“In A Perfect World…” BUT alas…

Perfect World
April04/ 2020


April 5, 2020


BL alone

“In A Perfect World…” –  BUT, alas


IN A PERFECT WORLD… can’t you imagine a contingent of Prominent Liberal Democrats walking down Pennsylvania Avenue to meet with President Trump on a Bi-partisan Cooperative effort to resolve our current National Crisis… For The Common Good!

Such a contingent to include Nancy Pelosi – Chuck Shumar – Hillary & “Slick Willie” – Mr/Mrs Barry Sotero – The Cuomo Brothers – and a dozen of those whozit bobbleheads that always stand behind Nancy or Chuck when they issue those “We’re gonna ….” threats to America.

Banjo BoyJoe Biden?  I said “Prominent Liberal Democrats”.  “Banjo Boy” has about another three minutes in his “15 Minutes of Prominence” after which he will simply go away.



The Contingent gathers in The Rose Garden together with President Trump, Vice-President Pence,  “Turtleman”, “The Scarf Lady”, and that weasely little doctor that nobody really trusts.

Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi approaches the podium to speak to America…  clearing her throat she begins…


HATE fist

President Trump … Look… We HATE You… we HATE Your Perfect La-Di-DahFamily and we REALLY HATE the 63,000,000 Deplorable Inbred Morons that support you … We intend to Lie Cheat and Steal to Defeat You in November and then to grind your stupid supporters under the soles of our Jack boots … HOWEVER… Right Now…

America is suffering a Crisis unlike any situation in our history … against an invisible enemy that is killing thousands of innocent Americans… as well as some Deplorable Bitter Clingers too.

We certainly have NO CLUE how to fix it… but lucky for us… it’s not OUR PROBLEM – It’s Yours.  We just want to grab most of the credit when you do solve it.

We are here to STAND WITH YOU to defeat this invisible enemy ravaging Our Country.

So as a Show of our Sincerity (cough, cough…)

TDS Zombies

We will encourage our brain-dead supporters in Blue States to cooperate with the directives coming from the COVID-19 Task Force.   Actually, We will sedate the 50,000,000 or so TDS-infected TrumpHating Zombies so they simply stare off into oblivion and whimper. Their sedation will last 6-8 weeks.

We will instruct our Media Flunkies to hold off on their 24/7 Smear Campaign Against You, Your Family and Your Supporters … UNTIL this Crisis is over and we can begin to rebuild The National Economy … our way.  THEN we will release them to continue their Scorched Earth Smear Campaign.

We regret we CANNOT control those flaming assholes in Hollywood who love the sound of their own obscenity-screaming voices…

Storage Container

As a further show of our Good Faith (cough) … as we speak a platoon of our ANTIFA thugs are herding Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell and the entire Congressional Black Caucus… inside a storage container “somewhere in the Sonoran Desert”. They have enough burritos, water and stale air to last about 6-weeks. Two months tops.

Again, so there’s no mistake… We HATE You and We HATE Your 63,000,000 supporters more than you can ever imagine. And we WILL Lie, Cheat and Steal to defeat you in November … including THE Most Comprehensive National Voter Fraud Campaign this planet has ever seenHowever we reluctantly agree to seem to cooperate to defeat this National Crisis.

.Putting her gnarled skeletal hand over the mic… Nancy mutters to her toadies in a stage whisper…

In Truth… We Really Don’t Care How Many People Die or How Much Irreversible Damage is done to the American Economy.  It’s just the usual Collateral Damage…. like Benghazi.  

We intend to take Total Control over whatever is left when the smoke clears. … Tear up The Constitution like I tore up his SOTU crap; and empty out the US Treasury dividing it up among the several dozen of our inner circle cronies.


Yep… In A Perfect World – Thats about as Perfect as we might ever expect.

Stay Safe My Friends.



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