Which 60,000,000 Customers do you want?

Divided America
July13/ 2019



July 13, 2019


These are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country… Thomas Paine.


Hey… it’s been awhile since we were together on THIS page.  But here we are.   As far as “America” …. well “the rivers of blood” and the “raining frogs” haven’t started yet.   But, if you listen really closely, you can hear the hoofbeats of the The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse acoming.  Don’t buy green bananas…  if ya think it’s dicey NOW … wait until a year from now … HANG ON SLOOPY!

Here below are a couple of incredibly clever thoughts I’ve had recently.  Figure you might enjoy’em.

OH… I got ShadowBanned on Twitter this week.  “ShadowBanning” is a little cyber trick that Jack “Mr. Twitter” Dorsey’s elves came up with over the past few months.   “They” arbitrarily block anyone from seeing your “tweets” … but you don’t know they did it … until you stop receiving notices of Likes and ReTweets and Comments.  Obviously I get lots of all those… so I noticed pretty quick.

“They” don’t tell you (1) why or (2) what Rule you broke or (3) what line you crossed.  Basically “they” decide you are a very effective Deplorable Bitter Clinging Trump Supporting communicator and they don’t want you to communicate via their social media platform.

Yes… the social media companies & Google ARE in cahoots with the Radical American Left / Democrats every bit as much as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS.

My ShadowBan only lasted 24 hours so I’m already back wrecking havoc best I can.  Actor James Woods’ shadowbanning lasted “until hell freezes over” so I was lucky… I guess.

Just another day on the front line of The 24/7 Battle To Save America…

OK… so here are several of my Most Best Social Media Messages recently…

The Angry Lesbian Soccer Thingy is a popular topic… as you might guess…


Divided USA

My good friend – Jon Ham – was FaceBooking about “The Angry Lesbian Soccer Thing” so I said…

I’m gonna play Devil’s Advocate, Jon. This whole Glorious Mess received saturation media coverage for several reasons… but largely BECAUSE of the over-the-top OMG outlandishness of it all.

“Our side” is APPALLED of course… but “The Other Side” – arguably about half – either (1) agrees with Rapinoe’s radical views et al … or (2) supports them because “we” are so APPALLED by them. … “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Left-wing loonies are saying :  “Hell’s bells ANYTHING that pisses off “those deplorable Trumpkins” as much as these soccer bitches is a good thing… Give’em Hell soccer bitches”

Ergo Mr/Miss/Ms Rapinoe is this week’s “Joan of Arc” Media Darling to The Trump-Hating American Left. … Without the “over-the-top OMG” would it have been such a BFD?

I predict we are seeing a publicity strategy that will be repeated over the next 15 months and beyond…

Go for 50% of the country by Overtly Offending the other 50%. – ??

NOTE: To the title up top … regardless of whatever goods or services you are peddling … decide which arguably 60,000,000 American consumers you want to attract … and then really piss-off The Other 60,000,000

If 60,000,000 customers / readers / followers is enough for you – and that’s a lot of consumin’ – you get THEM by pissin’ off their sworn enemies…


FWIW… I – BobLee – am satisfied with 60,000,000 as a maximum readership.  I gladly forfeit “the other 60,000,000”.

Theres More


So… apparently The Battle for America will come down to

The fanatical bloodthirsty Muslims …– versus -…  Very Rowdy Rapinoe’s Potty-Mouthed Very Angry Soccer Lesbians…

The fanatical bloodthirsty Muslims screaming “Allah Akabar” … and the Very Angry Soccer Lesbians screaming “F*** You”. … Oh My!

It’s Winner Take All … with the loser having to go to Canada and try to take them over.   Like one of those Pro Westling “cage matches” where the loser has to “leave town” or shave his/her head or…

I see The Final Battle in a great big old open field like in Braveheart… howsabout West Texas on the edge of the Palo Dura Canyon … plenty of room for spectator bleachers and merchandise booths of course.

Is THIS why those brave young Americans stormed the Beaches of Normandy ?

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