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Power of One
September28/ 2017


 The Power of One


NOTE:  We are keeping this high on the Most Current stack of STBSs.  It personifies everything discussed on this page.  Each of us is only responsible for OUR INDIVIDUAL THOUGHTS… OUR INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS.  If others agree and act in concert, well and good… but as Patrick Henry said:  “I know not what course others may take, but as for me….” – SaidWhatMedia


We have at least six examples in front of us today that point to The Power of ONE!

The Power of One Individual…


The Power of YOU… and ME… 63,000,000 YOU and ME’s


ALL of these entities have seen massive declines and loses in the last few years.
For every single story on these loses there is a list of reasons the length of my arm to explain and justify the loss.

Rarely is there discussion for the REAL reason that Hillary lost, colleges are struggling, Hollywood is suffering, Target is tanking, football is slipping and ESPN is sucking the entire Disney enterprise into the abyss.

The REAL and ONLY reason is that there are at least 63 million powers of one, who are OVER IT ALL!
One by one, silently, resolutely, Americans have said, nope, not going there anymore.

We are over… the leftist agendas that bombard us daily from all sides.

We  are over… being unjustly maligned and insulted by the very people asking for our attention, our vote, our money, our children.

This is not a “one off”. This is a trend.

It is a trend… no college will “study”.

It is a trend… no one will poll.

It is a trend… no “investigative Journalists” will dig into.

It is a trend…  that must-not-be-named.

But like Lord Voldemont in Harry Potter, just because you don’t say his name out loud does not mean he does not exist.

It seems we – normal people – have so little power in the country.  But we do.

We are exhibiting it regularly in a quiet way.
We are not in the streets wearing pussy hats, tearing down statues and screaming F**k.

ONE by ONE… We are removing radical liberalism from our daily lives.

Leftists and RINOs had better wake up to the power of ONE …. One X 63,000,000 !

(As an aside: I think that added to my little list could be the Dim Party which has lost hundreds of elections and seemingly unsurmountable majorities in federal and state governments. … and the decline of newspapers, which is blamed on the internet but that is not the real reason.)

Links and stories to puruse:

—Americans Losing Faith in College Degrees

-Radical fallout: Oberlin College enrollment drops, causing financial problems

—Tragic Kingdom: Dragged Down By ESPN, Disney Shares Continue to Tumble

-Hollywood Blaming Everyone But Themselves For Box Office Woes: It’s Rotten Tomatoes’ Fault!

-Coliseum was embarrassingly empty for Rams’ opener

-Cluelessness, thy name is Hillary Clinton

-NFL vs. Irma WSJ
With the first week of the NFL season under way, advertisers and networks are closely watching whether this will be a continuation of last year’s viewership declines.

But like last year’s election-mania excuse, there MUST be an explanation for any early audience weakness.

Ratings were down for the NFL’s kickoff game Thursday night, with 21.8 million people watching the Kansas City Chiefs beat defending Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, compared with 25.2 million for last year’s NFL kickoff game.

Some suggest those stats imply viewer appetites for football could be waning, but others say Hurricane Irma could explain the dip, as people opted to keep up-to-date with the catastrophic storm as it hurtled toward Florida, CNN reports.

Here’s a piece of interesting context, though. ESPN said ratings for Thursday night’s U.S. Open women’s semifinal were up 33% compared with 2016, suggesting the weather didn’t negatively impact viewership of that match too much.


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