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End Game
October10/ 2016

We’ll get into WHY fans attended any of the three college fottball games in The Triangle last Saturday… and discuss if Gene Chizik’s 15-minutes of Guru Fame is officially expired…. But first…..

Surely you all know by now that Colin Kaepernick’s world-famous National Anthem protest was a publicity scheme cooked up by his BLM activist girl-friend – Nessa Diab –  to get them a reality show.

Colin and Nessa

She saw that his NFL career was headed south. They had a brief window to capitalize on his “fame”. To her credit…. They were successful. But now that they have created this cultural phenomenon…. Where is it going? …. What’s The End Game?

The copycatting of the whole thing was a given from Day One. Every NFL team has a couple or more stern-faced kneelers. Colleges are joining it including sympathetic little snowflakes as we’ve seen at ECU and UNCCH (of course). For sure it has trickled down to high school and no doubt to a few Pop Warner teams.

Fan reaction in stadiums has not been positive as we all saw at ECU. For sure many fans are over-reacting as the protests are “peaceful” and not disruptive. Quietly kneeling is a passive protest. “They” are not burning or otherwise desecrating “The Flag” or preventing others from displaying their patriotism. But what happens next?

As I said in my original comments on this…. I’m not as bent-outta-shape as many are. I see it as a natural progression of the Gladiator / Spectator Oil & Water Cultural Imbalance. Totally predictable….

The NBA season starts soon. It’s a given we’ll see some kneelers on every NBA team (and many college teams) protesting “racial injustice”. Arenas are smaller than stadiums so the protestors will be nearer to the fans. The Galdiator / Spectator Factor is even more drastic with college / pro basketball. Will arena fans simply ignore it OR…..

“They” are not trying to Free Nelson Mandell or rename a highway for Trayvon Martin or declare Rodney King’s birtday a national holiday? ….. what then is the symbolic response that the kneelers are waiting for from “America”? ….Demanding?

A Black POTUS? A Black Justice Dept? Black Police Chiefs in most major cities? Nope… they’ve already got all those…..

With the ridiculous HB2 Brouhaha the “Demand” is the repeal of the Law. There is no “Law” to repeal to resolve “racial injustice”.

What response from “America” will end these protests? …. Or will they never end but simply become part of the tradition when The National Anthem is played?

If you consider these dozen or so instances of LEOs shooting AfAm perps as “an epidemic” – I don’t by the way – what do “they” want? Each of the dozen or so incidents across America over the past 3-4 years, of course, has another side of the story that “the mainstream media” carefully avoids. That “other side” does not fit the agenda of The Obama Administration and their media cohorts.

If the dozen or so LEOs involved in these incidents are executed in some highly publicized national event…. Is that “justice”? You Tube beheading are popular with Isis? Is that what “they” want?

I’m serious and quite curious. What is The End Game to this…. Am I the first / only person to pose this question?



If you attended last Saturday’s games in Carter-Finley, Kenan or The Wally…. WHY? It was a  frogstrangling rain when you left home for the game with every forecast calling for the torrential rains to continue all day.  Which it did.  WHY did you go…..?

I’m not even getting into the request from state emergency management officials that the public stay off the highways.

Now I know I’m a minority of One in that I don’t attend sports events any longer regardless of weather conditions. I find watching them in the comforts of my home to be much preferable. All three games were available on TV in this area.

FOR THE RECORD:  My personal WHY is staying up until 3 AM Tues watching the Giants beat the Cubs in 13 innings to stay alive in the NLDS.

Those of you who tout the social aspects of tailgating with friends at games as your prime motivation…. How did THAT go Saturday? Were those deviled eggs and Bojangles thighs and breasts yummy?

I “get” college students going BECAUSE it was such a damn foolish thing to do. Part of being a college student is doing “damn foolish things”. But most of you are far removed from that demographic. WHY?

This was not “iffy” weather…. cold, drizzly, windy, miserable etc that you could dress for. This was “sit in a torrential downpour for three hours”.

Had it not been the legendary Fighting Irish would you Wuffs have shown up?

There is no right/wrong answer. I’m just curious. “Because I’m a True Fan and I wanted to support our boys” is, I suppose, acceptable if that’s the best you got.Bud Foster

As for State defeating Notre Dame while The Fedorians got whupped like drowned rats by The Fighting Hokies of “Guru” Bud Foster…. claiming “the weather” as “why” doesn’t wash with me. All teams played under the same conditions….


Being “a guru” is Risky Business. Last year Gene Chizik inherited a rag-tag bunch of woeful defensive players. He turned his inherited “rag-tags” into a very respectable unit. A year later…. That “respectable unit” is once again “a rag-tag” bunch. How do dat happen?  Guess $700,000 doesn’t get you all that much in the Guru Bizness.

Speaking of “gurus”…. Former Amato Offensve Guru – Marc Trestman’s roller coaster career took its latest dip today as he was terminated as OC of the Baltimore Ravens.

Andy Warhol’s famous celebrity time frame must apply to “gurus” too.

So much for that signature W last week in Tally.   I’m guessing that “whupping in the rain” takes Larry off any “short list” for a BIG TIME gig…. unless Oklahoma State happens to open up.

Carolina fans being Carolina fans…. I betting there’ll be aluminum aplenty in Kenan if The Fedorians should fall at Miami. Did you know this year’s name for the pro stadium Miami plays in is Hard Rock Stadium? Is that the 20th or 21st name of that thing?

Meanwhile The Wolfpack continues thru Murderer’s Row of the ACC’s Atlantic Division. That early L to now woeful ECU won’t help their “strength of schedule” index.



That rascal AgentPierce on What Trump Said… But Opposable Thumbs.  CLICK HERE.

SAMPLE:  “A liberal trying to occupy the Moral High Ground is akin to a …… “


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