Miniature Golf is DEAD!!! …. sigh, sob.

Mini Golf
June01/ 2016

I can accept the on-going cycle-of-life of pop culture.   In just my short spell on this giant blue marble I’ve seen my share of cultural icons / traditions fade into the setting sun.  Alas, now another one …… Miniature-Golf a/k/a Putt-Puttputt-putt-golf

Mini-golf (miniature golf) is of course generic and Putt Putt was the corporate name that came to be “generic”…. like Table Tennis and Ping Pong.  Putt-Putt started in Fayetteville I think.

We had “a Putt Putt” just outside of town on Queens Street Ext.   My vividest memory would be my sophomore year in high school when the manager for the season was ….

THE Ed Emory.   Yes, THAT Ed Emory.  How many do you know?

Back in those days, high school teachers / coaches took on all sorts of summer jobs to supplement their incomes.  “Big Ed” taught Drivers Ed…. and managed the local Putt-Putt.

Imagine Myrtle Beach without miniature golf.   Hell, might as well take away the ocean and all the strip clubs too.

And what about the side industries that made the plaster dinosaurs and windmills and other bizarre ball traps and get-arounds ???

Has there EVER been a safer place to “take a date” than playing miniature golf.   She pretends not to know “how to do this” so you get to stand behind her and sorta hug her while showing her how to grip the club….. and she gets soooo excited when she makes a putt and squeals really loud …..

All THAT is going away ……  Today miniature golf…. Tomorrow Gender-specific rest rooms …. then what ??


The Demise of Mini-Golf

Whatever happened to America's mini-golf courses?



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