UNC’s Goofy Guidelines Go Away… BUT

July03/ 2016

OK, you all recall that UNCCH MicroAggression Guideline thingy from a week or so ago – See LINK ….Scared Well GUESS WHAT….

“It” mysteriously disappeared from whatever UNCCH website it was posted to. One day it was there in all its Foolish Flatulent Flamboyance…. and then it wasn’t any more. Go figger….

I figure a reasonably sane soul with at least one toe in the reality pool and of some influence in the UNCCH admin food chainstrongly suggested GET THAT STOOPID CRAP OFF THAT WEBSITE NOW! Or something to that effect.

What would you give to see a screen shot of THAT text message…. email…. whatever.

My Perfect Scenario would be:

Carol-Folt3That reasonably sane Person of Influence was traveling abroad maybe “on the Pacific Rim” when he/she “saw “it” – It being the Micro-Aggression Guidelines…. And immediately called Chancellor Chihuahua and it being about 3 AM Chapel Hill time.

“Hello” mumbled a ¾ asleep little Chancellor. “This is Chancellor Carol Folt and I’m From Dartmouth.  I’m tickled pink to be here.  How can I help you …..” as she fumbled with her iPhone.

“You can help me, you microChancellor you, by deleting that Microaggression Guidelines crap from our website RIGHT NOW….. The Board of Governors is about to shut down The Freakin’ Flagship and ship your itty bitty butt back to Dartmouth. Any part of this you don’t understand Madame Chancellorette?”

“Uh, no sir. I’ll see to it right after I harass another group of evil young boys for possibly harboring lascivious thoughts about girls…. and order some more votive candles. We’re about out…..”

“No dimwit. You will do it NOW. I’m watching the site on my iPad. If that micro-aggression crap isn’t gone in five minutes, YOU will be.”

Art ChanskyI said this was my Perfect scenario.  Even if that wasn’t exactly what happened…. What DID happen was almost as good.

“My Buddy” got hisself into a name-calling bitch-slapping cyber slug-out over this issue with a fellow named Todd Starnes. “My Buddy” of course being not-so-young Arthur Chansky….. Provocateur Extraordinaire for WCHL.

I somehow missed this one until Artie described his version in one of his blistering cyber epistles a day or so ago.

Apparently Ol’ Artie really buys into the whole micro-aggression / safe place / trigger words / yadda yadda baloney with the level of passion he usually reserves for trying to convince The World that Coach K is Satan’s aide-de-camp.

I don’t know Todd Starnes but he must be a critic of The 24/7 Endless Parade of Abject Foolisnness that flows outta UNCCH like crap from a Christmas goose.

Goose or maybe “goat” as Todd apparently got Art’s…. “goat” that is. I don’t know or care who said what about who first or what either who said…. I just get a kick outta Artie’s head exploding and him getting all verbosely harumphy.   I can do a pretty good harumph but I ain’t in Artie’s League.

636_Todd_Starnes_2… NOTE:  I have learned that Todd Starnes is “a conservative commentator on FoxNews”.  OK.  That explains why Art would toss him in Art’s dumpster of human detritus with Christian Laettner and ….“anyone connected with NC State”.   Lord only knows where I fit on Art’s worthy scale…. and we’re “buddies” !!!


Hopefully whatever Todd Starnes said did not blaspheme “Dean”. THAT would put Art into NUKE Mode and half the population of Carrboro could be vaporized before you could say “Carolina Way” or “JR Could Too Read”.



Arthur Chansky On A Mission to Preserve & Protect His Dear Ol’ Alma Mammy is a Force of Nature. – LINK.

Chansky’s Notebook: Open letter to Todd Starnes


Being just 25 miles from Fabulous Franklin Street is such a treat for “a smart aleck with his own website” ….. It truly is.


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