KUDOS To BubbaTheRealAD

May29/ 2016

Lost amid the tumult, shouting, derm and strang of The Greatest of Lingering Unpleasantnesses is the heckuva successful year that UNC Athletics has managed to achieve under Bubba Cunningham a/k/a  BubbaTheRealAD.Bubba Cunningham

Why do I call him that?  Because for almost 20 years, UNCCH didn’t have “a real AD”… and is still paying a very steep price for not having a real one back then.

Saturday both IdentifyAsBoys and IdentifyAsGirls’ Lacrosse reached the national finals in their sports. And BOTH WON NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

Both IdentifyAsBoys & IdentifyAsGirls Tennis also finished near the top in their national competition.  I think Golf did too….

Roys IdentifyAsBoyz came within …. well, you all know about THAT.   Even Albert knows about that.

Larry/Gene’s IdentifyAsGridders had the best season EVER since Choo Choo… far surpassing anyone’s expectations.

I don’t know how points are awarded for whatever that Best In All Sports Thingy is but surely TeamBubba will rank extra high in this year’s ranking….  Stanford always wins because they have Water Polo, Transexual Quidditch, and DwarfTossing but UNCCH oughta be close this year.

If the NCAA recognized IdentifyAsAngryLittleSnowflakes Shouting Obscenities I bet UNC would score really high in that too, don’t you?

Is “Looking for Safe Places” an NCAA Sports? …. Candlelight Vigiling?

Other than Baseball and IdentifyAsGirls’ Basketball…. it was a banner year for The UNC Athletics Dept under the direction of BubbaTheRealAD Cunningham.   Since no one “gives a damn” about UNC’s much-maligned IdentifyAsGirls Basketball while it languishes on Death Row hoping for a last-minute reprieve, that just leaves Baseball as the only disappointment that matters.

OK…. by now all you ABCers’ heads are spinning as you sharpen your pitchforks and light your torches to storm Fortress BobLee in righteous indignation.  How Dare I Compliment “Anybody Over There” for anything….

Many of you still make fun of his name “Bubba”…. yuck, yuck, snort, snort …. and insist that he probably conspired with Deborah, Burgess, Dean and Dickie to implement The Scheme.   Actually Bubba was up in South Bend back then helping to shove all those Notre Dame football players’ crimes “under the rug”.

You insist if he (Bubba) had an ounce of integrity he would “out” that whole rat’s nest of arrogant hooligans, brigands and serial malfactors “over there” and drag the lot of’em down 15-501 to be drawn & quartered with their damned souls condemned for eternity to the deepest bowels of Hell.  I know many of you feel that way…. and Bubba knows that.

Bubba inherited a much yuckier mess than anyone could have imagined when he came to UNC.   Would he have come had he known “how yucky”?  I’ve never asked him.   Is he a co-conspirator in “the cover-up”?  Many of you would say so.

I prefer to view his role as a “senior executive” but not THE senior executive in a helluva mess “over there” that lingers like Nuclear Winter over The Village – The Campus – The Dome – The Street, The Wall & The Well…. and AmidThePines.

Amid all the ooey-gooey yucky septic overflow, he has managed to oversee such a on-field / on-court banner year for so many programs merits my KUDO.  I’m not asking nor expecting any consensus on this.  Good thing huh?

It is popular among rabid ABCers to imply, suggest, insinuate that the paper-class scheme is still in place and all athletes at UNC now are still benefiting from it under Bubba’s watch.  There is absolutely no evidence that that is the case.  It DID exist however for almost twenty years and a LOT of FB and MBB and WBB among others DID benefit unethically for those almost twenty years.  Resolution for that extended unethicality is the yet-to-be-resolved issue. …. UNC is “blessed” with enough Fat Cats with more $$$ than integrity so “out-lawyering” The NCCA seems to be an effective strategy.

Is UNC Athletics a paragon of All That’s Good About College Athletics.  Let’s go with a rousing “Uhhh No” and let it go at that.   All that “junk” in Ol’ Roy’s closet has yet to be drug out into the light… if it ever is.

I don’t find too much “good” about the “money sports” wherever they are played…. be it Baylor, UNC or elsewhere.   Assessing Big Time College Football or Men’s Basketball is that old line about “dancing” … “You sweat less than any fat girl I’ve ever danced with”.

Being a Big Time College AD ranks with playing piano in a whorehouse.

Bubba Cunningham has played “a mean piano” this year…. IMO.


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