It’s Feb 2… “Punxsutawney Phil” says…

February02/ 2021


Feb 2, 2021



It’s Feb 2: “Punxsutawney Phil” says…

Hey! Let’s trust America’s Fate to a freakin’ Groundhog.   Sure why not…  makes more sense than trusting duplicitous weasels masquerading as “our elected representatives”.

We have always known liberal Democrats were “the enemy” whether you called them that or not.  Our “worthy opponent across the aisle” is faux intellectual crap-speak.

Many of you seek comfort in – they are just like us… but have different political opinions.

Are cannibals just like us… but have a different diet?  … Are Islamo-fascists just like us… but feel compelled to behead Christians.  … Are genocidal warlords just like us… with different opinions on diversity.

As the Prosecution and Persecution of “people like us” becomes more and more intense … and IT WILL.  X number of you reading this will choose to switch sides.  Your desire  to post on social media will be greater than old outdated socio-cultural mores that you previously held dear.

“Oh, I’ll never do that, BobLee”.   That’s what Peter said before his night in The Garden.

Practice standing in front of a mirror and saying … “Abortion is not killing babies… it can’t be.” When you can say that with a straight face…

Work on … “There is no such thing as “gender”.  People have no choice what genitalia they are born with.  When they are, oh say, 7 or 8 and wise in the ways of the world (?) and wish to “identify” as something else … why not.”  – Why not indeed.

There is a bunch of other supercilious garbage you’ll have to swear to.  Those two should get you an interview at the “I’ve Seen The Error of My Ways” Reprogramming Center.

The current initiation rite is – rat out a member of your immediate family who might own a MAGA cap.   They’ll be taken away to Who knows Where for no tellin’ how long but no big deal.  You’ll be busy with all your cool new friends.

Remember … It Takes A  Village … Not a Family.


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