A Tradition Like No Other…

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September29/ 2019


Aug 2, 2019


A “Tradition” Like No Other…

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Why is anyone surprised or all shook up about this Baltimore / Elijah Cummings Brouhaha?

Friends and Neighbors… this sort of Urban AfAm Flim Flam Fleecing has been going on non-stop all across “Urban America” for over 60 Freakin’ Years.

Elijah “What billion $$$… I don’t know nuthin’ … Impeach Trump” Cummings is not the first practitioner of this political ponzi scheme.  Elijah definitely is not the only currently active practitioner and … Elijah’s sticky fingers won’t be the last sticky fingers in the “urban redevelopment” cookie jar. No sireee.

Being a Congressman  (or woman) from an urban AfAm Congressional district is a more sure-fire way to rake in $$$$ hand over fist than owning the only whorehouse in Dodge City in 1874.


Those four infamous Flim Flammers’ faces up top there… in order:

Charlie Rangel … NYC Harlem – 46 years in Congress

“Maxine” (no last name needed) … South Central LA – 28 years in Congress

Elijah Cummings … Baltimore – 23 years in Congress

Sheila Jackson-Lee … Houston “Inner City” – 26 years in Congress

Marion Barry


But for the constraints of pixels, I could have included John Lewis (Atlanta – 34 years in Congress)

And the Infamous Marion Barry (Notorious Mayor For Life of Washington DC for 16 years.) … and many others.



There have been A LOT of other AfAm politicians on the local / state / national levels who have enjoyed looooong terms in public office and reaped MUCHO $$$$ for their service (wink… wink … wink).   Pick pretty much any large metro area where “white flight” to suburbs leaves the inner city ripe for the pickins.  Atlanta – Detroit – Philadelphia –  Dallas – Houston – Newark – etc etc.

North Carolina’s own “Queen City” – Charlotte – certainly qualifies.  The “rap sheets” on several of its recent mayors have been “colorful” to say the least.  “Colorful” being a polite euphemism for “political thug” … “criminal” … “embezzler” … “ghetto godfather” … … …

These colorful scallywags are straight out of an AfAm edition of a Damon Runyon short story.  Damon Who?  OK… some of you may be products of American public education within the past 30 years and be somewhat lacking in “general Jeopardy knowledge”.Damon Runyon

Damon Runyon was a novelist in the 1930-40s whose characters were over-the-top street hustlers, scammers, hoodlums, flim flammers and rascals of the highest order.

The Broadway play Guys & Dolls personifies a Runyonesque type.  Had Runyon survived until the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, his colorful character files would have multiplied enormously.

Baby Boomers surely recall TV (and radio’s) Amos ‘n Andy shows from the 1950s.

George “The Kingfish” Stevens... and The Kingfish’s wife “Sapphire” … shyster lawyer Algonguin J. Calhoun … gullible AndyLightin’ the custodian down at The Mystic Knights of The Sea Lodge…

One memorable line from an episode where “Calhoun” was defending The Kingfish when his latest ill-fated scam had, alas, gone awry (they all did)…

“Your Honor, you have heard the prosecution tell you that my client is dishonest. Your Honor, it’s easy for him to say that because my client is a crook! …”

The TV show was very popular thru the 50s and mid 60s but was finally shut down by NAACP protests.  Protests NOT that it “misrepresented” Scallywags in the AfAm Community but that it EXPOSED them.

.Fred Sanford

Then there was Sanford & Son in the mid 70s.  South Central LA Junkyard owner Fred Sanford (Red Foxx) was not himself a flim flamming shyster … but he could spot one coming a block away.  The same ghetto rascals and street hustlers lampooned in Amos & Andy reappeared in Sanford & Son.


OK, BobLee… so whats the point of this little trip down Memory Lane?

THE POINT IS … The current crop of duly-elected urban flim flammers, shysters, street hustlers and all-around “bad boys (and girls) – see pictures up above – were apparently watching Amon & Andy and Sanford & Son and taking notes.


These modern day “Kingfishs” realized that for their scams to succeed they needed PROTECTION from The Man… by The Man.

The Man in this case is…… The Democratic Party.   


The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 provided these “Kingfish Wannabees” with a sellable product-in-demand – The Votes of The AfAm Community.  So a deal was struck …

The Democrat Powers-That-Be would back “their chosen candidate” in a black district… ensure his/her election and re-election ad infinitum thru “don’t ask / don’t tell” means … and, in return, their elected Congressperson / Mayor would deliver a 95% vote certainty thru “don’t ask / don’t tell” means.

These flim flammers traded the hopes and dreams AND TRUST of their constituents for their own personal financial gain.  Yes… they SOLD their constituents to The Democrats … condemning them to The Entitlement Subsistence Plantation for the past 60 years and counting.

So long as the elected official “delivers the votes”, he/she is free to flim flam and scam to their hearts’ content… especially as regards “Federal $$$” coming into their community.  The Democs  run cover for’em as necessary.

Skim X amounts off the top… enough to pay-off the precinct block captains and any pesky bureaucrats … with a very nice cash flow to their own special off-shore accounts.

Then there are those quite illegal “not-for-profit” foundation scams that AfAm elected officials are taught how to set up to “employ” (wink wink) their ne’er do well relatives.  MORE public $$$ siphoned off to nefarious pockets.

Maybe you will “enjoy” these comments by a Baltimore inner city resident – LINK

The citizens i.e. victims in those districts never benefit from all that “guvmint $$$” as we are now seeing in Baltimore; but – hey –

So long as “the media” is in cahoots with the Democrats nobody is going to know … right?  And “the media” is DEFINITELY in cahoots with the Democrats.

NOTE:  I have mentioned those quite illegal “non-profits” scams at the NCGA to various N&O reporters on several occasions but nothing ever seems to happen.  Huuumm.


You may have noted that I have not mentioned The Race-Baiters …. Rev Jesse … “Ol Sharpie” … “Bully” Barber … et al.

They are in a class all their own separate from “elected officials”.  Maybe we’ll get to them another day.


Hopefully you “enjoyed” the above enlightenment.   Had some laughs, etc.  Now what? Well certainly

(1) Forward this along to EVERYBODY YOU KNOW even to those it might SHOCK & AWE. That goes without saying.

(2) Continue the daily socio-political jousting and commiserating you normally do.

President Trump notwithstanding… there really is not much hope for the “good people”  – and there ARE a lot of “good people” – in those urban areas.

Their duly-elected flim flammers “treat them like mushrooms”.  They are not about to stop fleecing them …. The Democrats HAVE TO HAVE their votes … and “the media” lacks the integrity and intelligence to do anything at all.

MAGA 2020…




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