Blondie: 100+ Colleges adopting “Hitler Youth” policies

Hitler Youth
January22/ 2018

Over 100+ US Colleges are adopting “Hitler Youth-type” policies

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I always hesitate to reference “Hitler” or “Nazi” when referring to anything about The American Left.  Not because they aren’t copying the Nazi socio-political strategy but because the “Hitler / Nazi” comparisons have become trite.  Which, of course, is another part of that strategy as outlined by Saul Alinsky … who, by the way, none of your liberal friends (?) have ever heard of!

This one today however is soooo identical to their strategy that there is no way to avoid it.

Over 100 US Colleges have / are adopting policies encouraging students to report (“turn-in”) fellow students who “say or post offensive comments” concerning someone’s disability, ethnicity, race, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliations/beliefs.

THIS SHOULD SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYONE READING THIS… even hard-core radical liberals. … It will not bother your liberal acquaintances at all however.Blondie

They know THEIR offensive comments will not be considered “offensive” by the radical left-wing college administrations.

This latest move by American Academia is self-explanatory and precedent-setting.  It is designed to identify and punish any/all students who do not toe-the-line of radical left-wing thought and actions.   That likely includes the children and grandchildren of many of you reading this.

Q:  What Can You Do? 

A: Probably not much.  You could write to the top administrators of your alma mater or colleges your children might attend and ask for their reactions.  You could contact the Trustees of those colleges.

… you probably will not do either.  But at least you read this.



College Students Can Report Each Other For Social Media Comments On Politics And Religion

Paul Bois January 17, 2018 Daily Wire

Colleges now encourage students to become a self-governing body of secret police in the vein of Robespierre, providing places where they can report each other for saying something “offensive” on social media.

According to Reason, as many as 100 campuses have enacted “bias reporting” systems where students can report each other for so-called “bias incidents” – the sin of uttering something offensive.

The latest college to join in on this culturally Marxist trend is the Massachusetts-based Williams College, which, according to the campus website, has deemed “name-calling and stereotyping” examples of such bias. The criteria for a “bias incident” might range from outright racist comments to your standard jokes about racial stereotypes.

Other such biases include ones as ridiculous as “a sign that is color coded pink for girls and blue for boys.” Here are some more:

Making comments on social media about someone’s disability, ethnicity, race, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliations/beliefs

Writing on a white board about someone’s disability, ethnicity, national origin, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliations/beliefs

Drawing or creating pictures that imitate, stereotype, or belittle/ridicule someone because of their gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, faith, or political affiliation. (Sounds like the laws that Muslims live under. NO CARTOONS of Mohamed!)

The rules fail to make any distinction between actually mocking somebody for their disability and “making comments on social media” about another person’s religious or political beliefs. It’s not clear how the rules are to be enforced, or whether uncomfortable subjects like Islamic terrorism must now be reported to the campus commissars.

The College Fix notes that Williams correctly distinguishes a “bias incident” from a hate crime. However, the reporting system is the same for both “bias” and “hate” issues; anybody who feels victimized by such an incident is encouraged to report it to either the Dean of the College, the Office of Strategic Planning and Diversity, counseling services, or even campus security.

All of this is just an offshoot of the “speech is violence” microaggression culture on college campuses that encourage snowflakes to run into their safe spaces every time they encounter a differing point of view.

Here is some info on the how the tattle tailing Hitler Youth progressed.

Eventually the Hitler Youth became cannon fodder as massive causality forced the Germans to use the kids, as young as 12, as soldiers.

From WIKI: The Hitler Youth were used to break up Church youth groups, and in anti-Church indoctrination, used to spy on religious classes and Bible studies, and interfere with church attendance. Education and training programs for the Hitler Youth were designed to undermine the values of the traditional elitist structures of German society along with their privileges; their training also aimed at an obliteration of social and intellectual distinctions between the classes, so as to be replaced and dominated by the political goals of Hitler’s totalitarian dictatorship.



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