Who Is Ben Gazzi? …What e-mails?

October17/ 2016


 Clinton supporters never see Your Facebook page.

They think “Ben Gazzi” is Angelina Jolie’s new boy friend.

Like most of you who will see this…. most of my on-going communication is with “like minds”.  Dealing with belligerant contrarians is like purposely buying one’s shoes three sizes too small. Why?

Many of you find perverted pleasure in keyboard-to-keyboard political combat. Two opponents “playing solitaire with decks of 51” racing to see who wins a race with no finish line.   I did that in the early days of social media – 12-15 years ago. Staying up to 2-3 AM to see who would throw the last punch convinced me of the utter futility of the exercise. If that floats your boat…. float away with my blessing.

I am well aware of what “the mainstream media” is saying without seeing Matt Lauer’s smug face or little Georgie Stephanopolous or the insufferable Andrea Mitchell.  (Are Matt and Georgie still taking turns giving Hillary pedicures? …..) or, locally, any of Jim Goodmon’s useful idiot “news goons” on WRAL.


…. Speaking of Goodmon’s goons, surely you have heard that both Ron Burgundy (Anchorman) and Ted Baxter (Mary Tyler Moore) have petitioned Anchormen Clowns R Us to have WRAL’s David Crabtree expelled from their association. Crabtree’s “several hundred….” report of Franklin Graham’s 10,000 rally last week was beyond pathetic even by WRAL’s criminal standards.

Drooling his oatmeal, Jim Goodmon is hell-bent to be remembered as a Triangle-area “Bond villain”. All this demented media-megalo-maniac needs is an eye-patch and a cat on his lap.


Where was I?  Oh yeah…. Whether you are a 100% full-throated Trump supporter or a “lesser of two evils” Trump supporter; or a “hold your nose and vote for” Trump supporter; I am certain you know chapter and verse all the dirty laundry in Donald Trump’s laundry hamper. There is, alas, considerable.

BUT…. The average Clinton supporter never sees Your Facebook page.  

The average Hillary minion knows little or NOTHING as regards her considerable Dirty Laundry.

They MIGHT have heard of “Monica” because that was too monstrous to hide…. but “they” sure tried.   Who is this Ben Gazzi guy?  Saul Alinsky… Huh?  Emails…. what 30,000 emails?  Rose Law Firm?  Vince Foster?  Sir Edmund …..?  Clinton Foundation…. yawn? etc etc etc etc etc.  Who knows…. who cares….

Remember four years ago when Mitt’s “dirty laundry” consisted of “He is a member of A CULT… and ….put his dog on top of the car.”.  That was enough that thousands stayed home and allowed “a race-baiting muslim anarchist” to continue destroying America. After THAT are you really surprised where we are today?

You not only know about the regrettable crap that Donald Trump actually has done…. You know about the tons of imaginary regrettable crap he did NOT DO but is being falsely accused of by the hour by an endless procession of Hillary minions.

Donald Trump in no way fits any model you ever imagined for a Presidential candidate much less an either/or nominee in mid-October before a national election.  I get that.  Donald Trump gets that.  The GOPe Elites gets that.

18 months ago you were hoping for some nice polite senator / congressman / governor that espoused “conservative values” (whatever those are) and had enough “sand in his gizzard” to withstand the blitzkreig character assassination that would be leveled at him by Hillary’s Henchmen & Her Media Assassins.

You do know, don’t you, that “the Clintons” had full dossiers on all 17 Repub candidates and stooges ready to say “anything” to discredit them in “as an October surprise”. This ain’t The Clintons first rodeo. They make “the Kennedy Crime Family” look like small time hoodlums. The Kennedys were concerned with their social standing. The Clintons have never had “a social standing”.

If The Kennedys were “white collar criminals”, The Clintons are ruthless “meth dealers”….. very ruthless meth dealers. They “bury people in the desert”…. lots and lots of people.

You were hoping for someone is a gray suit, white shirt, blue/red tie with an attractive (but not too attractive) Hallmark Card family, and hopefully not “a member of A CULT”. Someone so “Jimmy Stewart” pure that despite ruthless attacks by Hillary’s Henchmen & Media Assassins they could stay upright and prevail. …. But instead we got Donald Trump.

I don’t have a pat answer to how this all happened. EVERYBODY with a Facebook or Twitter account DOES have a pat answer how and why so go there if you are searching. I prefer “God has a sense of humor….” Which is a corollary to “He warned Eve not to eat that Free Will apple”.

For those of you confident that somehow “God will save us” in this election and, when the sun rises on November 9th, a Jimmy Stewart / Tom Selleck will somehow be POTUS….. Hillary’s deadly illness will intervene etc. I’ve read enough history to know Bad things really DO happen. …. and not just to Good People.  Blacks and “poor people” are gonna get sooooo screwed if Hillary wins.

Bill Barber

Oh…. Rev “Bully” Barber has redeclared his Holy War on “White Folks’ God”. “Bully” Barber is financed by Jim Goodmon’s A.J. Fletcher Foundation and McClatchy Newspapers. SURPRISE!

You can not understand how ANYONE could enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton…. we all scratch our heads with that one. Not those who see her as “lesser of two evils” and Trump as being simply too over-the-top. I actually have “friends” who are of THAT compromised mindset.

I do NOT have “friends” who actually believe Hillary Clinton will make a wonderful POTUS. Millions do…. but none of those millions meet my standards as “friends”. You may have different standards.

Those who enthusiastically support Mrs Clinton are the “Who is this Ben Gazzi guy”….. “Who is this Saul Alinsky person?” …. “E-mails…. Who cares about stoopid emails?”   “They” live each day with a completely different world-view than “we” do… based on a completely different set of “facts” and “truth”.….. imagine an Amazon tribesman who has no clue what ESPN is.  They might stand in line with you at the DMV…. walk by you at The Mall …. even support “your team” on a Fall Saturday…. probe just beneath that “normal veneer” and they are “a different breed o’ cat”.

REMINDER:  The average Clinton supporter never sees Your Facebook page.  


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