Chick-fil-A Surrenders … sigh.

November27/ 2019


Nov 27, 2019


Chick-fil-A Surrenders to LGBTQ Terrorists… sigh.

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NOTE:  I decided to wait for 2nd, 3rd, 4th shoes to drop.  IT seems to be clear now, so let’s discuss it.


Were you shocked and saddened when you (and the rest of the Planet) heard that Chick-fil-A had “grabbed their ankles” and “caved” to The LGBTQ Terrorists?

Was your first reaction that, hopefully, it’s more… “Fake News!”  Alas, It was not. 

There was a follow-up CTA press release from Chick-fil-A’s corporate office that only made the Atlanta-based Chicken Restaurant chain appear even more intimidated and defeated. “Intimidated and defeated” being an apt description of what C-f-A actions have revealed.

Here is a background article on What Happened … How it Happened … WHY it Happened. – LINK.

That C-f-A president Dan Cathy (son of C-f-A’s founder Truett Cathy) did not personally issue the CYA press release was telling.  Dan shoved a fancy-titled employee out in front to announce that Chick-fil-A  … is no longer as virtuous as its millions of loyal supporters thought it was. Gulp!

Another corporate entity scared spitless of the LGBTQ Gang… and willing to publicly disavow it’s much-ballyhooed corporate integrity to avoid LGBTQ terrorists from saying bad things about them…or  worse.Bullard Cathy

Blaming it on this Rodney Bullard character – the Obama / Clinton supporter running CfA’s Corporate Foundation – is a cop-out.  This “buck” stops on Dan Cathy’s desk.   

In this picture… its Bullard on the left… Dan Cathy on the right.


In recent months… an LGBTQ terrorist cell in San Antonio TX had intimidated city officials to keep C-f-A from opening a store in the food court of San Antonio’s Airport.  …

In the UK… An LGBTQ terrorist cell forced the closing of a C-f-A store in England.  C-f-A could have “fought” both situations and “won” … albeit the terrorists would have persisted in both cases… and will in subsequent cases.


Of all the countless factions of socio-cultural “misfit toys” in the Lib/Dem voter base NONE are more Ruthless and Devious than The LGBTQ Gang.

NOTE:  I say that with some “envy”.  I wish that the socio-cultural-political causes I support were as “Ruthless” and “Take No Prisoners” as LGBTQ in pursuit of their objectives.   They seldom, if ever, are… sigh.


The LGBTQ Gang has unlimited financial resources and have infiltrated every nook and cranny of America’s (and Europe’s) corporate society.  And… they are Very Very “Smart”.

As simple as it may seem… LGBTQ terrorist operatives and sympathizers move among us as anonymously as suits their purpose.

And thus have attained positions of influence within governments… within “the private sector” and, certainly, within “the media”.

They “out” themselves – or not – when it suits their agenda.  Neither skin color nor modes of dress identify them.  Betcha never thought about that, did you?

Whatever you may think of their chosen lifestyle – Nature versus Nurture, et al – and it’s relevance to Judeo-Christian mores… The movers/shakers at the top of the LGBTQ “movement” are very intelligent and have a well-thought out master strategy for becoming major power-brokers in Western Civilization.  … They are on, if not ahead of, schedule in doing so.

The LGBTQ strategy for obtaining this global influence is limited to Western Civilization.   Islam and other major Far East / Middle Eastern socio-religious countries are violently opposed to the homosexual lifestyle to the point of executing its practitioners.  YIKES!

Forcing Chick-fil-A to “give in” to their obscene threats and media-fueled attacks was consistent with the LGBTQ play book.  That C-f-A held out as long as they did is probably “admirable” … but lets not give C-f-A an “A for effort”.   C-f-A CAVED… and will continue to cave to LGBTQ demands.

Once C-f-A “blinked” – and what they have done is more than “blinking” – the LGBTQ Gang had “won”.  Now, like conquerors thru history, they will “reap the spoils”.  Be that in the form of hiring quotas… franchisee quotas… ever increasing financial “donations” (i.e. extortion) and basically whatever LGBTQ feels like “demanding”.  Chick-fil-A will do as ordered … or else!


I am not advocating whether you continue to patronize Chick-fil-A or not.  Thats up to you.  It’s a great product and unparalleled customer service.  But C-f-A can no longer lay claim to being a paragon of virtue as regards the LGBTQ Movement and its motives.  C-f-A has surrendered…

What would YOU have done?   Facing the level of coordinated “terrorist attacks” that the LGBTQ Gang is infamous for resorting to… would YOU have “caved”?

It’s a fair question that 99% of us are not capable of answering… the likely consequences of not surrendering could be dangerous for C-f-A employees and patrons.  Again… The LGBTQ is Ruthless in pursuit of its objectives.

So Chick-fil-A has fallen.  Whats next?

The Boy Scouts capitulated several years ago.   The pubic restroom / locker room ridiculum is part of the LGBTQ agenda.  Are you following that?  Various radical subsets of protestant churches have capitulated on same-sex marriage.  The Abortion Issue is also a vital cog in the LGBTQ Master Strategy.  Are you playing attention to that mess? … Scared Yet?

I don’t have the answer.  But I have used this minor “bully pulpit” to alert you.  Now you can’t say “why didn’t anyone ever explain this?”  I just did.


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