“Rivers of Blood” … “Raining Frogs” … “Abolishing Free Speech” … OH MY!!!

Rivers of Blood
November30/ 2022

November 30, 2022


Huh?  WTH? …. Yes, I am officially reviving a format – SaidWhat? –  Offering my unapologetically partisan opinions on random socio-cultural-political issues of the day.  I used it for 4-5 years but stopped, for no real reason, a year or so ago.

These “whatevers” will be available for sharing on my two Facebook pages with the archives on my website of the past 23 years – BobLeeSays.com  ,

Folks, alas, I do NOT have The Answers to Save America from Possible Obliteration.  THAT possibility was put in motion when “Eve ate the apple”. 

I’m just “a guy” with a somewhat warped sense of humor and his own internet “bully pulpit”.  That you find my opinions Educational – Entertaining – and/or Offensive is up to you. 

This ain’t my first rodeo as a “cyber provocateur”.  When asked “What does your dad do?” my daughter’s pat answer for many years has been “He plays piano in a whorehouse … and, they say, he is pretty good at it!”  



Today’s title is a play on words … using two of Revelation’s End of Days signs to emphasize how important Freedom Of Speech or lack thereof is to our country’s future or lack thereof.

Freedom of Speech guarantees that you will be exposed to someone’s opinion that you disagree with and may be offended by … and them by you.  It is The Ultimate Price of Freedom.


I don’t “do Twitter”.  I did for a few years a few years ago.  Dealing with snot-nosed, potty-mouth “nitwits” is fun for a while; but like playing with a cat with a laser pointer, you get tired of it before the cat does.  I have no intent to go back with Elon’s Twitter, but I wish him great success with it.

I prefer Facebook and my silly little website that has plugged along for 23 years with the best bunch of loyal pilgrims since the Donner Party.


I learned a decade or so ago to never say “Yikes … That is THE scariest dumbest crap I’ve ever seen or read on the Internet.”  Doing so only encourages 10,000s of certified nitwits to say “Hold my beer”.

When you see one cockroach scurry across your kitchen floor and you stomp it, do you really think, that was the only one?  “Nitwits” are like cockroaches in that there are A LOT more of them than you care to believe … and you can never stomp out all of either one. 

A “nitwit” is NOT “anyone who dares to disagree with me”.  Plenty of “nitwits” do agree with me.

Your Facebook “Friends” DO NOT, unfortunately,  represent an accurate cross-section of “America”. 

Most of us choose to live in a social media “bubble” of like-minds.  Only fools buy shoes two sizes too small because they enjoy the pain and discomfort.

Where was I? …


So much abject craziness has and is sprouting up across America … it is Whack-A-Mole on steroids.  Go back 20 years and imagine what you would have said if anyone suggested some of the “mainstream” cultural bizarreness that we now take for granted.

That those incredible “Founding Fathers” anticipated so much of it 250 years ago is amazing.  We are not talking about “technical evolution” but simply “human evolution … or lack of”.  They devised a relatively simple set of “how to get along” rules that took into account that behind any technology are “humans” and there in lies the “Uh Oh”.

Human Nature has not changed in 1,000s of years and not likely ever will.

Of course, God gave Moses an even simpler set of just ten “get along” rules that seem as applicable today as they did that day on Mount Sinai.

Without rambling on today …

IF you are not paying attention to what is happening with Elon Musk – Twitter – and Free Speech in America … then:

YOU in your abject naiveté are paving the way for the jack-booted domestic terrorists hell-bent on obliterating what you think of as “America”.

Take away Freedom of Speech and all the other crap that is turning us into an amoral cesspool moves into an unstoppable higher gear.


Over 50 Fortune 1000 companies have publicly announced their staunch opposition to Freedom of Speech in America by withdrawing their advertising on Twitter. 

They object to Twitter allowing socio-political opinions that they do not agree with.

REPEATING... Over 50 Fortune 1000 companies have publicly announced their staunch opposition to Freedom of Speech in America by withdrawing their advertising on Twitter.

This is not just HateTrump crap.  Or even HateTrumpSupporters although many of these same companies are part of that movement too.  This is an entirely different form of Domestic Treason.

I will be posting an updated list of these companies.

For now … try to wrap your brain around these household names … Coca Cola … Chevrolet … Ford … Chipotle … Jeep … Merck … Kellogg … General Mills … Audi … Volkswagen … there are dozens more names and brands you use and – used to – trust.

If you enjoy Rice Krispies, Cheerios and Oreos you are indirectly supporting the abolishment of Freedom of Speech in America.  WHOA!

I’m not suggesting you alter your buying habits.  In some cases what would be impractical.  I’m just telling you The War on America is very real with or without your acceptance of that reality.


Some of you reading this don’t know what “Twitter” is and don’t much care.   You think Elon Musk is just some Trump-type ego-driven crazy zillionaire 

… and “me”..  I’m just a guy with his own website who is considered The 2nd smartest guy on the Internet …. of course, Everyone Else is tied for #1.


Feel free to COMMENT here on the website … OR on Facebook … OR both …. OR not at all.   …… “Share” this would be appreciated if you are so inclined.


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