Did UNC’s C.B. McGrath really say…

C.B. McGrath
May20/ 2016

Did Ol’ Roy Assistant C.B. McGrath actually “tweet” Duke with some snarky…

“Nahh nahh nahh when’s the last time you won an ACC title?”

I can’t find it now.  I know I saw it somewhere yesterday but now it’s gone ???  Was it a HOAX?

Apparently upset that Duke signed ANOTHER Solid Gold / Platinum One&Done Blue-Chipper…. the 13-year UNC Assistant’s angst got the better of him.

C.B. McGrathFiguring “I’ll show’em by golly” C.B. apparently snarked out a “TAKE THAT…. SO THERE!” implying that ACC Titles are more better than National Championships… which Duke, of course, won as recently as a year ago.

As a long-time observer of such “board monkey-ish” behavior, it seems to me that C.B. should leave such irrational behavior to his boss.   Ain’t no body better at blurting out dopey crap than Ol’ Roy. … not that ORW has a clue “how to tweet”.

Both Duke and UNC-CH are at the tip-top of the Big Time College Basketball Pyramid.  Leave that sort of “dopey crap” to the also-rans.

PLUS…. Such “dopey crap” doesn’t exactly help UNC’s image which ain’t exactly “pristine” these days….

If anyone finds the link to that C.B. blurt, pass it on please.


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