If Whoopi and Michael Moore Had a Baby….

UNC Wins
April04/ 2017

If Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Moore had a baby… it could not be as gosh-awful butt-ugly as “that game”.

Hillary“That game” was the sports event version of Hillary Clinton doing jumping jacks in a thong to Richard Simmons’ Sweating With The Oldies.

A tape of “that game” oughta be in one of those “ugly Wal-Mart shoppers” YouTubes.

The Connecticut vs Butler NC game several years ago moves to #2 as “most painful to watch… ever”.

“It got soooo bad that” I was actually looking forward to the Direct TV commercial wth the obnoxious karaoke guy.

If I had not had a special interest in one of the teams I would have switched over to “Real Housewives of Johnston County” at halftime and not switched back.

Two Special Olympics girls’ teams playing in the dark in wheelchairs could have shot better than either Carolina or Gonzaga.

Somewhere Shammond Williams was thinking “hey Justin…. been there, done that.”.

Roy never disappoints when it comes to disappointing…. Got in another of his jackass comments about Donald Trump in his post-game presser. The phrase “that SOB could screw up a one-car funeral” came to mind.

As incredibly awful as the officiating was (to both teams) how did the refs miss having one of those dreadful 10-minue delays in the last minute to ponder an obvious replay call.

All that referee team needed was Karl Hess and MLB umpire “Cowboy Joe” West.

Now whoever is responsible for what is in “the rafters” of The Dean Dome can take out that goofy Helms Thing. UNC only uses that thing when it needs to “have more titles than Duke”.

The Redemption Tour Thing was beaten to a bloody pulp. The implication that somehow last year’s buzzer-beater loss to Villanova needed to be “revenged” never made any sense.

FINALLY…. An NCAA Championship won by a team NOT from “the other Carolina”.

All of the above “is what it is”……


CONGRATULATIONS to what seems to be a great group of kids who will always be part of UNC / NCAA history as National Champions.

CONGRATULATIONS to Roy Williams for his 100th March Madness game and 3rd National Title. Whatever else has been / will be said about Roy Williams …. He deserves tremendous credit or his on-court achievements.

Now on to Baseball and The Masters …..


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