History’s Strangest Bedfellows …

Strange Bedfellows
April04/ 2023
BL Rimshots

April 04, 2023


I came very close to deleting “their email”.  FROM:  IIOC&NS – The Intergalactic Internet Oversight Consortium & Nail Salon.   I had heard of the IIOC&NS but, like everyone else, thought it just a myth. … It’s quite real and they mean business.   Here’s a copy of their email.



I guess I’d best do what the IIOC&NS says.  “One of only three websites in the Milky Way Galaxy that has NOT done so in the past 36 hours…” HOLY COW!  …. Here goes ….

Three weeks ago I had never heard of Catlin Carter … or Whatshername from LSU with the 3″ eyelashes who just wants to “Be Me … and do my thang” ???  I had heard of Coaches Dawn “Sista Soulja” Staley and Kim Mulkey.

This was Kim Mulkey’s 3rd WBB National Championship. The other two coming at Baylor where she had the notorious Russian convict Britany Griner … America’s most famous tall black lesbian … except when she was at Baylor and Coach Mulkey demanded she “stay in the closet” relative to her sexual preferences.  I digress …

Am I the only one who thinks LSU Coach Kim Mulkey looks like “a real estate diva in Yazoo City, MS”?  Nothing wrong with that, of course, just what comes to my mind when watching her.

Because of the unavoidable hype over “some white gal in Iowa that might be the best basketball player EVER” I was compelled to watch IOWA vs NCAA WBB SuperPower South Carolina.  

NOTE:  Dawn “Sista Soulja” Staley’s defending National Champions have supposedly been described – by ONE unnamed reporter while standing on a corner in Winslow AZ – as “a gang of thugs looking for a bar fight”.  I don’t know any unnamed reporters so I have no opinion on Coach Staley’s coaching methods.   

I do know that Coach Staley REALLY doesn’t like Mormons or anyone associated with Brigham Young University.  She definitely does NOT “look like a real estate diva in Yazoo City, MS.”

Iowa upset the heavily favored SuperPower in a game mindful of Texas Western v Kentucky in 1966 … except this time the – how can I say this – “the all-white team” won.

Coach Staley’s post-game rambling race spewings failed to mention her victorious opponent … to the surprise of absolutely no one who follows Coach Staley. 

BobLee, do South Carolina fans protect Coach Staley like Alabama fans protect that guy that was an accomplice to a murder?   I’m not qualified to answer that question.


When the best basketball player EVER is also described as  “looks like she oughta be working at a Dairy Queen in Cedar Rapids” how could I not watch.

I was not aware until after the IOWA v LSU game that “the greatest basketball player / Dairy Queen worker” was also the …

…meanest, dirtiest, nastiest, potty-mouthed, trash-talkin’, felonious, poor sport bitch to ever drain 3s from 40′.   … As is being reported by “some”.

 YIKES!  Would Dairy Queen hire such a horrible human being? No mention  whether or not she has a MAGA cap or has an AK-47.  I guess that is to be assumed.  Did “they” have slaves in Iowa? ???

THAT would all come out after “the black gal with the 3″ eyelashes” spent five minutes on national TV “being who I am and doing my thang” which turned out to be getting in the face of the evil Iowa Dairy Queen gal and pointing at where her championship ring is going to be.  It was not her middle finger.

According to every goggle-eyed spittle-spewin’ race-huckster in America with access to a website, podcast or Twitter account … 3″ Eyelash black gal was TOTALLY justified to “be who I am and do my thang” on national TV to the eeeevil Iowa gal because ……. ???  Well, the “because” has yet to be clarified.

Best I can figure it has to do with “thangs” that black gals do … like wearing 3″ eyelashes while playing basketball for a coach who looks like a real estate diva in Yazoo City, MS. 

Us white folks just don’t get it … “’cause we ain’t nevah been black”.   …. I can’t argue with that.  Can you?


OK, BobLee … but what about that picture up top and the “Strange Bedfellows title ???   I was just getting to that.

I can’t believe you folks don’t recognize The Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.  He’s the guy on the left.   Ferdinand’s assassination in June 1914 ignited World War 1 … “The War To End All Wars”.

With the enormity of the Global Kerfluffle ignited by “that eeeevil Iowa gal” causing that incredibly wonderful black gal with the 3″ eyelashes to “do her thang” on national TV … could this finally ignite the Race War that has been brewing in America since The NBA had the audacity to name a White Guy as its MVP? 

According to Jemele Hill, Stephen A, Joy Reid and every other affirmative action black pseudo-journalist (wink, wink) on Earth … not named Jason Whitlock or Candace Owens … “HELL YES … Burn Baby Burn”

Ferdinand and Catlin Carter … both chosen by the fickle finger of Fate as “causes” for global upheaval.

What are the odds?  I’ve watched THREE girls’ basketball games in the past 10 years – NCState v UCONN a year ago … and these last two featuring the Eeeeevil Iowa gal … and I happened to see THE Most Impactful Events since “One small step for man …”.

PS:  America’s Most Famous “Doctor” – DOCTOR Jill Biden – also said something incredibly stoopid about all this.  To the surprise of absolutely no one.


FWIW … I did NOT watch the NCAA Men’s Final between Whoever was playing.  I WILL be watching The Masters this weekend like the good little “white privileged” fellow I am.

Will there be any black folks at Augusta National “being who they are and doing their thang”?  Probably not; but … these be troublin’ times … ya never know.


I’m sure you’ve all had a situation when you can’t

think of a song title … I spent Monday night in such a quandary …. “a teen tragedy song from the 60s about a girl who dies and comes back as ghost on her birthday and meets a boy who gives her his sweater ..”

I DMed all my hommies who could only come up with Teen Angel and Tell Laura I Love Her … nope. Then at 4:30 AM the lyrics came to me …. “Laurie left this world on her birthday.  She died a year ago today …. Strange Things Happen In This World. by Dickey Lee

Teen tragedy songs were “a thing” in the early 60s … until The Everly Brothers came out with Ebony Eyes which blew the rest of’em away.   I mean …. 

And then came the announcement over the loudspeaker“Would those having relatives or friends on Flight number 1203Please report to the chapel across the street at once”

Game – Set – Match to Phil & Don.


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