Blondie: College is becoming “the VHS of learning”

January11/ 2018

Quote: “College will (has)l become the VHS of learning – discarded because it just was just too expensive, too bulky, too slow, and simply couldn’t keep up.”

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Several bygone decades (OK, more than “several”) ago, I was “a college teacher” on the faculty of a major state university… in that university’s most prestigious signature “school” no less.  I thought then that “college teaching” had to be The Dream Job of All Dream Jobs.

A beautiful campus environment… “a college town”… a classroom of bright, eager faces anxious for the wisdom I would impart that day… a “nice” salary considering the lack of stress and pressure to produce anything other than my imparted wisdom.  What was not to like? … Alas… that was “more than several” decades ago.

Times… they have achanged…



Greg Gutfeld: How to go to college (again)

Greg Gutfeld: January 09, 2018

I admit: I wasted most of my college years. I learned nearly nothing, other than how to throw up through my nose (it really is an art form).

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If anything, I unlearned: most of what I had learned before, in sunny San Mateo, was replaced with stuff that later had no bearing in the real world.

In high school, I was an odd, funny writer. I co-edited the school paper, and if you looked at the crap I wrote back then in the early 80’s – it’s pretty similar to the crud I generate now.

But becoming an English major at Berkeley destroyed that. I was instructed on how to write in a specific way that sapped me of all creativity. If you’ve ever had to write “a paper,” you know what I mean. It was nothing more than a rudimentary exercise to prove that you read the book, or went to the lecture, or at the very least, stole someone’s notes who did one of the two.

There were exceptions, though – my philosophy class from Richard Wollheim on something called phenomenology, a class on Slavic lit that introduced me to Gogol, a fiction class I remember being more grueling than expected (the other students hated me), and a class I took on genetics that hurt my head.

Other than that, I learned nothing.

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But now, I’m learning everything, like a freaking madman.

I’m going back to college… maybe call it night school, because I’m doing it in bed, right before I fall asleep. Everything I ever wanted to learn, I’m learning now – and it’s free (well, unless I choose to pay).

I’m finding it all on YouTube, podcasts, basically on the web, in general. Who needs school, when you have the world’s greatest professors from Jordan Peterson, to Gad Saad to Bret Weinstein, at your fingertips? Whether I’m boning up on artificial intelligence, the science of meditation or the debate over free will – I’m getting it from the source – no tuition, no travel, no dorm room needed.

Now maybe … I’m doing this new education out of guilt. Or maybe I’m doing this because I found a way better way to learn.




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