Why No Snowflakes On The Brickyard?

February02/ 2017

Why (statistically) are there No Snowflakes “on The Brickyard @ NCSU”?    You ever wondered about that? I have.

NOTE: This is NOT a political rant. It is a legitimate question as regards NC State University. By posting this here rather than on AgentPierce’s page we will be assured of valued contributions from several of our more knee-jerk opinioniers. Any / all are, of course, encouraged to weigh-in on this one.

“Snowflakes” is the en vogue term for those poor delicate, uber-sensitive, junior-millennials who, like their namesake, melt at the first contact with the slightest discomfort – real or, in their cases, imagined.  Safe Zones

They scurry to their institutionally assigned “safe places” where, like Anne Frank in her Amsterdam attic, they fear 24/7 the imminent arrival of assorted varieties of DANGER.


“DANGER” to a snowflake is anything they have been told by their “handlers” could bruise their oh-so-delicate sensitivities. The source of all that DANGER is, of course, from jack-booted ideologues in opposition to the little snowflakes’ own ideologue-driven handlers.

The words Trump … FoxNews … Rush Limbaugh … HB2 … and Real Life et al are some of the many “trigger words” that push a Snowflake to the edge of catatonia. Their teary little eyes well up and they commence to ashivering and ashuddering and spinning about like little whirling dervishes. It is quite a site.


DranoBL NOTE: I am the father of a 29-y/o millennial “hipster” married to a preacher-man and living in Madison WI where “snowflakes” of both kinds are abundant. She is strong-willed and opinionated (some of her opinions are “silly”; but don’t tell her I said that!). IF she had been “a snowflake” I would have guzzled a can of Drano as those 18+ years under my and Blondie’s parental influence would have been totally wasted. They weren’t… she isn’t… so here we are.


OK. That’s what Snowflakes are. Today’s question is how come we never see / read about any significant Snowflake sightings on the campus of NC State University.

The twin “Flagships” of the UNC System – NCSU and UNCCH – are located 26 miles apart within the same metro area. They have roughly the same student population – 30,000-ish. NCSU may have slightly more in-state students but not enough to be a factor.  NCSU is a highly-ranked STEM institution.  UNCCH is equally highly-ranked among Liberal Arts institutions. …. Both campuses have more female than male students. UNCCH significantly so… NCSU just slightly more so. Neither school has a significant AfAm population. NCSU does have more AfAm students. UNCCH has a statistically insignificant AfAm population, even less if one discounts student-athletes.

If one believes “media reports” (Bwahahaha / LOLOLOL) practically everyone at UNCCH including faculty, administrators, students and housekeepers are “snowflakes”. Hardly a week goes by that there is not “film at 11” of a gaggle of imperiled snowflakes at UNCCH huddled together in front of a campus landmark holding misspelled signs advocating some impending imaginary peril about which their breadth of knowledge is a 3×5 index cards of “talking points”.

On the recent Inauguration Day, Jim Goodmon’s WRAL TV-5 enthusiastically reported a student “walk-out” to protest all things Trump. Do you know how many students were involved? …. “SCORES”! I kid you not – “SCORES” of UNCCH snowflakes were protesting. A shot of said snowflakes outside South Bldg might have numbered 30…. Maybe 40 if one counts the media. Using Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address a score” is “20”.

The public perception of UNCCH is a campus as overrun with sniveling snowflake dissidents and junior anarchists as Calcutta is with rats. Yet we see the very same 30-50 sniveling snowflakes at every well-documented protest du jour. Generously double that to “maybe 100” …. oMaynard Grebbsut of 30,000 ??? Yet UNCCH seems to relish it’s long-time image as Berkeley South.

Is this image more from gaggles of  human flotsam and jetsam that have migrated to “Chapelboro” over the years seeking to escape “the real world” in the way that Dobie Gillis’ pal Maynard G. Grebbs was so terrified of “WORK !!”?

I proffer that 94% of “college students” at 97% of colleges are there for the same reason we went “back in the day – The Five Get’s:

Get Drunk – Get Laid – Get High – Get a Degree – Get a Job

The order of priority of those Gets vary with each student of course. Likewise their success in achieving all five may vary.  The ones more successful wth the last two tend to spend less time on the first three.

The #1 Concern of 96% of college students is NOT “the environment” …. NOT “Trump” …. NOT “where trans-sexuals pee” …. NOT even  “who did we get on National Signing Day”. The #1 Concern of college students in 2017 is the same it has always been – The personal hygiene of their dorm room mate.


So… accepting all of the above as Gospel Truth…. How come the number of Snowflakes “on The Brickyard” is statistically zero?

Surely there are some TrumpHaters between Western Blvd and Hillsborough St.

Surely there are samples of all the dozens of gender-hybrids in West Raleigh.

The next generation of Bob Kennels (YIKES!) are probably spray-painting Che Guevarra images in that Tunnel thingy.


AND…. Jim Goodmon’s WRAL-TV5 gang is located just across Western Boulevard. McClatchy’s N&O journo-weasels are only 4-5 blocks away. If “SCORES” of NCSU snowflakes were assembled “on The Brickyard” holding misspelled posters and mumbling some rap version of “Hell No… We Want Go!” or “Never Trust Anyone Over 30” or “Tippecanoe & George Soros Too” – you KNOW “the media” would be all over it.Randy Woodson

Could it be that NCSU Chancellor Randy Woodson sees a higher more practical purpose for his institution than does his counterpart “Chancellor Chihuahua” 26 miles away?   Unlike Frau Folt, does Randy not concern himself with what color causal lapel ribbon to wear today.

  • Does Randy measure success by how many NCSU grads go forth to “make a difference” and be self-sustaining after their 4-6 or so years at NCSU? … Not by how many snowflakes required “trauma counseling” after Nov 8th
  • Does an NCSU education require more time with one’s nose to the academic grindstone than making up misspelled protest signs?
  • Do future engineers and architects and computer scientists and veterinarians and agricultural researchers need to use those transitional years between 18 and 23 to REALLY learn something that will benefit them and their future families out there in the often-unforgiving real world”?

…. Maybe more so than those students in “BlahBlah Studies” under Chancellor Chihuahua’s “in loco parentis”?

What say YOU ??


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