CFB Realignment Update / USWNT Epitaph

August08/ 2023
BL Rimshots

August 08, 2023


Let’s begin on a positive note.  Based on absolutely zero “inside sources” … NOTE: Yes, I am the ONLY internet self-described expert who does not claim “reliable inside sources”.  Oh, I HAVE them; but I would never reveal anything they might tell me. 

It Is My Prediction That:

The core of The ACC Will Remain Intact.  That is defined as The Tobacco Road Four, UVA, VaTech & GaTech.   

All Predictions are based on Nothing Matters But Football.  Not even MBB.  Do not get sidetracked worrying about how non-revenue sports will manage.  They will. Don’t fret that.  There’s a plan for them.

(1) The travel logistics … (2) traditional rivalries … (3) and overall competitive parity of the programs just make too much sense to blow up.

ALWAYS .. Ignore the barking board monkeys trying to wake up their sleeping giant.  Those “Cliff Clavins” have no clue and no influence whatsoever.  Trust me.

Louisville, BC, Syracuse have no where to go.   They are the Oregon State & Wazzu of The East.

Those delusional whackies down in Coral Gables are still waiting for “the 80s” to return – “Crockett & Tubbs” and Thugs ‘R Us.  … sigh. 

Notre Dame might hook up w/ The Saudis in LIV Football ???

I like Clemson and will not be surprised if they end up staying … and I hope they do.  The Fighting Dabos are pretty much guaranteed 8-9 Ws within the ACC … play one OOC SuperPower each year and two Not-Superpowers … and 10-11 Ws puts them in the Playoffs every year.   That will be a much harder plateau to reach in the SEC.

Florida State IS GONE.  As soon as they cobble together $120,000,000 and it clears the bank … it’s “don’t let the screen door hit ya in the butt.  ByBy Tomahawk Choppers.”  If the SEC either does not want them or offers them a minimal share of the SEC’s media bucks. … who cares?  Their stoopid barking trustees last week have given them zero leverage.

I saw an idea that FlaSt and Vanderbilt could simply switch conferences.  Yeah, right.  Vandy would rather go “0 for Forever” in the SEC and cash the big check.

Again, with no “insider info” I do NOT think the Stanford / Cal / SMU to ACC idea will go anywhere.    Sure, agree to schedule them regularly as OOC games but nothing beyond that.  Maybe UConn … but it’s a tiny “maybe”.

And another thing … all the yadda yadda about UCLA playing Rutgers.  LA to New Jersey  … or Utah playing UCF … Oh My!  With the rotating schedule those teams will only play every other year and most likely less often so MAYBE a player makes that transcontinental trip once in four years.  Not an issue.

The NFL flies charters all over the country every weekend … NY Giants to LA … Seattle to Miami … Phoenix to Boston … etc etc …. and don’t give me that crap about “student athletes missing class time”.  Aaaiiiieee! Trust me – NO ONE that knows the reality of Big Time College Football is concerned about that. 

MAYBE a 3rd string deep snapper or the back-up punter has to be concerned about class assignments or grades …. but no one in the 3-deep roster has to worry.  Chasing The NFL brass ring via eligibility majors has its perks.

If the sumbitches had made me CZAR five years ago, I coulda created four Super Conferences of 16-18 teams that made sense in less than 24 hours.  Most of you could have too.

And Another Thing … my point about Baby Boomers having financed the Football / Basketball Arms Race is significant.   Skippa Bowles built Dean’s Dome with $$$ from deep-pocketed Baby Boomer daddies. Now BBoomers sit in those lifetime seats in the lower level.

BBoomers have paid for the pimped-out locker rooms and Jumbo Jumbotrons and VIP Suites and IPFs… and even those “extra charging stations” !!  … and are now counted on for NIL bling.   Guess what … BBoomers are being toe-tagged every day.  Who will replace us?   The next generation did not grow up along with College Sports becoming a national obsession.  Student sections don’t fill up even in the SEC.

ESPN no longer prints $$$ from cable subscribers.  Cable-cutting – like PIckleball – is not a fad.  That goose no longer lays golden eggs.  The world is changing …

Watch all the machinations – ignore the “Cliff Clavins” – and as long as “your team” plays its “hated rivals” every year … it’ll be OK … assuming you still care about that.


Re: The USWNT and You-Know-Who …

According to some headlines… “Americans” are HAPPY that the USWNT Soccer team were eliminated in the Women’s World Cup … when the ugly angry face of the team – Megan Rapinoe – missed a penalty kick.

Megan Rapinoe, with help from “the media, especially ESPN, made herself the face of the USWNT although she never represented the opinions of all of her teammates.  

Those who did not share her methods or her motives were intimidated by her overbearing personality … together with the support Rapinoe enjoys from her ilk at ESPN.  The entire team’s image suffered as a result.

As an “American” who has never cared for the public persona of Megan Rapinoe – a purple-haired obscenity-spewing, permanently constipated ugly angry lesbian, I had no strong emotion one way or the other to their defeat.  But I am certain I do not reflect the opinions of ALL “Americans” on anything.

“America” is a dramatically-divided country on dozens of socio-cultural-political issues.  Many “Americans” loudly despise “people like me”, and I really don’t like them in return.  

I still believe I am in the majority but not to the extent many of “my ilk” prefer to think.  Give credit due to the global puppetmasters for their adroit manipulation of the easily manipulated among us.

IF Megan Rapinoe’s original purpose was simply to increase the $$$ compensation for the USWNT, she might have been more successful without alienating give/take 60% of “America” from the get-go.  But she has always been more interested in promoting her personal “brand”.

Megan Rapinoe will now go on to make significant income spewing her “angry constipated lesbian” rhetoric to other angry lesbians while being promoted aggressively by ESPN’s gang of screaming angry lesbians who have, to no one’s surprise, declared her “an outstanding American patriot”.   Yeeee Haa!

I’m pretty sure all lesbians are NOT angry, ugly and permanently constipated … but the ones that get media coverage seem to be.  Why?

With Rapinoe no longer its “face”, can the USWNT ever regain the universal national popularity they once enjoyed? We shall see …


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