Jim Grobe said: “Everybody does it”!!

July20/ 2016

As noted here over the years…. I like Jim Grobe.  I realize there is a mini-cult of Grobe-haters insisting he “mailed it in” his last few years at Wake Forest. Maybe he did.  … or the crack-back blocking thing.  I still like him when viewed in the context of 95% of Power Five FB / MBB coaches.

It’s 2016.   Is there any occupational niche that has universal credibility? “Big time college coach” is certainly NOT such a sacrosanct occupational.  OK…. your guy” IS sacred because he’s “your guy”. ….. yawn.

Finishing that point…. In a recent Facebook post I read about yet another act of pure lunacy by a University President.   The phrase “a University President said” is fair warning the article was the latest example of faux-intellectual idiocy running amok on a campus somewhere.

“University President” has joined “trial lawyer” …. “journalist” …. “pedophile” ….“elected official” …. “drug kingpin” …. “Wall-Streeter” ….. and “Hollywood celebrity” in a long list of very yucky things to call anyone.  As new professions keep earning their place on this ignominous list, old standbys like “pimp” and “roto-rooter man” and “lobbyist” slip into the 3rd-4th tier.  Like eligibility for Baseball’s Hall of Fame. If you don’t get enough votes after so many years you fall off the ballot.

Anyhoo.  Jim Grobe is back in Big Time Coaching and on center-stage at much beleaguered Baylor.

Jim Grobe WFUWhen Good Neighbor Jim was at “little Wake Forest” he was well-known in these parts but very rarely got national attention. That fit his “helpful hardware man” personality.  A Lou Holtz…. A Steve Spurrier…. A John Calipari require a Big Stage. They would be uneasy OUT of the spotlight.

Is Jim Gorbe ready to have his every word and every inflection “tweeted” withing seconds of it leaving his lips? Ready or not…. it is going to happen.

The Big 12 (but “Only 10” at least for now…) is having it’s version of The SEC Media Circus. Last week The SEC had its annual Nick (Saban) Said & The Earth Moved Circus. I think Little Johnny Swofford has his less-heralded version this week or next. I haven’t heard if BLM, KKK, LGBT, Westboro Baptist, ABCers, or Karl Hess are planning to hold nekkid protests…. or not.

So in his daily re-explanation of “Why did you take this job?…. Will you be able to suit up at least 22 players? …. “Have Baylor Fat Cats egged your car yet?” ….. “How many rapists are you still covering for?” ….. “Is Ken Starr as totally clueless as he obviously is?”…. Jim Grobe gave a salivating media mob their headline.

Jim Grobe uttered the phrase:

“The problems we have dealt with at Baylor are probably problems at every university in the country.” …. OMG !!!

The Twitter-verse lit up as if Melania Trump had lip-synced a Taylor Swift song about Pippa Middleton, Roger Ailes and Kim Kardashian joining BLM.

Everyone who read / heard what Jim Grobe said went apoplectic. They all would have totally agreed with Jim had he simply added the caveat “….. except at YOURS of course.”  Skullduggery involving sociopathetic thug-aletes going on at YOUR Alma Mater simply is unfathomable. It DOES exist in spades everywhere ELSE expecially at (insert name of hated rival). Jim shoulda known that.

Had he uttered such sacrelige while at “little Wake Forest” hardly anyone would have known he said it or much cared. That he is correct as it applies to every Power Five program is also irrelevant. In the Age of Twitter & Facebook you just cannot broadbrush an obviously universal problem no one will acknowledge.   Kind of like “1,000s of blacks killed by blacks just in Chicago alone”…. lets not talk about THAT.

Every Power Five program has NOT had “way too many sexual assaults by football players swept under the rug” in their program. Most have only had “a few”. So technically Grobe was incorrect. Are all the ingrediants in place on each Power Five campus that it could happen? Certainly. …. Including YOURS.

Can a Power Five campus defuse their own ticking time bomb by:

…. Appointing a “Title IV Coordinator”?   Of course not.

…. Installing Rape Hot-Lines on every vertical structure on campus? Nope.

…. Appointing a blue-ribbon ad hoc committee to produce “a handbook containing guidelines”?   Aaaiieeee!

…. Weekly “vigils” without / without votive candles?  Can there be “a vigil” without “votives”?

…. Arming coeds with AR-15s, box-cutters, and Don’tRapeMe bracelets?  Imagine a snowflake with a box-cutter!

…. Declare “sociopathic football players” the only animal species NOT allowed full access to Girls’ Restrooms & Dressing Rooms?   Good luck with getting THAT passed  a liberal federal judge.

…. Lots more saltpeter in the mashed potatoes in the Jock Dining Hall? Actually THAT might help.

…. Public castration of the next perp at high noon in The Quad using a rusty oyster knife? Together with the extra saltpeter might make a difference.

Going back up to our earlier discussion of “a University President said” …. Can you imagine the first U-Prez to announce his/her institutional policy of either the saltpeter and/or the public castration?? Yeeee HA!Michael Sam

Try The Michael Sam Approach?? 

Michael Sam was SEC Defensive POTY at Missouri 3-4 years ago and, of course, gained worldwide celebrity when he outed himself as Gay.   Most sexual assaults seem to be “on the defensive side of the ball”.  Defensive players tending to be more “aggressive” with a knee-jerk violence propensity.  “No means No” doesn’t seem to compute with them.  Very few Offensive lineman are involved in sexual assaults?  Go figure.

If there were more gay defensive players would that reduce sexual assaults (at least on coeds) on campuses by football players?

If a U-Prez and his/her Head Football Coach held a presser to announce their new initiative to – only recruit gay defensive players – in order to make their campus safer for coeds.

Either of those pressers could top Randy Parton @ The Umstead.

How would “the media” react? ….. How would Fat Cats and board monkeys react?

How would YOU react? Your comments, as always, are encouraged.


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