SURPRISE!- Ol’ Miss Coach “goes Sgt Schultz”

Hugh Freeze
May06/ 2016

Laremy TunsilIf you watched or have read anything about the recent NFL Draft you know:

THE STORY was some AfAm kid – Laremy Tunsil – and OL from Ol’ Miss stumblin’ and fumblin’ with various social media Explosions during the first few selections. ….

Some weird pic of him several years ago using some gas mask “bong” goes viral.
Some recent emails / texts between him and a Ol’ Miss FB Asst about “send me the $$$”.

Ol’ Miss suddenly became an SEC “juggernaut” several years ago when HC Hugh Freeze had several Top Five recruiting classes…. enticing a bunch of highly-rated “blue-chippers” from more traditional Juggernauts.

Doing “that” is like a career singles-hitter in baseball all-of-a-sudden hitting 40 HRs .  It ain’t “natural”.

Ol’ Miss was already under investigation for various skullduggeries and NOW THIS…. blah blah yadda yadda….

So this kid – on national TV – “in the green room” gets asked “Did you get paid at Ol Miss?” and he said “well, yeah”…. to absolutely no one’s surprise ….. WELL almost No One’s surprise – Head Coach Hugh Freeze WAS SHOCKED at the news.  Proving he has “read the book” on “when you are caught holding the smoking gun”.Schultz

Ol’ Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze went “Sgt Schultz” claiming “I knew NUUUUTHING…!”.  …… That’s Hugh’s story and he’s sticking to it.

The Butcher of Kenan and Rick Pitino and Jim Boeheim and Ol’ Roy…. and…. and…. would all be so proud of Hugh.

For sure there are rabid Ol’ Miss board monkey hiding in the trees of The Grove screaming in defense of Sgt Freeze’s “Know Nuthin’” defense.  There always are….

Meanwhile all other SEC fan bases are (1) screaming OlMissCheats… and (2) hoping their “pay for play” schemes are not discovered.


Ol’ Miss’ Hugh Freeze…. “I Knew Nuuuuthing!”


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