Not so fast, Admiral … 2021 ends not with a BANG but a whimper

Sleeping Giant
January01/ 2022
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January 1, 2022

Not so fast Admiral …

2021 has come and gone. Leaving in its wake a gridiron littered with unrequited dreams … games lost or not even played and “sleeping giants” still aslumber … sigh and alas.

It was Japanese Admiral Yamamoto who first coined the term “waking the sleeping giant” in 1941. It was NOT a goggle-eyed galoot desperate for a glimmer of reflected glory from “his team”.

DID YOU KNOW: IF Admiral Yamamoto had been on board the Japanese flagship in December 1941, he would have instructed his bombers to hit the fuel depots at Pearl Harbor … thereby crippling the entire US Pacific fleet for at least a year. But, his superiors in the Japanese War Council insisted he remain in Tokyo.

That one fateful decision, along with a slight change in the weather in the English Channel on June 6, 1944 could have reversed the outcome of WW II. YIKES!


OK, end of our WHAT IF history lesson. Now back to Really Important Crap … like the results of football bowl games.


Obviously my use of the trite term “awaken the sleeping giant” is a not so subtle reference to the 2021 Football Season for The University of North Carolina.

I’m not sure if records are kept for the disparity between Pre-Season Rankings and End Of Season Reality. If so … surely the past four months for Mack’s Tar Heels makes “the short list”.

WHAT A FLOP! Could it be The Curse of Silent Sam ???

I call them “Mack’s Tar Heels” because finding a UNCCH Football loyalist right now who has sent in his 2022 season ticket deposit is nigh impossible. Football Enthusiasm on fabled Franklin Street is “at a low ebb”. Ya reckon…

Even notorious Chapel Hill journalist “My Buddy Art” Chansky – a looooong time Mack confidante and perpetual Pollyanna for all things UNC Athletics – is distancing himself from the train wreck.


BUT SUPPOSEMack’s “good hands team” HAD recovered that on-side kick in those final two minutes in The Carter on November 26. Would 7-6 and A Mack’s Mythical State Championship been enough to sustain Hope among notoriously fickle UNC loyalists? … … Would “But But But … we beat all three of our in-state Hated Rivals” been enough?

Alas … we’ll never know.


I’m an Internet Legend and not a Monday Morning Football Analyst. I’m not qualified to say WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??

But HELL did indeed HAPPEN.

How quickly will Mack change the locks on a few (a lot) of assistants’ offices? … Will he dare banish any UNC Football Legacies from his staff? … Can he hire a new staff knowing he (MB) is a short-timer? … … Will Mack say “We MUST have More Charging Stations and a Fancier IPF blah blah”? If so, will desperate Fat Cat Rams keep anting up? … OR:

Was “Mack Is Back” a “Bobby Ewing Shower”?

It never really happened !!

Are Mack & Sallie still in Austin sequestered in a gated enclave with Orangeblood Elites watching endless reruns of Vince Young’s “4th & 5” scamper into the right corner of the Rose Bowl End Zone … in the shadow of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains … on Jan 4, 2006?

What Oh What do The Football Gods have in store for “Choo Choo U” ?

FWIW: “The Butcher” is currently available. NO NO NO! Don’t do it Bubba!


From Pasadena in 2006, lets move a few hours south to San Diego just a week ago

As The Men of Doeren prepared to take the same field where the legendary “PR” starred so brilliantly for so many years. Talk about WHAT THE HELL ??? It was five days ago as I write this …

OMG IT’S OMAHA ALL OVER AGAIN! has sort of settled down.

NC State’s opportunity to play UCLA on a national stage in the Holiday Bowl was jerked away faster than Lucy jerks the football from Charlie Brown.

Like Lucy telling Charlie “I promise I won’t do it again … heheee”, State perpetually paranoid fan base was confident that The NCAA or ESPN or Whoever surely won’t screw us AGAIN.

Like Lucy … By Golly – They DID Do It Again.

In the ensuing five days the % of understandably irate NC State fans Blaming “THAT DAMN” JOHNNY SWOFFORD has settled into 78-83% give or take.

That is from a high of 98% when the Breaking News first hit back home 2,196 miles away from Sunny San Diego.

The remaining % of “blame” is divided among former ACC refs Jim Knight and Karl Hess and, of course, former N&O sports editor Mickey McCarthy.

If you don’t understand NC State fans’ fixations regarding Swofford / Knight / Hess / McCarthy et al you have not observed that knee-jerk fan faction for the past fifty or so years. … more predictable than “Amedeo’s will sell a lot of lasagna today”.


The issue of Did State Actually WIN 10 Games for the first time since only the late Frank Weedon might remember is now forever added to the long list of inane fecal matter flung back and forth twixt on-line partisan sickos for the MANY years or so.

Joining… Did “Mr Amphibious” actually say “amphibious”? … How much was Jim Knight paid to reverse the call on TA’s knee? … Is Dean spending eternity in Hell for masterminding The Worst Eligibility Scam in NCAA History; and when will Roy be joining him in Hell?


The unprecedented 11th Hour Cancellation Fiasco was so utterly mishandled by UCLA and bowl officials that – for the first time in recorded history – the aforementioned notorious Triangle-area sports journalist “My Buddy Art” Chansky actually expressed his sympathy for NC State fans in an editorial on WCHL.

OK, 90% of Art’s editorial was recounting how much a 74 year old notorious sports journalist can irrationally HATE an entire rival fan base … but at the end he did admit “… they really got screwed …”. Art’s editorial did not mention his long time buddy “That Damn” Johnny Swofford.


The best two teams in College Football 2021 will square off for The National Championship in two weeks. As it has since its inception – the Four Team format WORKS just fine. Which is a sure sign it will be changed.

The “Best Bowl Game” was the final four minutes of Tennessee versus Purdue in Nashville for the GooGoo Cluster Music City Bowl or some such. At least Six TDs were scored in those four minutes. Not counting the one “the crooked refs” didn’t count.


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Happy New Year to BobLee’s Buddies & Babes

Here’s hoping America does NOT complete its current transformation

into a 3rd World Hell Hole in 2022. … but ya never know.


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