Is THIS America’s next Fort Sumter Moment?

Ft Sumter
August15/ 2017

Is THIS America’s  Next Fort Sumter Moment?

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Folks, I do not have a warm fuzzy feel-good answer to your current ANXIETY OVERLOAD. If I did I would certainly offer it up. The following 700 words might even increase your anxiety.

The Internet never has a shortage of “know-it-alls” who claim to “know-it-all”.  ‘Most folks” use social media hoping to find at least a few people ALMOST as smart as they are to commiserate with.   Anyone else AS clear-headed and possessing of as much common-sense (and a very healthy sense of humor too, of course) simply doesn’t exist.

WHOA!  I’m not talking about You & Me. I’m talking about Everybody Else.  I don’t want to run all of you off so quickly.AgentPierce logo

I, AgentPierce, am NOT that know-it-all guy.  I’m just a rather clever fellow with a website.  Hellfire, I’m not even the cleverest fellow at SaidWhatMedia.   When you share a website with an Internet Legend you learn humility.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. If “America” is looking to Ol’ AgentPierce to stomp on the brakes and prevent these Not-United States from “going Thelma & Louise”, then “America” is in worse shape than you thought five minutes ago. Assuming that is even possible.

Now that I have sufficiently lowered your expectations of me and this website…

Was “what happened in Charlottesville” the long-awaited “Fort Sumter Moment”? It very well could be.

For those of you under 40… Fort Sumter, in Charleston SC, is considered where/when The (First) American Civil War officially began on April 12, 1861… or maybe it was in January 1861. 

America has been racing headlong towards its 2nd Fort Sumter Moment a long time before last November 8. “This” could be as likely a place for “the next one” to formally begin as anywhere any time.

We can debate all day when “it“ became inevitable. I don’t recommend “debating” that point with anyone of the left-wing persuasion. I never recommend “debating” ANYTHING with anyone of the left-wing persuasion. I don’t recommend interaction of any sort with anyone of the left-wing persuasion regardless of what name du jour they are calling themselves today.

I have nothing in common with “them” but a pair of opposable thumbs.  If you still think “they” are simply regular people with a different political point-of-view then YOU are part of the problem.

The “seemingly civilized ones” you know socially and professionally have abdicated to the rabid mongrel mobs to carry out their strategy.

NOTE:  BobLee says UNC’s Silent Sam will be a pile of rubble by Labor Day.   He’s probably right.  Chancellor Chihuahua standing up to a rabid mob… yeah, right!

I’ve preached that sermon for several years, knowing, alas, that some of you still believe “this is all just the usual political yadda yadda; and it will all smooth out like it always has…”

Every (now defunct) Great Civilization since Man became a bi-ped has lulled itself into self-destruction using “because we always have…” as its mantra while whistling thru history’s graveyards. .

A lot of once “Great Newspapers” (now, THERE is an oxymoron for our time!) were using that mantra as recently as five years ago relative to their own existence. Even America’s short fuse as a nation is longer than most of those newspapers that haven’t already “Stopped The Presses” permanently.

Speaking of “media”…. In case you haven’t heard…

  • Longtime WPTF talk show host Bill Lumaye is no longer employed by Curtis Media / WPTF as of last week…. No gory details. …And
  • WRAL’s NC Spin political roundtable was finally euthanized last week to the dismay of its dozens of loyal viewers most of whom were related to Tom Campbell. … This frees up more Jim Goodmon $$$ he can use to finance Rev. “Bully” Barber’s Hoot & Hates. Johnny “Locke” Hood and his doppleganger “Fitzy” a.k.a “Blinky” will have to find a new sandbox to play in.

Where was I? Oh yeah…

I don’t know if anyone reading this is a Neo-Nazi / White Supremacist / Alt-Right / KKKer … et all and etc. I’m NOT.   I don’t pretend to speak for anyone else. If you are one of those, don’t mistake me as your friend or ally on any level.

YOU DON’T/WON’T KNOW… what really happened in Charlottesville (or Durham last night). Or what is going to keeping happening across America on an almost daily basis now.

YOU DON’T / WON’T KNOW BECAUSE, despite all my earlier warnings, you STILL get most/much of your “news” from Rabid Left-wing Media Sources. That’s the price you pay for those “coupons and obituaries”.

The rabid mongrel mobs have been turned loose. Call them BLM or ANTIFA or Obama’s Street Militia or whatever… they are now “loose” and headed for Your Town… Your Neighborhood.

NOTE:  Look for their messianic Che Guevarra – Barack Hussein Obama – to reemerge in the next several weeks to lead his “street militia” looting and burning across America.  I GUARANTEE IT!

Keep telling yourself it’s just the usual political yadda yadda… this will simmer down soon… College Football is starting so everything will be back to normal… and, one of my all-time favorites…

God won’t allow America to destroy itself.   ???

That, my naïve friends and neighbors, is as theologically unsound as “God is a Cowboys fan”.Eve and Satan

Since Satan convinced Eve to eat that apple back in Eden, Mankind’s Manifest Destiny has been a crapshoot of his own making.

In case you are wondering… Yes, I voted for Donald Trump as the only option to stop The Obama/Clinton/Soros Total Takeover of America.  I never thought he was Jimmy Stewart in “Mr Smith Goes To Washington”.

IF Hillary Clinton had won in November… these rabid mongrel mobs would have the total support and protection of the U.S. Government just as they did while they organized under Obama’s protection.

Would I vote for Donald Trump again today… with the same options?



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