The Grandstands at Wrigley Field

June22/ 2017

America’s sports media is as creative and innovative as it’s news media…. i.e. “not very much at all”.   This week will be non-stop CUBS, CUBS, CUBS and more CUBS. If that bothers you go crawl in a hole for the next ten days.

BL Logo

Count the number of references to curses…. billy goats …. and Steve Bartman. Constrast those bazillion references to the words “Cleveland Indians” who THE CUBS are playing in The Fall Classic. As if anyone more than 25 miles of Cleveland really cares.

I am on-record admitting, several weeks ago I could not name “an Indian” unless we get into Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Noc-A-Homa. I recalled a few “old Indians” such as Iron Eyes Cody, Rocky Colavito, and Herb Score.

I  now know former UNCAndrewMillerCH ace Andrew Miller who A-Rod says may be THE Best Reliever in Baseball History…. YIKES! They have a fine shortstop in Francisco Lindor who smiles all the time…. And Mike Napoli who plays in every World Series but never for the same team twice. They have some guy with a bloody finger and Tito Francona’s son Terry is their manager. I’ve always liked Terry Francona…. Seems like a good guy.

The fact that The Indians ARE “The Indians” and have a goofy “Chief Wahoo” as their logo is sure to be a story line somewhere. Charlie Sheen wanted to bring back his “Wild Thing” character from Major League but MLB kiboshed that idea.

If there are at least two Indian nickname protestors at any WS game expect them to both get MAX on-camera time. Because…. Well, you know why.

Because “my Cardinals” played the CUBS 19 times this past season I am very familiar with their roster. Seems like a good group of guys who really love playing Baseball”. FWIW… the Cards’ beat the CUBS 9 times which is more Ws than any other team managed to do. Gotta like Joe Maddon too.

One storyline you likely will NOT see anywhere but right here is:

The Grandstands at Wrigley Field are:
whiter than…. a member-guest at Augusta.
whiter than…. the backstretch at Talladega.
whiter than…. a Taylor Swift fan club convention.
whiter than…. (you try a few…. whiter than ______)

Baseball fandom in general is significantly “eeeevil privileged” old white folks.  MLB rosters ARE diverse but that diversity is “brown & yellow” with Latin Americans and Asian / Oriental / Pacific Rim. I can never remember which is the preferred PC-nomenclature for Japanese and Koreans. A team / league only earns “Diversity points” for pure-bred Afro-Ams who speak English and can (1) claim a great great grandparent was “a slave” or (2) “watched Roots” back in the early 70s.  Having a clue who Jackie Robinson was helps too.

Aroldis Chapman – from Cuba – the fire-balling closer for the CUBS might “look black” but cannot speak a word of English despite six years in MLB so Aroldis doesn’t count.

Speaking of Aroldis Chapman…. When the CUBS traded for him at mid-season they traded another UNCCH pitcher – Adam Warren – to The Yankees. Otherwise BOTH WS teams would have Mike Fox’s boys on their roster. Adam Warren is from New Bern which also is the hometown of a certain NC State Baseball Legend….Jemele Hill

Will ESPN CEO John Skipper (UNC’75) a/k/a The Most PC-obsessed executive in American Media be compelled to stage yet another of his whizbang “Town Halls with resident racial she-activist Jemele Hill” to decry the overt whiteness of Baseball. Lets hope not but don’t be surprised if he does so.  Particularly now that I’ve mentioned it.

Will Bozo Joe Biden’s boss be compelled to visit Wrigley for the WS despite being a life-long “South Sider”? If so, the diversity #s will ratchet up to “1”. “2” if “WideBottom” comes with him.

NOTE: I’d REALLY like to do a few paragraphs on “Bozo Joe” Biden but AgentPierce insists “Bozo Joe” belongs to him. So I will defer.

I have no “favorite team” in the WS. I will just hope for “good games” and “no one gets hurt”.


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