visited any of the ACC’s board monkey mosh pits – Amedeo’s – Franklin Street – Dan’s Sandwich Shop, etc etc – where silly rumors fester.  I prefer to fester my own silly rumors.

FACT:  Big Time College Football has changed FOREVER from what it was 50 – 25 – 10 – 5 – even 3 years ago. No matter how many times you say “It’s all about the money” … or bemoan that it’s no longer about “student athletes” getting an education” (LOLOL) … or any of the dozen or so trite phrases that will clutter social media until “our generation” is long dead and buried. ….. Oh, and … Taylor Swift IS The Most Popular Entertainer on Earth regardless of what you or I think about her and/or her music.

FACT: The ACC as a conference will no longer be day in / day out “competitive” with either The SEC or The B1G … or The Big 12 for that matter.  There WILL be occasional upset wins over “those schools” and ACC teams WILL occasionally creep into the expanded College Football Playoffs. 

Games between ACC member institutions WILL continue to be highly competitive producing numerous Saturday “thrills of victories” and, alas, “agonies of defeats”.  But not too many campus visits from “Gameday”… sigh.

The ACC going forward with or without FlaState and/or Clemson is now a 1.5 tier conference … stronger than AAC or ConfUSA or MountainWest etc etc … but NOT a legitimate “SuperPower” conference.  Whether you or your school’s “sleeping giant” gang accepts that is irrelevant. 

Unlike our nation’s election where goggle-eyed spittle-spewing lunatics DO indeed “get a vote” … they do not “get a vote” when it comes to the realities of Big Time College Football.  For that we can all be eternally grateful.




On the surface … I see ZERO reasons – in any one’s best interests – for Mack Brown to continue on as UNC Head Football Coach.  ZERO.  Maybe he has some REALLY Big Ram buddies who have decreed “No Way does Mack leave until he is good and ready to … PERIOD”.  I can’t imagine such.  UNC is not aTm or Texas or Auburn or a handful of programs that have that sort of Fat Cat Power.

Recruiting competitors will eat UNC/Mack alive … UNC, by Mack’s own admission, does not have the NIL mega-bucks to simply buy X number of one-year mercenaries.  No QB with ANY experience on the roster.  Expect A LOT of Transfer Outs in the next week or so.  Omarion Hampton will have plenty of attractive Transfer options.  … Keeping Gene Chizik will “nuke” Franklin Street ( … not a bad idea).  How do you rebuild a staff without new multi-year contracts?

Alas, it would not be the way Mack would choose to “ride off into the sunset” … BUT another season of “That was embarrassing. It was my fault” post-game admissions won’t change the realities … It’s not time … It Is Past Time.

OK, BobLee … then Who Is Next for UNC?  THAT is a topic for another day.   NOT “The Butcher2.0” NO NO NO … hopefully UNC will not “marry a stripper” … again.



“Dour Dave” has definitely built “a winning culture” that can repeat itself as a solid 8-9+ Wins/annual program.   Over the past ten years he has proven to be a solid CFB CEO … building and rebuilding staffs as circumstances require.   In a Wolfpack FB staff meeting, I’m sure there is no question Who is in charge.

NCSU’s version of “recruit 3+ stars and coach’em up” / “blue-collar attitude” culture is working … and winning.   No longer having to play Clemson / FlaState EVERY year will only help getting to that 10 W plateau easier.

Dave Doeren does not fit the Valvano / Amato mold of “quippy one-liners” but his occasional “F-bombs” and potty-mouth Carolina insults satisfies a particular faction of State’s fan base.  Not exactly how Earl Edwards mighta done it but it ain’t the 1960s any more.  Winners tell jokes and Losers say deal …

There will always be an Anti-Doeren contingent … but those goobers should be ignored.

If UNC “starts over” and with Elko out at Duke … Dour Dave can dominate in-state recruiting for a few years.  

Can NCState “keep Dour Dave”?  What type of realistic offer could “Elko” Doeren away after ten years?  He is still young enough and now experienced enough as a CEO to duplicate his NCSU success at an SEC or B1G program.  I thought Elko would stay at Duke another 2-3 years … so what do I know ???  Is there a limit to how much Boo and Randy can $ati$fy Dour Dave ????

There is a hint of a “transfer out” issue but that is becoming the norm at every successful program.  Talented “back-ups” don’t like to be “back-ups”.   “More charging stations” isn’t enough any more.



I really thought Mike Elfo would hang on 2-3 more years … from all I was hearing from Duke insiders.  He seemed to accept the realities of Duke Football and rising to The Challenge.   Maybe aTm was the only offer that could sway him ???   He should certainly know the snake pit he is wading into.

Cutcliffe’s Best Years and Elko’s past two years PROVE that there is little to no “There” there as far as sustainable interest in Duke Football.   15-20,000 hearty souls in The Wally is all there is or ever will be … allowing for the occasional ND game “lightning in a bottle”.

Yes, Duke has Very Very Deep Donor Pockets but Basketball is going to have first dibs at whatever it needs.  How much NIL $$$ does it take to play half your games in The Wally?


The Rest of THE ACC …

“The Clawson Way” at Wake Forest has produced great results the past 3-4 years but as NIL / The Portal becomes more dominant, I don’t see those results being duplicated.  WFU simply cannot play NIL/Portal “poker” with the Big Boys of CFB

FlaSt and Clemson will always be the NIL “talented roster” kings of THE ACC.  If Dabo “goes to The Portal which he pretty much HAS TO … Clemson will be back as a perennial Top Ten program along with FSU. …. Does FSU stay or go and where ?  Who cares … whatever.

Louisville is the rising power to watch.  Their legacy coach – Jeff Brohm – is a proven Big Time Coach / CEO who can recruit and develop talent AND work The Portal.  Apparently they have Fat Cats with the JUST WIN attitude.  Louisville’s experiences with Pitino and Petrino proved JUST WIN is all that matters.

SMU … watch out for The Mustangs the next 3-4 years.  A solid coach with saddlebags full of NIL/Portal bucks to spend in Texas ???  Could be A Factor!

UVA / VaTech … still too early to tell with their current staffs.  Regardless, does either school have NIL / Portal muscle?   Maybe VaTech … very doubtful with UVA.

Miami … Mario Cristobal is NOT “waking up the echoes” of 25+ years ago.  “The U” being “The U” is just an ever fading memory and South Beach $$$ ain’t bringing it back.  They will continue to lead The ACC in on-field fights.

GaTech … BC … ‘Cuse … Pitt … Cal … Stanford ….. shuffle them around in the muddle middle and lower tier of THE ACC.   An injury-free year and catch “lightning in a bottle” a few times … and maybe 7-8 Ws every 5-6 years… but no sustainable success.  Change out coaches every few years …. blah blah …


BobLee … what about ACC MBB?   I know you won’t believe me, but I simply do not follow college basketball any more.  Even ACC Basketball. Some of the High Drama off-court crap is “interesting” but otherwise naaah …  I appreciate that it is still a religious experience for many of you …. bless your hearts.


More BobLee Rimshots …. HERE!


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