The Rush Chronicles … by BobLee

February22/ 2021

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February 2021

These are my recollections from my 40 year personal friendship with Rush Limbaugh.   I am not authorized by … or in cahoots with … anyone to share these memories.  

My friend Rush was a provocative figure in American Political Media for over 30 years.  His contributions to our country’s political discourse from 1988 until Feb 2021 were significant … and controversial. 

Elections are won by “who counts the votes” … and History determined by “who writes the books”.  Ergo, Rush’s place in America’s History is “at risk”.  I offer these memories as a counter to those who will surely attempt to erase his memory.

 Additional recollections may be added in the future as I recall them.

These are My Memories since I met Rush in 1980. Any mistakes in dates or details can be attributed to 70 years of reasonably clean living. …

Respectfully submitted for your enjoyment …


PS:  Your sharing these memories with anyone you choose is both OK and encouraged … especially with fellow “Dittoheads”.


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