RE: Larry’s FUBAR & Colin’s Caper

August30/ 2016

I’ve been outta-pocket for ten days.  What happens?

…. (1) Larry Fedora goes all froggy “just tying to help a friend”…. and
…. (2) Some beady-eyed, overly-tattooed anti-American half-breed sends The Land of The Free & Home of The Brave into apoplexy.

Just another Week That Was.

You already have formed opinions on both of the above. But you eagerly await My Opinion. Here goes.

But first:
…..Q: Where da heck have I been?
…..A: In Fly-Over Country i.e. Missouri attending to:

Job #1: Moving my 89 y/o Mother-In-Law into Assisted Living.

Job #2: Checking out wedding “venues” for Kid’s November Nuptials. A “venue” is fancy event planner lingo for “places where things take place” a/k/a church / rehearsal dinner / reception / HQ hotel.

Job #2B:  Go to a Cardinals game….

This was not my first Job #1. We went thru an Assisted Living relocation with my late mother ten years ago. Many of you have done “it”. The rest of you will probably have it to do “it” at some point. The time around was no easier than it was 10 years ago.

It is part of the collective life-cycle process. Alls I can offer as advice is that all the thoughts that go thru your mind as you do what you gotta do are the same thoughts all “normal” people have when doing so. Ever how much patience you have…. It won’t be enough. Order extra “patience”.

Re: Job #2…. All “venues” were approved.  My opinion was not that critical but I did approve.  “The church” is adjacent to Holden Thorp’s Washington University across from St Louis’ Forest Park. All quite a ways from “Ferguson”. ….. Job #2B…. The Cardinals’ lost to Oakland but a good time was had by me and my three bros-in-law. I decided “that aroma” so universal at a big league ballpark is a combination of mustard, beer and 40,000 people.

Meanwhile, The Latest FUBAR Amid Those Lofty Pines …..

It had been several weeks since the latest BREAKING NEWS re: TGU (The Great Unpleasantness) so was anyone really Larry Fedora surprised to have yet another SPLATT from over there? Conveniently timed ten days before the season opener vs Georgia.

I began receiving early reports of What Larry Fedora did (this time) late last Wednesday. I believe a Dan Kane Twitter was the first version…. Then the USAToday story….. then all kinds of the usual partisan back & forth feces-flinging.

Who knew…. That so many UNC board monkeys believed in “second chances” for convicted NCAA felons. That Larry’s magnanimous humanitarian gesture could be so criticized is yet another Sign of The Apocalypse. Woe is us….

Establishing UNCCH as a half-way house for convicted NCAA felons is a noble idea. That rival fans would dare question Larry Fedora’s sincerity in reaching out to his coaching friends is yet more proof that we, as a society, are void of civility and human kindness. ….. wink, wink…. cough, cough.

“They” fully intended to get around to formally announcing that Tim The Fired Illinois Guy was “on staff”; but “they” just got all caught up in pre-season stuff.  To imply there was any intent to “keep it on The QT” just shows how sorry / no-count UNC’s rival fans can be. ….. wink, wink…. cough, cough.

From the various accounts I read, there appeared differing reports on what Bubba knew and when Bubba knew it. It was learned that Chancellor Chihuahua didn’t know nuthin’ ‘bout nuthin’ which surprised absolutely no one.

In the old days with “Dickie” (Baddour) there was never any question. Everybody knew “Dickie” never knew nuthin’ ‘ bout nuthin’.

Did Larry just “do it” because having gone 11-3 last season he figured he could? …. If anyone dared question him, he’d just call Texas A&M and say “see ya next December”? That is about the size of it.

Team Larry / Gene had a great season last year. If they come anywhere close to that this season…. The odds on Larry still living in Chapel Hill next February are pretty darn slim. Now Larry can say “you people wouldn’t let me help my old buddy Tim so screw you…. I’m outta here.”

UNCCH’s Commitment To Big Time Football isn’t what Larry Fedora thinks it oughta be. Such a commitment means The Head Coach can do whatever the hell he wants to PERIOD.  Just ask Dabo…. And Nick…. And Urban…..

Oh… Larry saying “Tim will just break down film and will have zero contact with the players” was a bald-faced lie!

At least two solid sources who attend practices report “Tim The Insane Illinois Guy” was indeed on the practice field in the middle of drills and scrimmages just like all the other coaches.  Did Larry figure he could get away with that too?  Is the stress of having to deal with all that “negative recruiting” catching up with Larry?

All that is history now. Tim decided he was becoming a distraction and is no longer amid the lofty pines…. or so they say.

Looking back on this latest FUBAR Amid The Pines…. There were at least 5-6 points at which it coulda been defused. “Defusing FUBARs” isn’t exactly a Tradition over there over the past six years and counting.


Meanwhile…. “Oh Say Can You See” what Colin Kaepernick said?

The Official BobLee Opinion as regards “what Colin Kaepernick said / did” might surprise you. I am assuming you know Colin Kaepernickwhat he said / did. Even Albert knows by now.

Prior to what Colin Kaepernick did…. I had never given an iota of thought to his opinion on anything whether it be “patriotism” …. Socio-political issues de jour …. Favorite Bond Girl …. Or Ginger vs Mary Ann. I still don’t care what Colin Kaepernick thinks about anything.  I have such a universal low regard for the socio-political opinions of sports / entertainment celebrities that nothing he does / does not do will offend me.

I don’t care what any athlete or entertainer thinks about anything. I hardly care anymore what any politician thinks about anything.

IMO, America is in full-blown Thelma & Louise Mode heading lickitty-split for The Abyss.  Colin Kaepernick standing or sitting for the National Anthem is not going to change that scenario.  I doubt the outcome of the November election can change that scenario.

Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the National Anthem because he does’t like the way “America” treats blacks and other minorities. His employer – San Francisco 49ers – encourages him and his teammates to “show respect” but does not require they do so.

I don’t respect our current President and his Administration. I think Barack Obama is decidedly Un-American and anti-Christian. If Colin Kaepernick can have his opinions I can have mine and you can have yours. Nobody much cares what you and I think because we are not high-profile celebrities…. nor do most of us have a lot of tattoos.

The NFL is – AGAIN – bumfuzzled. If they criticize / discipline a player…. they risk alienating a lot more of them. If they appear to condone what he is doing they risk alienating paying customers.  Over 90% of whom are neither black nor minorities.

What lengths will The NFL let their “product” i.e. “the players” socio-political opinions be voiced before they do “something”….  and what will “something” be ????

By Golly, we got ourselves another Quandry brought on by the Spectators VS Gladiators Differential.

GhandiWhile Commissioner Roger and The NFL fret over this…. The sports media led by John Skipper’s ESPN is declaring Colin Kaepernick the next Ghandi. The radical left-wing Worldwide Leader is falling all over itself in praising Colin Kaepernick’s “courage”. “Gushing” doesn’t begin to describe their effusive reaction.

I betcha you will see other NFL players protesting ala Colin Kaepernick…. ESPN will gush over them too.

If The NFL stops playing The National Anthem before it’s games…. what, if anything, would YOU do?

If you don’t like “it” you can stop going to the games and supporting The NFL. The NFL and ESPN are betting you won’t do that.

I don’t think the American sports fans’ level of displasure with Kaepernick’s antics will rise to doing anything other than a few 1,000 tweets calling him obcene names.

We are now officially “caught up”.


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