Latest “GET TRUMP” Plot fizzles… & another CBW!

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August18/ 2017

(This Week’s) WE GOT TRUMP NOW… two goofy nuns & a CBW!

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Back in the early 60s, at the height of The Cold War, there were these two goofy nuns. They lived in Switzerland; or maybe it was LaGrange, one of those idyllic locales where they film Hallmark Christmas movies. These two nuns’ gig was predicting The End of The World (TEofTW).

These two nuns – Sister Trixie and Sister Heidi – saw themselves as modern day Nostradamus-ettes. I made-up those names. I don’t think nuns actually have names. They just go by descriptions like “the tall one” and “the one with the lazy eye”.

I was in Miss Loftin’s 4th Grade class at Lemuel Harvey Elementary School when Sister Trixie and Sister Heidi predicted TEofTW was going to be “this coming Wednesday”.

My pal Jimmy Rose raised his hand to ask Miss Loftin if he could “…go home and cover myself in Crisco. If I’m going, I wanna be “Southern Fried.”

Jimmy Rose gained ever-lasting fame as the only kid at Jesse W. Grainger High School to drive a Corvette to school. But I best remember Jimmy for “….wanna be Southern fried.”

Needless to say “this coming Wednesday” came and went without Armageddon.

Fast Forward to This Week’s We GOT TRUMP NOW Plot…

What happened in Charlottesville last week was very bad PERIOD.  Much worse than Chris Keldorf’s 4th Quarter interception in the Red Zone in 1997 (or was it 1998)? that kept Mack’s Men out of a major bowl and Orange County’s sleeping giant remained asleep.

Moving America one giant step closer to National Armageddon certainly trumps (pun intended) Keldorf’s Klunker.

I don’t mind telling you, even I was worried earlier this week. I recalled Jimmy Rose and his Crisco.  Was this “The Big One”?  It still might be.

When two mobs of certifiably crazy sumbitches “go at it” only the Wal-Mart who sold both mobs their ax handles, ball bats and balaclavas will benefit.

A girl was killed and a number of people were injured in Charlottesvile. That happens hourly in Chicago, but…

“Mob violence” only matters if it can be linked to Donald Trump in a way that can be fully explained in 140 characters… with a minimum of big words.

I recalled my own advice oft-repeated.: Whenever America seems about to “go Mount St Helen”, give the situation 48 hours…. The situation will invariably “jump the shark”.  Drowning under the weight of its own absurdity.  At least it always has which is all we have to go on.

Someday Kim Jung Whozit or Osama Bin-WhatsHisFace might actually “do a Dr Strangelove”.   Slim Pickens will ride that bomb to planetary oblivion. I am confident that will indeed happen… maybe NEXT week. But not this past week.

I am losing track of how many We’ve Got Trump Now weeks we have had since Nov 8. It hit double figures during Kathy Griffin Week or was it OMG The Russians Are Coming Week. Who still remembers Lets Threaten The Members of The Electoral College Week? Did Mooch Week count as it’s own “week”?

Should each Got Trump Now Week have its own colored lapel ribbon?

NOTE: War On Statues Week is on-going. It might have the legs to last as long as two weeks.

Got Trump Now Charlottesville Week officially “jumped the shark” Thursday afternoon when…

A State Senator in Missouri – Maria Chappelle-Nadal – straight out of the cast of an Amos ‘n Andy Revival, proposed that PresidentTrump should be assassinated.

My immediate reaction was:

I betcha it’s a CBW. I will stake my reputation as a wise guy w/ a website that it’s a CBW.

CBW stands for Crazy Black Woman.   For sure there are “crazy” men and women of every race.  Plenty of”em.  But a Crazy Black Woman is simply special.

America 2017… it has been decreed that Crazy Black Women can say / do anything they damn well please. Maxine Waters, SheiMaxine6la Jackson-Lee and Whoopie Goldberg argue which one should get credit for The CBW Provision.

I spoke with BobLee’s two brothers-in-law in Missouri.  This lunatic is quite notorious in Missouri as a bona-fide CBW. This latest YEEE-HA episode elevated her to National CBW status alongside Quite Mad Maxine and Sheila J-Lee.

“Being a CBW” is a form of diplomatic immunity. UN diplomats can double-park on 5th Avenue. Children of the Ambassador from Up

per Volta can shoplift candy bars from 7-11s. They cannot be prosecuted whatever they do. It makes no sense but what does these days…

The CBW Provision is part of the much larger Reparational Justice Movement.

In the next to last episode of ROOTS, “Chicken George” (Ben Vereen) mentions it to Leslie Uggams over chicken & waffles on the occasion of the annual Kunte Kinte Night at The Apollo.

Has Colin Kaepernick ever heard of “ROOTS”?

When the CBW from Missouri went “CBW” it effectively reduced an otherwise serious situation to “just another GOT TRUMP NOW Week” that did not Get Trump or even come close…. joining all the other failed “We Got Trumps” in the dumpster of fizzled liberal plots.

Wile E CoyoteThese weekly “Got Trump Now” productions don’t fail because of any incredible defense POTUS Trump employs. Not at all.

They all fail for the same reason Wile E. Coyote never caught Road Runner.  Wile E was very un-smart.  In this case, Wile E. is The Coalition to GET TRUMP – The Rabid American Left and the equally incompetent Rabid RINO Swamp Rats.  They depend on mobs of rabid mongrels who are 1,000s of very loose hand grenades.

Given a choice between Sisters Trixie and Heidi OR any of the Crazy Black Women (CBWs)… I’m going with the Armageddon Sisters.   They never took themselves all that seriously.


CBWs take themselves very seriously.  Luckily, no one else does… except a few 100,000 of their brain-dead followers ofcourse.

This Crazy Black Woman from Missouri hitting the national front page on the same day that Deb Crowder appeared before The NCAA is a monumental achievement for Women’s Rights.

The long-held contention that “only pretty women” can get attention certainly no longer applies.


Lots More of AgentPierce – LINK

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