“The Flagship” Flounders … Again!

UNC Flounders
July07/ 2021

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July 7, 2021

The Flagship Flounders… Again!


This isn’t how it was suppose to go.  I have been up to a bunch of stuff I wanted to tell you … some REALLY good book series … more fishing success … an adventure in DC that was quite INCREDIBLE, etc.  But Noooooo … I can’t get to all that because …


The vaunted “Flagship” of the UNC System – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – has stumbled, bumbled and fumbled its way back into an “above-the-fold” national embarrassment across the fruited plain.

That idyllic college town so exalted by its ever-dwindling tribe of disciples still hung-over from way too many frat parties in the 50s-60s-70s – Chapel Hill AKA “The Southern Part of Heaven” – The University that still deifies the man who fathered the concept of “Eligibility Majors” – has once again “stepped in it”.

For the sake of brevity, I’m assuming you’ve all read/heard some version of the Yucky Mess involving that red-haired black gal with the hyphen in her name.

You know the “ACCLAIMED (??) Journalist” who has won every major award that the radical liberal media journalism gang give each other and pretend its “legit”.  Like Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize (giggle, giggle … snort).  I digress …

Me?  I believe that red-headed black gal’s journalism credentials and her ACCLAIMED (!!!) 1619 Project are as fake as her hair color … but that’s not the point in this latest institutional train wreck.


Personally … I have no problem with UNCCH hiring anti-American, whitey-hating radical racial anarchists.  IF they would also hire those with opposing points of view.

Wanna hire that red-headed black gal racial anarchist … OK … then also hire Candace Owens or Jason Whitlock or Thomas Sowell (as examples) to present opposing POVs to “inquiring young minds”.   Yeah … right!


FWIW:  For those who don’t know.  Susan King – Dean of The UNC School of Journalism – is the Worst of The Worst these days as far as Left-Wing Academaniacs at UNC.  She is the quintessential faux intellectual liberal snob.   I’ve heard tales of her shenanigans for years.

Why Curtis Media’s Don Curtis chose to give $21,000,000 to that nest of spiders and snakes is a question you have to ask him.  He already had great seats in the Lower Level ???


A lot of heat and ridicule is being heaped on the UNC Board of Trustees … NOT the UNC Board of Governors … there IS a difference.   WHY would anyone want to be appointed to the UNC Board of Trustees?

For better seats in The Dean Dome?  For Preferred Parking on campus?  For a prestigious (?) line in one’s obituary? … or … the oft-chance that he/she believe he/she can “make a positive contribution” to an institution that he/she has some misguided sense of obligation to.   Their “pay” is travel expenses which most never bother to turn in.

I understand the first three reasons.  That flatulence about “… sense of obligation to the institution” has never made sense to me.

Regardless … no one has ever accepted an appointment as a UNC Trustee in order to be stalked, threatened, harrassed and publicly ridiculed.  Without checking with every past / present UNC Trustee, I feel secure in that statement.  Yet, that is what is happening more and more in recent years as the radical left-wing terrorists have infested the UNC / Chapel Hill community.

That infestation was not the case in those halcyon days of yore when “going to school at Chapel Hill” was a reasonably polite and pleasant 4-year rite of passage – “Animal House” – from adolescence to “Look Out World … Here I Come”.

Sure, there were a few goggle-eyed spittle-spewing counter culture radicals – “hippies” – hanging around “back then” but more as comic relief … and certainly not the dominant voice, face and image of “the institution” that they are now.

Old Man “Usta” is long dead … and what UNC-CH “usta be” is long dead and buried.   Nothing but worm food and tired memories dragged up at 50 year reunions around the bar at The Carolina Inn.

I am not defending the UNC BOT.  There is penance to be paid for being naive to reality.  What just happened with the farce of the red-headed black gal / “Acclaimed Journalist” was just the latest stunt perpetrated by the radical mob that now “owns UNCCH”.

The BOT violated The Cardinal Rule …. NEVER NEVER NEVER Negotiate with Terrorists … Academic or otherwise.  What part of NEVER NEVER NEVER did those naive Trustees not understand?


There is a scene in the classic 1968 “war movie” The Green Berets starring John Wayne.  The NVA / Viet Cong have the Green Berets outnumbered and are massing for a final attack to take over their camp and slaughter the soldiers.  Realizing the inevitability of the situation … the Green Berets retreat from the camp via a secret exit.  The enemy rush in to the now empty encampment, tearing down the flag and celebrating their “victory”.   Colonel Kirby (John Wayne) calmly calls in air support – “Puff The Magic Dragon” – which totally obliterates the enemy.   With the enemy removed Green Berets return and take back their camp.

No, I’m not suggesting a similar violent strategy for recovering UNC-CH from the radical mob that now controls it … because, frankly I DON’T CARE.


I “went to college over there” 50 years ago.  It was four years of my life.  I made friends … I have some memories.  If I hadn’t gone to college there I woulda made friends and had memories somewhere else.

Life is a sum total of “roads diverging in a yellow wood…”.   “Going to college” at UNC 50+ years ago is forever a part of my Life Journey and the many blessings that journey has brought me.  But saying “UNC is responsible for those blessings” is hogwash.

I hung my diploma on the wall in my first “real office”.   I quietly removed it after a few months and stored it “somewhere”.  Somewhere in my 20-year nomadic corporate travels that diploma was misplaced. … eh …

I was living in Dallas in 1982.  When Jordan’s jumper beat Georgetown I went into the office the next morning all excited … and no one knew or cared.  I realized there was a much bigger world out there that did not revolve around “an Old Well”.  A year later no one in Dallas carried about State’s Big Win in Albuquerque either.

If I wasn’t living in The Triangle “where I went to college” would never come up.  Obviously “it” comes up here because of the “hated rivalry”.   Neither I – nor the handful of college friends I stay in contact with – fit the negative UNCCH stereotype … but it IS a valid stereotype for many UNC alumni/fans.   Every college has its stereotypes.

I have a handful of valued friends who live in Chapel Hill for primarily professional reasons.  I have 2-3 friends who work for The University.

I “estranged” myself from any association with the institution some years ago.  I take no vicarious pride in anything that goes on “over there” including its sports teams.

The University goes out of its way to ridicule, insult and debase anyone who has the socio-cultural-political POV that I endorse and proudly promote.  They don’t like me … I don’t like “them”.  I’m fine with that arrangement.

WHY anyone who shares my socio-cultural-political POV continues to support UNCCH – even its sports teams – astounds me.  I’ve heard their convoluted reasoning.  I don’t buy it.  Their Life … their choices.

For anyone sharing my “values” … The “Carolina” that they have held so dear and take such pride in DOES NOT EXIST any longer.  That anyone sharing my values would want to send their children / grandchildren “over there” to what “Carolina” has become is a sad joke.


NOW … can I get back to sharing the really good books I’m reading … and my daily encounters with the ever-elusive large-mouth bass … and assorted other human ridiculum ?

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