Local “Flagship” Actually Believes THAT …..

June24/ 2016

Making fun of “those people over there” a/k/a UNC @ Chapel Hill is a long-standing tradition going back multi-generations. 

There have been “Little Moron Jokes” ….. “Polak Jokes” ….. “Redneck Jokes” …. “Aggie Jokes” ad infinitum. Every racial / religious / ethnic / political faction has been both the instigator of and target of “put-downs” by other factions. To expedite the whole joke bizness…. most have interchangeable subjects as in:

“How many ______ does it take to change a light bulb?”

Hard to believe that even that worn out old dead horse still gets a snort and a giggle when the jokester drops in the object of ridicule. Assuming that the majority of his/her audience shares his/her low opinion of said object of ridicule.

One favorite target that never seems to get old around these parts are – “those people over there in Chapel Hill”.

Talk about churning out brand new material that SCREAMS …. MAKE FUN OF THIS! “Those people” are like sorta-human “Wet Paint” signs.  You just HAVE TO touch it.

Nobody churns out new ridicule-ready material faster and of such prime quality than “those people”. Case in point…..



What can I add to this? Just read it yourself and remember the whacked-out nitwits named in this are State of North Carolina employees and their compensation is likely in six-figures.  Churning out this crap is “what they do all day”.

NOTE: This link is NOT a satire site. This is NOT a clever lampoon perpetrated by a hater. ….. This is what “those people over there” are doing on your dime.


Internet Legend Drowning In Flagship Fodder …. LINK!


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