Feb 10,’19: Deep Thoughts and Tweets…

February10/ 2019

WARNING:  Provocative Political Punditry

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BobLee’s Deep Thoughts & Recent Tweets

Week of Feb 10, ’19.

Tax Refunds / Info-Babes

Watching an airhead media “info-babe” try to describe “tax refunds”… is like watching a chipmunk perform an appendectomy. It’s a total mess but you can’t stop watching. Hairspray and lip gloss must be the only job requirements


Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough’s mouth is like an automatic toilet in a bus station. It flushes itself every 30 seconds…

Liberal Insults

EVER NOTICE… when Libs talk to other Libs they use almost the exact insulting phrases to describe us as we do describing them. – YIKES! “Insulting phrases” must be all we have in common. … “America” is in deep trouble.

Valerie Jarrett

During Obama’s last year, I asked a prominent Democ activist what he thought about Valerie Jarrett. …. He had no clue whatsoever who she was. DUH! … just BHO’s consigliere and his Jiminy Cricket. Pure “Evil on a soda cracker”.

Abortion Enthusiasts

I realize a lot of prominent citizens are hard-core Abortion “enthusiasts.” But being around them for any reason is like being around a child molester. Beneath the outward appearance, I know their DNA is wired differently from mine.

VA Governor

So VA Gov Northam plans to stay on. Why should that surprise anyone? (1) He is all in for Abortion AnyTime Any Where … That is #1 Sacrament of Liberalism. (2) As far as his overt racism… most prominent Lib/Dems are too. They just aren’t as careless as he was.

A Plague

A good old fashioned “plague” can be like a sorbet for cleansing humanity’s palate. Is that why God seems to send one about every 100 years or so? I’m afraid to ask how long its been since our last one !!!

The N&O on Helms

I THINK he was joking… but someone just wrote me that when Sen. Helms passed away, The N&O had a one-word headline – .. FINALLY! … I would not put it passed “those people”. Their venomous contempt for 50% of their market was/is legendary.

Hollywood Liberals

PERSPECTIVE: How many “Hollywood people” aggressively spew abject hatred of Pres. Trump? Can you name 10-20? Let’s generously say 100. “100” = about half as many humans as you find in a food court of a local mall at noon on Tuesday… i.e. Statistically ZERO.

Internet / Social Media

The Internet / Social Media was intended for 11 y/o girls to discuss Taylor Swift’s favorite smoothie flavors. … then it got all corrupted and here we are…

Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin is such a feckless dope that Bill Kristol, Max Boot and George Will don’t even read her or return her “lets have lunch and hate Trump…” texts. …

Jim Goodmon / Bully Barber

Maybe they no longer employ Jim Goodmon’s toadie Peter Anlyan as their “logistical consultant”? That original “…80,000” BS propelled Bully Barber onto the national stage.



PLEASE DO NOT… think of Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) as simply “a toothy, bug-eyed nitwit”. She’s that… and more. With Democ puppetmasters EVERYTHING is about voter blocs. They see AOC as a Pied Piper to bring them millions of “her ilk’s” votes. …And she probably will. –

…Care About Polar Bears

Why would a party that does not care about babies or the black community care about polar bears ??? It has never been about “climate”. It has always been about government control of our lives… a radical left-wing government.


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