WRAL Attack Dog blames “those Crazy MFers” !!

Mad Dog
June14/ 2016

Laura Leslie

Train an attack dog to attack and thats what they will do.  They can’t help it.

WRAL/Capital Broadcasting / Jim Goodmon’s #1 “Attack Dog” went to Twitter on Monday to tell America who was responsible for The Orlando Tragedy. …. Yessiree.  WRAL’s lead “political reporter” – Laura Leslie – fired off not one but TWO very revealing tweets that quickly “went viral”.


In her first tweet, Ms Leslie says The Orlando Tragedy – was because of HB2.   She blames HB2 for …. well …. everything.

Not surprising since Boss Goodmon pays her specifically to trash Republicans whenever and however she can…. and never let “facts” get in her way. She is “just doing what Jim Goodmon pays her to do” …..

And then….

In her second tweet later in the day, Ms Leslie was apparently “feeling her oats” and went full trashy mouth ….. specifically blaming “all those Crazy MFers with guns.”

I’m no archivist of current / past WRAL employee comments but I’m going out on a limb to bet this is “a first” for the once-respected media organization started by Jim Goodmon’s Uncle Mr. A.J. Fletcher. ….. “those Crazy MFers with guns….” ….. Yeeee Haa!

I’m pretty sure Brett Baier, Charlie Gaddy nor Bob Debardelaben ever said “Crazy MFers”. Not sure about Bobbie Batista. Bobbi mighta.

For your reading convenience I am linking you to The Daily Haymaker who has screen shots of both of Ms Leslie’s quite colorful contributions to Social Media.  TDH also coined a few choice phrases about Ms Leslie and her employer.

The Daily Haymaker Re: WRAL’s Laura Leslie Tweets. – LINK

OK…. I hear you WRAL apologists (surely SOMEONE who visits here still trusts those radical left-wing clowns) saying “these were her private tweets and not intended to go viral on the Internet”. ….. Sorry. THAT won’t wash in 2016.

Leslie and her little sidekick / toadie – Mark “Binky” Binker – spend most of each day “dumpster diving” thru the trash at NCGA looking for “private correspondence” to destroy any/all Republicans. That’s exactly what Jim Goodmon hired them to do six years ago when he created a special “hit squad” to destroy elected Republicans doing “whatever it takes”.Jim Goodmon

When Ol’ Jim had his “conversion” to terminal Limo Liberal Guilt back ten years ago, he went Full Emersion. If you think of WRAL as “Jesse Helms’ station” you are probably still wearing a leisure suit and corfam shoes. THAT WRAL was trashed quite some time ago.

With WRAL being sooooo “PC”…. I have this image of Ms Leslie and Greg The Weather Guy standing side-by-side at the urinals discussing “barometric pressure”.  YIKES!

These days it is neck-and-neck between WRAL and The N&O for most unabashed pure radical left-wing propagandists. I actually have WRAL ahead by a nose.

NOTE: You DO KNOW that it was another Jim Goodmon “toadie” – Peter Anlyan – who wrote that infamous press release about one of Bully Barber’s Fayetteville Street Hoot ‘n Hates several years ago …… “at least 80,000, maybe more”.  I hear Bully uses that bald-faced lie on his letterhead these days. Bill Barber

And you also know, I trust, that The Goodmons are MAJOR Big $$$$ contributors to Rev. Bully Barber’s Holy War On Republicans via Bully’s mini-mobs…. Which Goodmon assigns Leslie & Binky to promote pre and post.

So factoring in all the above…. Are you really surprised that Laura Leslie has no hesitation whatsoever to post such inflammatory tweets?

WHOA:  A few hours after I posted this…. Laura’s Rabid Rage WENT NATIONAL …. LINK.   Ya just know Mr. A.J. Fletcher is soooo proud of how nephew Jim has maintained the reputation of his station ….. 

Hellfire…. If Ol’ Jimmy G Sr. dared to discipline Ms Leslie she’s liable to castrate him with a rusty box-cutter.  That won’t be necessary as I bet Ol’ Jim is giving her a bonus.


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