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Bully Barber
August01/ 2016

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Last week millions and millions of Americans got introduced to North Carolina’s Notorious Pulpit-pounding “Bully” – Reverend William Barber. The state that brought The US of A such icons as “Andy & Barney”…. The Pettys & The Earnhardts …. Michael Jordan …. Dean / Coach K / Jimmy V …. Duke Lacrosse ….. “John & Rielle” …. and Ava Gardner…. has a new “face”.

To quote Goober’s cuzzin Gomer …. “Gollleee and Shazzzam”.

3-nights in Philadelphia apparently, produced the greatest collection of socio-cultural orations since Lincoln v Douglas…. Ovid v Pliney The Elder in Rome’s Forum …. and William Jennings Bryan’s jury summation in The Scopes Monkey Trial.

Competing against Three Clintons…. Two Obamas…. A she-Nut named Elizabeth Warren ….. another she-Nut named Jennifer GranholBarber Flim Flammm …. and even Ol’ Bozo Joe; Reverend “Bully” Barber took home Best Of Show ribbons in the following categories:

… * Scariest Human EVER to speak at any political convention EVER
… * Largest Scary Human EVER to speak at any…..
… * First Democrat to actually declare “God Hates Republicans” on national TV
… * Best Evil Glare since the first time Pat Summit met Gino Auriamma
… * First DNC Speaker to cause a spontaneous orgasm in The N&O Newsroom
… * First graduate of Duke Theological Seminary to scare the bejebbers out of over 10,000 children in less than 30 minutes.

Being an oratorical hero at a Democ Convention ain’t exactly rocket science…. (1) yell really loud …. (2) fake an epileptic seizure …. (3) do not mention Lewinsky, Benghazi, Alinsky or Soros …. (4) tell your brain-dead audience how incredibly smart (and caring) they all are …. (5) yell really loud some more.

Re: That N&O Newsroom…. It took two days following Bully’s Bombast for the journo-weasels still employed by McClatchey’s N&O to regain their composure and formally declare his oration as Greatest Speech EVER By Someone Not Named Kennedy, Clinton, Obama or Cuomo.

Apparently The N&O had a “Watch Bully’s Speech” party in their newsroom that night. The 30% of their not-fired-yet staff furloughed at any one time were NOT allowed to attend because they woulda had to pay’em if they did. Cash flow being what it is with McClatchy newspapers these days, attendees had to BYOB as well as BYO peanuts & popcorn.  My spy in the room said it reminded her of:

 …. a roomfull of frat boys watching a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ Swimsuit Video.

Reporters were actually swooning. Editorial Page Editor Ned Barnett was observed with eyes rolled back in his head mumbling in an unknown tongue.  Ned’s little pal – “Jenks” – sat mouth agape in a Pentecostal stupor.

No doubt Jim Goodmon toadie Peter Anlyan and his “…. at least 80,000 maybe more” were equally blown away by “Bully’s Bombast”.

For those a smidgen more discerning than the fawning Bully-ite, it was simply vintage Bully doing what vintage Bully does. …..

Employing all his extensive stagecraft theatrics and physically intimidating tactics to transfix his audience like a king cobra staring down a field mouse. The field mice never have a chance.

I am tired of the anti-Bully Barber crowd (also: “at least 80,000…. maybe more”) always using “fat-jokes” to ridicule him. Bully Barber is so much more heinous than “a really BIG scary black guy”. Calling him “Buffet-slayer” and similar names sells him short. Bully Barber may have surpassed even the legendary Jeremiah Wright in his pure toxic hatred of “white folks” ….. unless they are Moral Monday mini-mob members in good standing.

Barber gets away with calling his brand of “God & I both Hate Republicans and You should too” as, not political, but rather “social justice”.  How the heck does he get away with that crap?  Reread the parts above about The N&O and WRAL’s Jim Goodmon.

Barber “fat-jokes” is like using “the Indian thing” to ridicule Quite Insane Elizabeth Warren. That quite insane she-squirrel is guilty of A LOT more than her one bald-faced lie about her faux-heritage. Granted that one was “a doozy”.

Is Hillary still “the Whitewater scandal”…. Or “those Rose Law Firm files”? Heck no…. Hillary is dozens of newer scandals removed from those relics from the 90s.

The provocative title of today’s essay ???

Bully Barber’s primary audience is, of course, (1) the black community… and (2) really really guilt-ridden Limo Liberals (like WRAL’s Jim Goodmon).

Barber has risen to his current level of “prominence” using tactics practiced for decades among flim flammers, scammers, and con men in Harlem and in black churches across The South. If Jesse and Al are the only ones you know, you are woefully short in your Black History.

NO White Guy – not even “Slick Willie” – can flim flam a black audience like another black flim flammer can flim flam them. There Reverend Ikewas a crafty old catbird named “Reverend Ike” in Harlem back in the 1970s – Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II. “You can’t lose with the stuff I use”.

Ike’s “prosperity theology” had’em doing cartwheels in the aisles and throwing money and jewelry at him. He ran his scam through the 70-90s. Radio / TV shows such as Amos & Andy, Sanford & Sons, Good Times would often used over-the-top characters like “Rev Ike”.

The phrase to describe scams such as Ike’s as well as Jesse, Al and now “Bully” Barber is….

“Serve’em Bull**** on a Biscuit”

Pretty self-explanatory. But it takes a special talent and smarts to be as successful at it as Barber has become.

Is William Barber as “brilliant” as his most devoted disciples like to claim? That would be quite impossible for any mortal man.  Would those devoted disciples “drink the Kool-Aid” if Barber told’em to?  Absolutely.  In a New York minute…. and ask for a 2nd cup.

Barber did attend/matriculate at Duke Theological Seminary in the 80s. That was a period when Duke actively recruited “angry young black activists” like Barber and Ben Chavis to aussage their own (Duke’s) considerable limo liberal guilt.

William “Bully” Barber is no fool at all. He is clever. He is “smart”. He, like every successful flim flammer, knows his base constituency better than they know themselves. He has fashioned his own version of race-based theology that favors the Children of Ham rather than those of Abraham…. to the delight of his target audience.TheGlare

Bully Barber’s combination of oratorical skill, physically intimidating bulk and The Glare that scares the bejebbers out of every Republican politician makes him a Force To Be Reckoned With.

…. Or, in the case of those enraptured N&O employees, a Quite Devine Super Hero.


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